Flower Of Life(yellow on blue pattern) of Witchcraft

How to use :
The usage rule is exactly the same as 'Circle of Witchcraft'.

(The source of this graphic file from Internet.)
I think 'thoughts loop' proven(by 'Circle of Witchcraft') have been trapped/guided along the all circles permanently(or until stop).
'Thoughts flow' must be start on ALL 22 CIRCLES of Flower Of Life.
And there are 37 cross points in Flower Of Life where DIVERGENCE(Reference1) will be occur... And there are many Vesica Piscis where New Circles of thought may be born. I do not know the best how to use still. At the same, I do not know what kind of depth. The essence so informational aspects, would not things like reduced where it was published. So I have opened this 'FOL(yellow on blue pattern) of Witchcraft'. (201408262110)

Meaning/Usage of this Input-field. (201503211312)


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