2Triangles(parallel lines) of Witchcraft

Chibusan tumulusThere is the possibility to open a star gate by means of Triangle of Thought.

This pattern is the idea from 'Chibusan tumulus'. This extraterrestrial must be me.

How to use :
The usage rule is exactly the same as 'Circle of Witchcraft'.

I think 'thoughts loop' proven have been trapped/guided along the 'Circle of Witchcraft' permanently(or until stop).
'Thoughts flow' flows into 2Triangles(parallel lines) by diverted from 4 points which is in contact with the circle.
And there are 2 cross points in 2Triangles(parallel lines) where DIVERGENCE(Reference1) will be occur... And there are two places of tapping each triangle on parallel lines. What do I think about the tapping. The tapping point is a weak DIVERGENCE point?

I do not know the best how to use still. At the same, I do not know what kind of depth. The essence so informational aspects, would not things like reduced where it was published. So I have opened this '2Triangles(parallel lines) of Witchcraft'. (201409271557)

Meaning/Usage of this Input-field. (201503211318)


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