●JESARA6 is an EA that can benefit from the trend.

●JESARA6 does not restrict the trading account currency type. (Same as JESARA)

 JESARA does not limit the type of currency in your trading account. Specifically, it can be used in all the currency accounts around the world as listed below.
Decimal places = 0 digits:

Decimal place = 1 digit: Not applicable

Decimal place = 2 digits:

Decimal place = 3 digits:

● The basics of trading are the same as JESARA and JESARA2, so please refer to JESARA's Englsh manual for various common items.

●Strategy of JESARA6
I thought about the possibility of the strategy explained in the video "Your must-see! RSI x Bollinger band! Secret cheat method with 85% win rate used by professionals (Though JAPANESE)" on YouTUBE, so I made JESARA6. (202004291742)

●History of Version UPs

・The setting was a little wrong, so I fixed it. (202005081358)

★1.00 Released at 2020.04.30(Thu)

1. Released at 2020.04.30(Thu)
2. In order not to make the manual difficult to read, I will not keep the correction history. From time to time, I add points I noticed in manuals.

 Due to trade with JESARA, even if a large loss occurs I will not be responsible for that financial burden. It shall be used at your own personal responsibility.