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BYRON NEW ENERGY developed free-energy cosmic water cell

In spring 2005, Sol Millin formed a research group in the exotic Byron Bay area in Australia and called it ‘Byron New Energy’ or BNE for short. Sol Millin’s intention was to develop free energy for the world and as we can reed from BNE’s mission statement their aim is ‘to establish a not for profit humanitarian group’. In order to achieve this goal BNE has adopted the ‘open source’ approach of sharing their research and technology freely on a Wiki based website, that allows everybody to publish information and share their contributions and in doing so become a member of the BNE community.

In September 2005 Sol Millin launched his next initiative to round up a community of researchers and scientists that could contribute to BNE’s goal to develop free energy for the world. This resulted in Daniel Winter’s support to this group.

Today BNE is proud to present the first results of our quest to achieve ‘non polluting free energy for the future’. BNE has developed what is called a cosmic water cell that harnesses a new form of energy from its environment and that can be used to power a combustion engine and run a car. Basically all the cell contains is three concentric stainless steal electrodes submerged in plain water. The outer electrode is the anode and the inner electrode is the cathode, the centre electrode is neutral. The cell is charged with a 12V DC power supply for only a few minutes. As expected a normal electrolyses process is initiated but remarkably enough a new kind of energizing process seems to continue even when the power supply is switched off. According to the original inventor, a man who does not want to be identified other that by his first name Joe, the cell starts ‘charging’ energy from the cosmos all by itself. After a few days of ‘cosmic charging’, the cell will contain ‘charged water’ that can be used.

BNE is able to demonstrate that a car can be powered with this ‘charged water’. No direct fuel injection is required, the output of the cell is simply attached to a bulge on the carburettor using a rubber hose. With the fuel line disconnected, the car can be started and will run on this new form of energy.

BNE has no explanation why the car runs on this energy, but since the engine runs smoothly only when the timing of the ignition is advanced, it may be an indication that it is using some kind of implosion rather than the ordinary explosion principle that we would expect from a combustion engine.

During the ‘cosmic charging’ process different kind of gases have been observed, including hydrogen. The ‘charged water’ has strange properties, the strangest being its ability to burn when ignited! Whether it’s the hydrogen in the water or the water itself that’s providing the fuel is unsure, but it may well be that this water is releasing its collected cosmic energy in a process we observe as oxidation or burning.

BNE is also able to demonstrate at least one more strange property of this ‘charged water’ in a ‘don’t try this at home’ type of experiment. When this water was poured straight into the carburettor of a running car, the engine kept running! Since water is incompressible one would expect the conrods of the engine to snap when the piston attempts to compress the fluid in the compression stroke. However the engine of Sol Millin’s old Subaru kept purring like a cat being stroked.

From our current scientific understanding cars are not supposed to run on water, however BNE’s experiments are real and can be reproduced. As far as the motives of BNE, one can rest assured they have a positive intention of delivering this free energy truly free! Why, because BNE has openly published all its findings on their website to make sure that this technology cannot be patented by big industrial companies that would once again, charge the community for energy that in reality is free.

BNE is inviting scholars and researchers worldwide to investigate this new form of energy and reproduce the results of what we expect will one day revolutionize the world. BNE is also looking for investors to finance our research lab in Byron Bay.

March 9, 2006 Jan Wicherink