●JESARA5 is an EA that can benefit from the trend.

●JESARA5 does not restrict the trading account currency type. (Same as JESARA)

 JESARA does not limit the type of currency in your trading account. Specifically, it can be used in all the currency accounts around the world as listed below.
Decimal places = 0 digits:

Decimal place = 1 digit: Not applicable

Decimal place = 2 digits:

Decimal place = 3 digits:

● The basics of trading are the same as JESARA and JESARA2, so please refer to JESARA's Englsh manual for various common items.

●Strategy of JESARA5

The place to open and close (the place to flip)

・ Actually, on May 2, 2017, I started paying money (88,600 JPY) for Tohru Sasaki's Cocosta (Harmonic Pattern Course). After studying, I tried to make my own EA using a certain indicator (ZUP_v135_ALL.ex4), but maybe because the average was higher as the public said, maybe because I used all kinds of harmonic patterns I finished editing the program on 201801161838. At this time, I had the impression that "harmonic patterns are useless" and then forgot about harmonic patterns until last week (202004051753). In this year of 2020, JESARA4 was a misfire, so I focused on "making a lot of money" and "remembered" a harmonic pattern indicator with a high probability of reversing, and decided to use it again. This time, instead of all patterns, you can trade only with 4 patterns (Crab, Bat, Butterfly, Gartley) that have a chart reversal probability of about 90%, like articles previously published in FX specialized magazines I tried as follows. According to the article, the reversal probability of these four patterns is Crab (92%) ⇒ Bat (91%) ⇒ Butterfly (90%) ⇒ Gartley (89%).

Grounds for harmonic patterns

・ There is a Fibonacci number. Those that feel beautiful have a golden ratio (1: 1.618). The golden ratio is everywhere in nature. I do not know the details, so if you want to know, please search on the net. ・ The Fibonacci number is hidden in the movement of the exchange chart (where the trend reverses). It is a rule that when it comes to a place that exactly matches the Fibonacci number, it is easy to flip there. The size of numbers is considered only in the vertical direction. The green line on the left is the chart movement. Charts, of course, take a certain amount of time to move, so a horizontal time axis is required, so the lines are inevitably diagonal and triangular. Let the size of the green line rise is 1. Then go down and where to flip, it is easy to flip at the location of the Fibonacci number of 0.618. The number 0.618 has a mysterious nature. 1 / 0.618 = 1.618, 1 / 1.618 = 0.618. Various numbers such as √0.618 = 0.786 and √0.786 = 0.886 come out. These numbers are easy to appear on charts. Also, the numbers 0.5 and 2 are known to be easy to emerge as rules of thumb.

・It has long been empirically known in the world of trading that "when the trend changes, a Triple Top or Triple Bottom is a sign of a strong trend change." . Charts move up and down violently, so it doesn't look like they'll switch with a single Top or Bottom. In most cases, it can be seen by inverting twice with Top and Bottom. In other words, there is a shape where two triangles are lined up. I think that Triple Top and Triple Bottom are harmonic patterns "5-0". However, what looks like a Triple, you can take out only two triangles and interpret them as a pattern. When the indicator ZUP_v135_ALL.ex4 outputs 5-0, it outputs only two triangles.

・ There are various harmonic patterns, and some people find new patterns. The indicator I downloaded in the summer of 2017 (ZUP_v135_ALL.ex4) has "ALL" in the name, so I think that all patterns as of 2017 can be used, so I use it because there is a sense of expectation. It takes time to check the appearance and operation of all patterns, so I set the patterns (44) that I could check as default. After confirming the shape and operation of all 135 patterns, I plan to include them in the version upgrade. If you do not enter this item (or use 2 characters or less), it will be a trade using all patterns, so please do not forget that even if an unidentified pattern appears, it is not supported. (202004051932)

●History of Version UPs

・Fixed a bug where the messages listed in "Why Not Open," would be duplicated in the same location only when the harmonic patterns Bullish and Bearish were both just before opening and were suddenly swapped. (202004091405)

・When opening a position, if 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor.ex4 outputs "2" or "3" on bar [0], the position will be closed as soon as it is opened, so opening was prohibited. Of course, it is a story after considering the direction. (202004120054)

・There was a useless sound, so I fixed it.
・I changed the indicator 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor.ex4 that I used until now to butterfly-pattern-indicator.ex4 and used it for both open and close.(202004181650)

・Only 249 characters can be entered in the property "Usage_Pattern", so if the character string "TABLE" is entered, only all known patterns can be used. (202004200733)

・I changed the method of judging trends a little. (202004220451)

・"A Position Already Exists." Is included as one of the reasons for "Why Not Open". (202004290736)

★1.00 Released at 2020.04.08(Wed)

1. Released at 2020.04.08(Wed)
2. In order not to make the manual difficult to read, I will not keep the correction history. From time to time, I add points I noticed in manuals.

 Due to trade with JESARA, even if a large loss occurs I will not be responsible for that financial burden. It shall be used at your own personal responsibility.