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There are two main types of questions to ask on BNEwiki, and each type has a page where you can ask these questions. Please do not place questions on this page.

BNEwiki-related questions

Answers to questions about BNEwiki, such as "How do I add an image to an article?" can often be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If the answer to your BNEwiki-related question is not in the FAQ, you can ask at the Help Desk.

General questions

General questions, such as "Where can I find the best info on Tesla Radiant Energy?" may be asked at the Reference Desk. Please search first - it's quicker. Search BNEwiki using the searchbox. A web search could help too. Common questions about BNEwiki itself, such as how to cite BNEwiki and who owns BNEwiki, are answered in BNEwiki:FAQ.