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1DL2.11(E/J)DL DLfor RangeDraw Down fear
2DL1.10(E/J)DL DLfor RangeDraw Down fear
3DL1.018(E/J) for Big Trend MomentaryOne position per month
4(A)DL1.06(E/J)DL(S)for Trend (Swing Trade)Need a good indicator
4(P)DL1.21(E/J)DL(S)for Trend (Swing Trade)Need a good indicator
4(X)DL1.21(E/J)DL(S)for Trend (Swing Trade)Need a good indicator
5DL1.05(E/J)DL(S)DL(S)DL(S)for Trend (Swing Trade by Harmonic Patterns)One position per week
6DL1.01(E/J) for Trend (Swing Trade)
7DL1.01(E/J)DL(S)for Big Trend Momentary
8DL1.01(E/J)DL DL DLfor Trend (Swing Trade)Draw Down fear

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