ARION Psalter 26 (Japanese)
Spiritual person SPASCIFICA
Light of the pearl in the ocean
The galactic wisdom gathering in the light
reaches the forehead as seventh spirit line

The messenger from darkness who have ring and use the flame for mistake
A person in support of this becomes clear
When rise in a month and flash across King of the world of the dead, notice it

At sea of the salt beacon (beacon) goes up and does not see the right left for a while
However, it drift to the direction of the left hand before long

Steller’s sea-eagle raging and will try to place a person in all the nail
A calm person to protect the place of their own, even bleeding
The number is four people
Six remainder of ten people is relations only for the surface that will be known by the Steller’s sea-eagle and receives retaliation

Beautiful village to rustle the leaves of the eucalyptus who whether really hide the rift with the country of the Queen of the North

Do not cram into the container. Container is the form of the power of God
Not intended for human set
Be as flag swaying in the wind

Yo human, be a human for all human

May.02, 1986
About SPASCIFICA ARION said. (Though Japanese)
Love of circle, SPASCIFICA authentication ended.
Because of the warmth and heat of the flame, it will start to rotate.
SPASCIFICA is the light of perl in the ocean.
SPASCIFICA is the tradition from ancient times.
SPASCIFICA is the movements of the circle of flame and flame.

Small cross started to rotation under the large cross.
SPASCIFICA will be cut the existing circle,
It will cause the circle as incarnation of a whole new love.
You, look well.
Under your foot, what is there?
What is there on your head?
What is your hand going to get?

What do your eyes watch?
What does your mouth talk about?
What does your ear hear?
スパスシフィカ is spelled in SPASCIFICA,
Prepare the each text to three, (Note⇒SSSPPPAAASSSCCCIIIFFFIIICCCAAA)
Furthermore, when you take it to pieces and form words
There will be the things which you can see.
I think I had to decrypt the SSSPPPAAASSSCCCIIIFFFIIICCCAAA. And I believe I'v done. (Though Japanese)


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