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Since history began, we human beings have wondered how the amazing Cosmos is made up.

We see all these wonderful shapes and movements around us and ask ourselves 'What are these made of'.

Huge advances have been made towards answering this question, many in the 19th and 20th century.

This is the world of the Atom, and the constituents of the atom, and the intracacies of interactions of atoms.

It is certain that when we as a human family truely understand how matter is made up and how the forces of nature are born that we will be able to build the energy machines for the Golden Age of Humanity.

By the early part of the 20th century, many theories had been advanced as to the structure of matter, two major theories dominated suggesting

  • that matter is made of hard particles called atoms
  • that matter is made of waves in an etheric substance called aether or space.

Great controversy has raged over these two competing theories culminating in Quantum Physics which came to a confused standstill because of it's continuing denial of the existence of the aether and it's continuing support for the atom being a hard particle.

Now, most if not all of these controversies have been assuaged by theories advanced by great modern physicists including

  • Milo Wolff

Which state that matter is made up of standing waves in Space (or aether)


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