About 7D.
The God is existence itself. It is the LOVE, too. I think so.
Next, there is a similarity in the 0D & 7D(LOCATION & EXISTENCE). It may be Octave.

0D : C
1D : D
2D : E
3D : F
4D : G
5D : A
6D : B
7D : C

About 8D.
Hence, 8D must be similar to 1D. I think by replacing 8D to line(1D). The gexistence(7D)h is one end, and a gnon-existenceh in the other end. What is there among gexistenceh and gnon-existenceh? It may be said that there is the state gcannot be determin eexistf nor enon-existfh.

Next, it can be say gHigh D pervades all less dimensions.h. 8D, too I think.
Can you determin gthe existence of space(3D) itselfh? or
Can you determin gthe existence of time(4D) itselfh? and so on.

I think that there is a gconceptual object that can not be determined with existence nor non-existenceh, as is support of the dimension 8D gpenetration to less all dimentionsh.
Hence, it cannot be determin the existence of space.
Hence, it cannot be determin the existence of time.
I think to be able to say things like gexisth and/or gnon-existh as a way of saying at that time. Both are true simultaneously because of 8D, I think.

I think you've probably heard and read that "time does not exist" until now. Like,

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, April 28th, 2017
@gTime is an illusion of the third dimension.h or,
SaLuSa, 19 December 2014
@gNaturally in the higher dimensions time does not exist as you now know it, and you will find everything is in the Now.h or,
Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, May 12th, 2017
@gSpace is yet another illusion which you have temporally agreed to perceive, however like time, space also does not actually exist from our perspective.h.

But this is high dimentional point of view, we treat it as existing in 3D. So we can consider about gexistenceh and gnon-existenceh I think. (201705222005)

Council of Radiant Light via Ailia Mira, May 25th, 2017
"We couldnft have a personal experience of our life if there were not space and time, so space and times are fundamentals to our experience, and our experience of space and time unfolding is what we think of as life." (201705271639)

œThe Hathor: The Multiverse Sound Meditation
"From this view, your experiences of yourself and your world are fundamentally insubstantial and dreamlike apparitions that most sentient beings mistakenly take to be the ultimate reality." (201804052111)

œThe Realms of the Unknown
"You will also begin to realise that the Universe of the Creator is both known and unknown to you" (201901112252)


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