●JESARA8 is an EA that can benefit from the trend.

●JESARA8 does not restrict the trading account currency type. (Same as JESARA)

 JESARA does not limit the type of currency in your trading account. Specifically, it can be used in all the currency accounts around the world as listed below.
Decimal places = 0 digits:

Decimal place = 1 digit: Not applicable

Decimal place = 2 digits:

Decimal place = 3 digits:

● The basics of trading are the same as JESARA, so please refer to JESARA's Englsh manual for various common items.

●What you need to run EA "JESARA8"


1) ADXDMI.ex4

 Chart display is not required (chart display is free). It must be in the MT4 folder "Indicators".
 Since it is called from inside JESARA8_I and JESARA8_I2 to know the volatility value, it must exist in the MT4 folder "Indicators". The white line that appears when you set ADXDMI.ex4 on the chart is the volatility.

Properties of ADXDMI.ex4

1intDMIPeriod10Always set to 10.
2intSmooth10Always set to 10.

2) JESARA8_I.ex4

 Chart display is not required (chart display is free). It must be in the MT4 folder "Indicators".
 Shows a large arrow with Hot Pink on the top and MediumSeaGreen on the bottom. When the top (High) or bottom (Low) is updated, it will be repainted and changed to "dot display" of HotPink or MediumSeaGreen, and the history of the arrow will remain.
 This is a modified version of the ZigZag indicator "! Butterfly Neo.ex4" that was also used in JESARA2 so that I can display it in consideration of volatility. Volatility is measured by the white line on the indicator ADXDMI.ex4.
 Used to open and close positions. Below are the properties of JESARA8_I.ex4.

3) JESARA8_I2.ex4

 Chart display is not required (chart display is free). It must be in the MT4 folder "Indicators".
 The trend display indicator "GG-TrendBar" used for JESARA 5 is designed to display the trend direction at that time for all bars, not just Bar0.
 Used when opening a position.

【4) ADX
 ADX is an indicator provided as a standard MT4 function, so no user preparation is required.
 Since it is called from inside the EA "JESARA8" and the indicator "JESARA8_I2", it must exist in the MT4 folder "Indicators".】

【5) Parabolic SAR
 Parabolic SAR is an indicator provided as a standard MT4 function, so no user preparation is required.
 Since it is called from inside the EA "JESARA8" and the indicator "JESARA8_I2", it must exist in the MT4 folder "Indicators".】

●JESARA8 Strategy

・In the case of JESARA, I failed with a big drawdown (described as DD). At JESARA2〜7, we couldn't expect much constant profit. I think it wasn't until JESARA8 that it became an EA where we could expect constant profits. JESARA8 is also profitable in M1. EA "JESARA 8" is an EA that opens and closes positions while watching the indicators "JESARA 8_I" and "JESARA 8_I2".

Indicators description:


I think the indicator "!Butterfly Neo" introduced by Mr. Fai-fx is a wonderful indicator. The indicator "JESARA2_I" used at the time of JESARA2 was also a slightly modified version of "!Butterfly Neo". In JESARA8, I modified "JESARA2_I" to have an arrow that takes volatility into consideration and became an indicator named "JESARA8_I".

Properties of JESARA8_I.ex4

1intExtDepth32The first item of ButterflyNeo.ex4
2intExtDeviation3The second item of ButterflyNeo.ex4
3intExtBackstep12The third item of ButterflyNeo.ex4
4doubleThreshold25.0Shows an arrow when volatility is greater than 25.0. There may be many arrows, but I want to make the profit as much as possible for the entire system (I want to open positions frequently), so I set it to a small value so that safety is not compromised.
5intADX_Period10Always set to 10.
6intADX_Smooth10Always set to 10.
7boolChartActivatefalseBy setting this item to true, the chart can be displayed in the foreground when the arrow first appears or when the value (display position) of the arrow is updated.
8boolSound_ONtrueBy setting this item to true, you can make a sound when the arrow first appears or when the value (display position) of the arrow is updated.


 Previously, there is an indicator called "GG-TrendBar" that I used for JESARA5 to display the current trend. This indicator only displayed the trend status of Bar0 whose Close value has not been decided yet. Therefore, it is an indicator made to display the trend status in all bars with arrows. The arrow is displayed only when the volatility is larger than the value specified for Threshold (default: 15.0). Generally, when volatility is greater than 25, the direction of the arrow (trend direction) is perceived as "directional". However, I've set the default to 15.0 because I want to open the position as early as possible when the trend starts by making the arrows appear frequently.

Properties of JESARA8_I2.ex4

1doubleThreshold15.0If the volatility is greater than 15.0, an arrow will be displayed. However, not only volatility but also volume is referenced, and an arrow is displayed when both volatility and volume are increasing to increase certainty.
2boolReverse_VolatilityfalseIf true, an arrow will be displayed when both volatility and volume are increasing. If false, an arrow will be displayed when both volatility and volume are decreasing.
3intADX_Period10Always set to 10.
4intADX_Smooth10Always set to 10.
5intArrow_Size1You can specify the size of the arrow from 1 to 5.

JESARA failed because it ran on a large hourly chart and was hurt by encountering a growing number of large drawdowns (denoted as DD). To avoid making the same mistakes, like other EA's, JESARA8 "looks ahead" and opens a position where there is a high probability of getting on the trend. As a result, you are more likely to make a profit and close with just one position. However, such a safe trade will reduce the profit margin. Rather, if a small DD occurs and the trend reverses while it is picking up and becomes positive, the profit will increase. Because there are multiple positions. Even if you pick up in the small fluctuation of M1, the risk is lower than other timeframes. Since M1 trading is the basis, DD seems to fit in a relatively small range. However, it cannot be said to be absolute. It cannot be said that one day it will never happen to repeat the numbering against the big trend. It is impossible to prevent DD from happening by conventional methods. So I decided to publish the best one I have tried so far as JESARA8.

・JESARA8 can be set to any currency pair, but only to the M1 chart. The indicators "JESARA8_I" and "JESARA8_I2" try to capture the nadir on the M1 chart. (202107170017)

・JESARA8 is an EA that focuses on volatility. The indicator to be used also outputs an arrow when the value is larger than the value set in "Threshold". When volatility is high, there is a sense of direction, so we use the nature of the market that it is easy to make predictions.
・The profit margins of GBPUSD and GBPJPY seem to be good.
・When the trend directions of M1 and M15 match, the position is opened along that direction. You can make a profit in a short time because you open while watching M1 without going against M15. Therefore, there remains a risk that it cannot be said that it will not open in the direction against the huge trend that seems to occur once or twice a year. Therefore, you should avoid running JESARA8 for a long time. If the EA prohibits opening in the opposite direction of the H4 or D1 trend to avoid that danger, the profit margin will drop. Therefore, in JESARA8, I recommend the user to use it intermittently, such as "let's set only every Monday" or "let's run only in the second week of every month".

・The profit margins:
Imagine that you set 10,000.0 for "_Min_Lots_from_". At that time, the account funds must be larger than 10,000.0 (JPY) (11,000, 12,000, etc.). At this time, trading starts from the minimum number of lots (usually 0.01) of the broker. If you trade with 0.01 lot, the daily interest will be about 500 (JPY) / Day. In other words, the ratio of daily interest / account amount is 500/10,000, that is, about 5%. This is a daily interest, not a monthly interest. It depends on the day, but it will be about 1% to 13%. The above is all when "Auto_Lots" is true.(202107170136)

How to make an appropriate EA:
・If you write that the condition for closing is to close when the closing condition comes when "total amount of BUY (or SELL) position> 0", it will be an EA that will no longer be closed (Rarely) with a minus. You can open the position in any way you like. If the time is even, you can open SELL, and if the time is odd, you can open BUY. After that, the single position side with profit can be closed. The side that has fallen into DD is piled up. In order to solve the DD, M1 trade that will be reversed immediately is good. Eventually, the trend will reverse and multiple positions with overlapping pick-ups will change to positive, so when the closing condition is met, the profitable side (BUY side or SELL side) will be closed. .. This way it's always a plus. Only DD has problems. Therefore, we need to improve the accuracy of trend direction prediction so as to avoid DD as much as possible. (202107170157)


Until now, I have been developing EA every day, if I have time, but in the future I would like to release that concentration. I may make something as a hobby, but I think that in rare cases, "excellent results" are hard to come by. (202108010352)

●History of Version UPs

Channeling message found to be relevant

At 04:38 on Sunday, February 14, 2021, I heard the voice "July 28" in my head. I don't understand the meaning at all, so I wrote it down in the column of July 28th (Wed) of the calendar, 'there was a voice saying "July 28th" on February 14th'. And then there was actually a channeling message associated with the date "July 28th". In fact, JESARA 8 was completed around July 28th.

●The Elohim: The Choice is Yours, Lion’s Gate Portal
"For the timelines have indeed been shifted away from the trajectory upon which earthlings shall thrive and in so doing have postponed the arrival of a new wave of light. 【Note : Money only helped some people】

Yet it is precisely at this very moment in time that due to your collective consciousness and your collective reawakening to self, that your energies have again shifted the trajectory onto the right path for all who are currently arriving and are birthed onto your planet as we speak."

"Albeit the deciding factor lays with you, we advise each and every one of you to carefully weight all the options that you shall be presented and select the option that is closest to your heart of hearts, disregarding the material outcome of said choices. For it is the experience that you are selecting at this very moment in time and not the material gains that shall come from said experience. For it is only through being fully present and fully engaged in said vocation that you shall be able to shift the collective consciousness onto the right path for all involved."

If there is a group or human relationship that is surely giving light to the collective consciousness, and an important member in it acts like "If money comes in, let's move away from this organization", a negative will occur. I thought it might mean something like that. What did you think ? (202108090309)

・Actually, there was a time when I was thinking of releasing three types of JESARA 8, 9, and 10. JESARA 8 and 9 were EA of the nature to avoid DD, and JESARA 10 was the EA of the nature to avoid the range market. However, I gave up because it wasn't perfect. Maybe this is what the "three options" mean? (202108090330)

・By the way, even if there is no problem with DD, there is an EA that feels afraid of the range market (laughs). It's a rough idea at the test stage, but I'll name it JESARA9_Thin_Out.ex4 and link it for reference. The default number "3" in the property item "Thin_Out" means to open one in three arrows. When opened with all the arrows, it will look like the figure below. The daily interest rate is over 30%. The high profit margin is due to pyramiding. However, pyramiding cannot be easily performed unless the certainty is high.(202108101853)

●History of Version Up

・I changed the structure of the IF statement a little to increase the frequency of closing positions.
・When opening the first position when the number of positions is 0, I tried to open it with M1 after seeing not only the trend of M15 but also the trend of H4. (202108170326)

★1.00 Released at 2021.08.10 (Tue)

1. Released at 2021.08.10 (Tue)
2. In order not to make the manual difficult to read, I will not keep the correction history. From time to time, I add points I noticed in manuals.

 Due to trade with JESARA, even if a large loss occurs I will not be responsible for that financial burden. It shall be used at your own personal responsibility.