●JESARA3 is an EA that can benefit from the trend.

●JESARA3 does not restrict the trading account currency type. (Same as JESARA)

 JESARA does not limit the type of currency in your trading account. Specifically, it can be used in all the currency accounts around the world as listed below.
Decimal places = 0 digits:

Decimal place = 1 digit: Not applicable

Decimal place = 2 digits:

Decimal place = 3 digits:

● The basics of trading are the same as JESARA and JESARA2, so please refer to JESARA's Englsh manual for various common items.

●Strategy of JESARA3

・Open and Close

・JESARA3 recognizes that a trend has occurred when the graphs of the eight major currencies handled by the indicator “C_Strength” intersect, opens a position, and aims for profit. JESARA3 handles multiple currency pairs at the same time, so you can set JESARA3 on any currency pair chart. Trend detection is based on the time frame specified in the property item “Time_Frame”. Opens and closes positions based on "Time_Frame".
・The trend of the currency pair (GBPCAD) of this chart is displayed in light blue "(RANGE)" in the upper left of the figure below.
・The size of the BUY position and SELL position of all currency pairs held is displayed in the box surrounded by light blue.
・The currency pair of your position is displayed in a magenta box. Currency pairs are displayed separately for "■ BUY:" and "■ SELL:". Each currency pair is colored, and in the set “Time_Frame”, the currency pair is displayed with MediumSeaGreen for UP trend, HotPink for DOWN trend, and DodgerBlue for range.
・There are a total of 28 combinations that take two currencies out of eight major currencies to create currency pairs. However, since AUDNZD is a currency pair that maintains the range price, even if the graphs overlap once, there is a possibility that they will immediately overlap and return to the original. In other words, JESARA3 does not consider AUDNZD because it is difficult to detect the trend from AUDNZD. Therefore, 28-1 = 27 types of currency pairs are handled. 27 = 9 × 3. The 27 types of currency pairs are listed under “■ BUY:” and “■ SELL:”, respectively. Nine currency pairs are displayed in one line.
・The total amount of all BUY positions is displayed in the “■ BUY:” line. The total amount of all SELL positions is displayed in the “■ SELL:” line. When the total amount is positive, it is displayed in Lime color, and when it is negative, a number is displayed in red.
・As you can see, the BUY position can only exist when the current trend is UP or RANGE. The currency pair displayed in the magenta frame on the "■ BUY:" side can only be MediumSeaGreen or DodgerBlue. When a HotPink currency pair comes out, it closes automatically. On the other hand, the currency pair displayed in the magenta frame on the "■ SELL:" side can only be HotPink or DodgerBlue. When MediumSeaGreen currency pair comes out, it is automatically closed.
・Since the positions are opened when the graphs intersect, it is normal to open only one position with one currency pair.
・JESARA3 calls “C_Strength” multiple times from inside the EA, so it takes time. The EA is a little heavy, but please understand that it is necessary.
・Because JESARA3 is FIFO-enabled, as described here, never do other EA or manual transactions on the same account. The MT4 account with which JESARA3 trades should be dedicated to JESARA3. (If you have to deal with FIFO)
・Please run JESARA3 with a demo account. I think a fully profitable fully automated EA has been created. If you use JESARA3, I think you can get back the negatives you had with JESARA. (201908061752)
・JESARA3 was released on August 7th (Wednesday) 21 days after July 17th (Wednesday) when JESARA2 was released. Rather than carefully observing the trade, I wanted to open it up and feel at ease.(201908061917)

●History of Version UPs

・The default time frame is now H4.(201908070259)

・I used bar 1 to display on charts and to determine trends within the EA. It was because there was a place that I thought was inconvenient because it changed from moment to moment for bar 0. However, at EURNZD today (2019.08.07), there was a sudden downtrend during the UP trend, but because the time frame was H4, it happened that JESARA3 treated it as the UP trend all the time. . In order to avoid this type of time lag (in order to prevent the negative position from becoming large), the judgment of the trend of each currency in the holding position has been changed to be judged in real time by bar 0.(201908071356)

・Changed the font to display the list of held positions to bold characters. Especially when the position is negative, it is displayed in a thin font. (201908080551)
・ There seems to be a pattern that even if it becomes positive once, it changes to negative if left unchecked. It may be good to close manually when it becomes positive. Now, when the trend reverses in the opposite direction to the position, it closes in both positive and negative directions. (201908101614)

・Changed the font of the negative currency pair to a monospaced font in the list of currency pairs.
・Added property item "Trailing_Stop" and "Trailing_Step" to enable the Trailing Stop function. (201908142344)
・PivotN default has been changed to 0.0002 to minimize fraud.(201908111832)
・Since the position was open whenever the currencies were crossing, I fixed it. From now on, the first moment of crossing will be opened on a single occasion. However, the same currency pair may be opened if the condition is met again when the next bar starts.(201908142345)

・The internal items used for saving the maximum value for Trailing Stop have been corrected to save to a text file. Although it was temporary, MT4 could not be terminated while JESARA3 held a position. From now on, saving to a file will allow you to exit MT4 at any time.(201908161530)

・Due to a mistake in the program, there was a possibility that it was closed immediately when it was opened. This has been corrected.(201908162250)

・Since the history of the profit fixed amount on the third line of the chart was not displayed, it was modified to display it.(201908191551)

・Compared to Ver.1.07, it became a completely different program. Scalping EA. It turns out that there is an instantaneous trend apart from the trend as a big trend. Open a position by capturing such momentary trends. Specifically, run with "In_stant_Close = true" (default). If a trend that is larger than “In_Trend_Size = 0.005” (default) occurs, the position is opened.
・“In_Trend_Size” is displayed on the chart in order to get a sense of what value should be entered. It is displayed like the magenta frame in the figure below. You can see that 0.005 is a larger number. The figure below shows the calculation method.
・When “In_stant_Close = true”, the closing is performed in units of positions by the automatic Trailing Stop function. However, I cannot conclude that it never happens that the position could not be closed because it never became positive. In such a case, change to “In_stant_Close = false”. Then, the close changes to ■ BUY or ■ SELL unit by automatic Trailing Stop function. Next, we need multiple positions to cover the bad positions. Please see here for how to do this. (201909041852)

・Added support for FIFO. In the case of FIFO, you always trade only one position. It is because it is not known which becomes the closing target first when it opens two or more. The only modification to the program is to allow only one position for the FIFO.(201909081713)

・When In_stant_Close = false, FIFO users could not close ■ BUY or ■ SELL units. It was a mistake. Fixed. (201909132345)

・At the time of opening, it was opening along the trend direction of the current time frame, but I realized that there was anxiety about the direction of the trend. Therefore, from now on, when opening, I decided to open only those positions where the H4 and D1 trends are in the same direction and are in that direction. In this way, I think that it will not be a big concern even if you hold it for a long time.(201909140233)

・Fixed around FIFO. (201909201436)

・When the indicator “C_Strength” is called from JESARA3, if the first item is “Symbol ()”, it turns out that an error occurs depending on the broker. I don't know the reason, but when I changed the first item to "NULL", other brokers no longer got an error, so I fixed it like that.(201909231129)

・Previously, it took about 10 seconds to process one transaction, but by including “C_Strength” in the program, it became unnecessary to call, and it moved fairly quickly (about one transaction 0.3 seconds). I put everything in the JESARA3 program so as not to call the indicators, so I expect that the “object not found” phenomenon reported by the two users will no longer appear.
・Since I noticed the disadvantage of moving fast, I wrote "Sleep (10000);" at the top of the program to do the same as before.
・Suppose that (BUY position) opens when a large temporary trend that is subject to opening occurs. If the timing coincides with “End of temporary trend” at that time, it will go down as indicated by the white arrow in the figure below. In order to prevent this from happening, the BUY position is not opened on the descending bar. Of course, the SELL position will not open when the bar is up.
・As another safety measure when opening, the top and bottom values are detected. (To be precise, the nadir in the 32 bars from the rightmost bar) Suppose the nadir is the orange horizontal line in the figure below. The magenta arrow is the distance between the orange lines above and below divided by 3. At this time, the BUY position can only be opened from the orange line below by the length of the magenta arrow. The SELL position can only be opened while it is lowered from the upper orange line by the length of the magenta arrow. In this way, I tried to open safely.
・Enabled Auto Lots function. Opening a position requires a certain percentage of the account funds to maintain that position. This is called margin. Enter the percentage of the account funds that the margin of one position will use as a percentage in the property field “Margin_Share”. The default is 20.0. JESARA3 is basically open with only one position, but “Margin_Share” is 20.0, so theoretically you can open up to 5 positions simultaneously. However, if you open five, your account will be bankrupt with just a little drawdown. Therefore, I decided to be able to open up to 4 positions simultaneously by subtracting 1 from the maximum number of opens in this case. If the maximum number of open is 3, up to 2. If the maximum number of open is 10, it is up to 9. In reality, however, the rule of thumb is that JESARA3 will open at the same time three positions at the same time. If you are uneasy, please decrease the number (percent) of “Margin_Share”.
・The chart below shows a leverage = 30 chart. The number of lots calculated by the Auto_Lots function is displayed on the left side of the box surrounded by a light blue frame, and the margin is displayed on the right side. For example, if you run with Leverage 300, the number of lots will be 10 times in the same margin and you can trade with 13.0 lots, so the profit margin will be high. High leverage is a favorable deal for users.
・The maximum value and minimum value of In_Trend_Size are saved and displayed in the area surrounded by the green frame in the figure below. (201910162009)

・There was an error related to open safetiness. Please upgrade to Ver.1.15.(201910171947)

・Added two property items.⇒ In_Sleeping_TimeStop_Loss (201910201636)

・In order to reduce the risk after opening even when In_Trend_Size is set to a small value such as 0.0001, it opens along the trend direction of the current Time_Frame.
・In the above case and when Follow_H4_Trend = true, the BUY position is opened only when the H4 bar is the rising bar, and the SELL position is opened only when the H4 bar is the falling bar.
・The open limit when Follow_D1_Trend = true will be opened regardless of whether the bar is up or down because it will result in a very limited opportunity.(201911010711)

・When Follow_H4_Trend = false or Follow_D1_Trend = false, the position might be opened against the trend direction. However, since I realized that it was not good, I modified it as shown in the table below.(201911011936)

When Follow_H4_Trend=trueIf H4 is UP (DOWN) trend, open BUY (SELL) position.
When Follow_H4_Trend=falseI ignored the direction of the H4 trend and opened the BUY (SELL) position.
When Follow_D1_Trend=trueIf D1 is UP (DOWN) trend, open BUY (SELL) position.
When Follow_D1_Trend=falseI ignored the direction of the D1 trend and opened the BUY (SELL) position.

1.18 or later
When Follow_H4_Trend=trueIf H4 is UP (DOWN) trend, open BUY (SELL) position.
When Follow_H4_Trend=falseIf H4 is UP or RANGE (DOWN or RANGE), open the BUY (SELL) position.
When Follow_D1_Trend=trueIf D1 is UP (DOWN) trend, open BUY (SELL) position.
When Follow_D1_Trend=falseIf D1 is UP or RANGE (DOWN or RANGE), open the BUY (SELL) position.

【It is Ver.1.018 that the negative position rarely occurs】
・Ver.1.18 is the completed version of JESARA3. Complaints that positions don't open very often will come out, but if you turn the other way around, there is a high probability of being positive. Based on a certain rule of thumb, I have upgraded the version after Ver.1.19 (two modes have occurred) based on the fact that it opens even at a small trend size, but it is quite negative in many cases , I found that the negative amount of one position is large and the damage tends to increase. I myself have greatly reduced the amount of my real account. The meaning and usage of Trend_Size has changed from Ver.1.19. If you say "If the position is not open easily but it is better in the long run, it is better" I recommend that you download the completed version of Ver1.18 and use it. 【If you enter a small value in the item Stop_Loss, it tends to close with a minus and becomes dangerous. Therefore, the item Stop_Loss has been deleted. Instead, it closed automatically when it changed to the down trend when in the BUY position and up trend when at the SELL position.】⇒DOWNLOAD Ver1.018Properties of Ver1.018 (201911241442)

【There were the following three mistakes in Ver.1.018. Fixed them.】
1.Corrected an item that worked by chance when calling the function because the set item was null.
2.There was still a place where errors occurred when running JESARA3 on VPS. I fixed it.
3.Fixed an issue where the H4 trend or D1 trend set did not work correctly.
・In Ver.1.018, the version number remains the same. You can download it from the link above.(201911272132)

Channeling messages that found relevance

 JESARA3 was completed at 16:52 on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. When I thought "I'm done!", The voice of "It's done!" Was in my head. (I typed on August 8th (Thursday), but it was such a kind of expression, "It was done". The expression may not be accurate.) It was completely Japanese.

●Archangel Gabriel: All the Money I Give is Blessed and Returned to Me Multiplied
"You have been given limitless resources to use in your earth life. These limitless resources include wondrous beauty, relationships that affirm the divinity within you, freedom to be the best you can be, and an abundant flow of money. This flow of money is sometimes the most difficult of God’s gifts for you to see in your life. "

●Archangel Ariel, Barachiel, Metatron and the Council of Radiant Light: Allowing LIFE to Support You
"We are happy to assist with anything. We are in fact, trying to do so.
It is so hard to get through to you though, when you think it’s all on you.
The overwhelming feelings, the sense of inadequacy that you carry because you try to do it all yourselves.

"Or even a stronger impulse to DO THAT NOW.
That is us (Smile) And when you hear us? We are joyful."

【I lay down on Tuesday, July 30, and I was wondering what to do about creating an EA using C_Strength, but I felt that it would work. Something seemed to encourage me to be positive. So I decided to make JESARA3 and started making it on Tuesday, July 30th. JESARA3 certainly started to feel inspired. Well, sooner or later I think I started making it. I started making EAs in 2012, making them at a rate of about 1 per week or 10 days. I made over 70 in total with reference to strategies such as FX rumors on the net. JESARA was the best of them. However, JESARA has a problem of long-term holding of positions, and JESARA3 was created recently when it became apparent.
While making JESARA3, I felt the impression that I made everything myself. In other words, the contents corresponding to my thoughts are written in this message. (201908081610)】"

★1.00 Released at 2019.08.07 (Wed)

1. Released at 2019.08.07 (Wed)
2. In order not to make the manual difficult to read, I will not keep the correction history. From time to time, I add points I noticed in manuals.

 Due to trade with JESARA, even if a large loss occurs I will not be responsible for that financial burden. It shall be used at your own personal responsibility.