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Here's a bit of info to allow you to browse through the BNEwiki.

  • Try linking off of the Categories at the top of the BNEwiki Main Page.
  • Follow links in the BNEwiki Main Page Text
  • Look at the 'Special pages' link on the bottom left of this screen.


Blue and Red links

If text is blue, it means there is an existing linked entry for this item. If the text is red, it means someone has yet to create some info relating to this link (you perhaps?).

If you want to know how to enter data into our BNEwiki, please click on the BNEwiki Main Page link BNEwikiFAQs.

Categories on BNEwiki Main Page

These are 'most used' categories which may have 'sub-categories'.

  • if the category is in 'blue' it means it exists, and most probably has information stored under that category
  • if it is in 'red' it means someone has yet to create it (you for example!).

BNEwiki Main Page links

These will take you to further info on the subjects indicated.

Using the search facility

The search box appears on the left of all BNEwiki pages.

Enter the page name or text you are looking for or page name and press the Search button. BNEwiki will then bring up a list of closest matches to the text or page name you entered.

The Go button appears under the search box on the left of all BNEwiki pages, next to the search button. The function of the go button is to display a page directly, instead of first having to select it from the search result page. In other words, it allows you to quickly navigate from page to page without following links.

Special pages

This link on the left of each BNEwiki screen allows you to see all the pages in the BNEwiki, or select various classes of pages to look at.