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Radiant Energy is an as yet untapped source of Cosmic energy discovered we believe by Tesla in the 19th century.

After Tesla had discovered and invented the generating machines for the Alternating current technologies which to this very day, drive the entire world's electrical and industrial power grids, Tesla discovered Radiant Energy.

This is quite a different form of energy and apparently can be harvested endlessly from the very fabric of Cosmic Space.

Once Tesla had discovered Radiant Energy he basically gave up research into alternating current devices and dedicated himself to this new area of research.

Tesla claimed that this is the true power source of the future that will supply inexpensive limitless power to humanity in the future.

Various other researchers have discovered Radiant Energy since Tesla including Gray, Moray, Bedini and Bearden, and a number of devices have been made over the years although (as per usual) never becoming available to you and me.

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