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Welcome to the Byron New Energy Wiki, the free energy encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

In this English version, started in 2005, we are currently working on 42 articles.

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Welcome to the Byron New Energy wiki website.

This website has been set up to encourage and create not for profit international humanitarian design, development, and construction and distribution of clean renewable energy sources and machines for the Golden Age of Humanity.

This site has just been born (birthday 14th October, 2005) so she's still quite unformed cute and delicate. Please handle her with love.

Geographically, Byron Bay lies on the most easterly cape of Australia in a pristine sub-tropical paradise in an ancient volcanic caldera, the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Many 'new age' souls have been drawn here by Byron's magnetic beauty. Bordered by the blue Pacific ocean and lush sub-tropical green forested hills, Byron Shire is the perfect place for us to launch this wonderful experiment.

We hope you will take part and soon our world will be embued with clean renewable health giving, energy, transport and communication devices that can support our wonderful future society.

These devices will also help eliminate poverty and hardship around the world and bring prosperity and happiness to our wonderful human family.

Watch our introduction video

[click here for low quality]image:new.gif

[click here for hi quality]image:new.gif

Watch our introduction video now to get an impression what our cosmic water cell is all about. The cosmic water cell will provide for free energy that will render petrol useless. Can you imagine your car running on our free energy? Could this really be done? Be your own judge and watch this video.


How can you contribute?

Very simple... you can add and edit most pages in this BNEwiki... read more...

Today's featured articles

Make a Radiant Energy Machine

We are going to give you sufficient information to make your own radiant energy experimental machine.    read more...

Some real good websites

While browsing we've come across some really good stuff. Here they are   read more...

Let's do it

Dear reader enjoy your travels and adventures on our BNE wiki website.

May we all gain from your knowledge and experiences.

Love and Peace,

from the BNE Administrators and group members.

BNE Mission Statement

Here is our BNE (Byron New Energy) Mission Statement:

We have started a New Energy Group in Byron Bay, Australia called Byron New Energy Group, or BNE for short. BNE Mission Statement

To establish a not for profit humanitarian group.

The group has a goal of love and selfless service to humanity at large, of researching, developing, publishing freely in the public domain for the good of humanity at large, and manufacturing, devices that use clean renewable energy sources that supply viable alternatives to those devices that use non-environmently friendly non-renewable fuels such as nuclear and fossil fuels.

Hopefully, a number of these BNE devices will be over unity (develop more power than apparently is consumed) by using generally renewable cosmic energy sources. In this way 'free' or very low cost renewable clean energy may be made available to humanity at large. This mission may thus fulfill a major requirement to enable humanity to move towards the Golden Age.

These devices will include but not be limited to making use of gravity, anti-gravity, electromagnetic, electronic, magnetic, water, hydrogen, oxygen, zero point or vacuum or radiant energy and/or cold fusion and may also include other potential sources of cosmic energy. The group will be formed by a core of active participating members who will be responsible for all group decisions.

The group will be positive and supportive and no coercion will be used and will encourage 'out of the box' thinking.

Each person will bring constructive complimentary resources to the group including enthusiasm, expertise, their time, technical skills and materials and machines, money, premises etc. etc. The group in general will interact freely and share information and resources with all and any persons and organizations that have similar aims to the group.

In the news

Inner design of the Atom being discovered

Amazing new discoveries of actual stucture of the neutron, protron and electron...   read more...

Open Source Energy Network launches new website

Open Source Energy Network OSEN makes cannon-ball splash opening with release of disclosure testimonial videos read more...

Open Letter from Dr. Eugene Mallove

An open letter to the world from Eugene Mallove written 24 hours before he died. It's an appeal reveal the secrets of free energy and a request for help to start these developments that have been supressed for so long. read more ...

What we hope you are going to contribute

We need a special type of person who can clearly describe their thoughts and articulate sometimes difficult concepts in clear and easy to use words and pictures    read more...

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