Hexagram of Witchcraft

There is the possibility to open a star gate by means of Triangle of Thought.

How to use :
The usage rule is exactly the same as 'Circle of Witchcraft'. The program of this 'Hexagram of Witchcraft' is a little different.
The program was updated in this ver2. "Circle of Witchcraft" acting beyond the space was recognized conventional, but suspected it was not always the case(or weaken?). So I've added "link to owner beyond 3D" as a program command explicitly in this ver2. Stargate(triangles) will provide us with the ability to transcend the 3D. (Voice comes "splendidly(=Omigoto:Japanese)" right now=201409071636.)

(201409120052)The program was updated to ver3. I noticed "the link(s) to the effect beyond 3D". In other words, the necessary link(beyond 3D) is two. The first is the link(beyond 3D) to hear the orners command(surely than 'Circle of Witchcraft'). The sencond is the link(beyond 3D) to make the effect(surely than 'Circle of Witchcraft'). This means 2 triangles. Maybe, the orientation of the triangles is irrelevant. Maybe, 'Hexagram of Witchcraft' is stronger than 'Circle of Witchcraft'.

I think 'thoughts loop' proven have been trapped/guided along the 'Circle of Witchcraft' permanently(or until stop).
'Thoughts flow' flows into triangles by diverted from 6 points which is in contact with the circle.
And there are 6 cross points in Hexagram where DIVERGENCE(Reference1) will be occur... I do not know the best how to use still. At the same, I do not know what kind of depth. The essence so informational aspects, would not things like reduced where it was published. So I have opened this 'Hexagram of Witchcraft' stimulated by Kiera(like star gates). Somehow, as I saw in somewhere. You saw too ? (201408201948)

Meaning/Usage of this Input-field. (201503211307)


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