Internal structure of Atom

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       Not hard to understand... just the wrong viewpoint...   : )

How's this grab ya? I'd love some feedback! This's totally an intuitive idea... Derived from (Basic electrical theory) some practical background and light reading on quantum physics... (if theres such a thing!) Lay reading might be more accurate.

So I totally understand if i'm missing whole chunks of the picture..
  (more or less assume that I am...   : ) the difficulty in reconciling the observation of wave/particle duality..
and the observation that particles seem to come and go in and out of existence... plus the questions of WHERE do they GO and suggestions of other dimensions etc
I think our difficulty lies in the habitual viewpoint that everything's matter (or matter related) ie.. "we know the particle exists..we just saw it.. so WHERE did it go?"
How about this instead?
Imagine a waveform propagating through space... a nice simple sinusoidal AC shape for my ease of explanation..
As a waveform we're happy that it is invisible and not solid... 
Now picture a normal sine wave plotted on a graph

+1ev| _(a)

 ? |    _-   -_(peak threshold
   |  _-       -_(c)
   |_-           -_(c)
0v |---------------_---------------_---------------------------------
   |                -_(c)        _-
   |                  -_       _-
   |                    -_   _-(peak threshold V)

-1ev| -(b)

    Its changing in voltage over time...  What if, at the peaks the waveform had enough charge to interact with any other charged moment of a waveform..
ie.. for that millisecond or two, while the waveform is  near peak charge.. it would repel a like charge.. attract an unlike one.. and we, observing it, would call it matter... a particle..having the properties of "solidity" 
Then, as that point on the wave form drops below the threshold voltage necessary for charge interaction, it ceases to behave as "solid" and to our reasoning has disappeared.. 
well to my thinking nothing has to go anywhere... it was only the wave appearing solid anyway... the reality was the wave all along... NOT the particle.. being but a transient phenomenon due to the interaction of electrical forces.
The reality.. the wave.. is still there! In existence!
No other dimension... no leaving existence... the wave still exists... just not exhibiting the properties you observed a moment ago...   : )
In other words.. the observed portion (maybe Domain?) of waveform at peak negative voltage (b), would exhibit the properties of an Electron...repelling other high enough negative charges.. and the portion at peak positive voltage,(a), would be a proton..(positively charged "particle")
The portion of waveform falling inside those two extremes (c) would be relatively NEUTRAL...    
Does this allow for electrons, protons and neutrons?
I then began to wonder about the possibilities of standing waves...agglomerations of countless waveforms...entrainment.. the fact that the portions of the wave acting as particles will have mass/gravitational properties...
I even threw in the possible part consciousness might play in generating such waveforms... a whole nother area which i couldn't do justice to Scientifically... but which is very interesting from the point of view of healing and personal awareness! : )
Now if that doesnt give a skeptic something to attack my credibility with , nothing will...
AS for credibility... I have only that afforded by dint of being human....
                       MM -- 14:47, 14 November 2005 (EST)12/11/05