The table below, I make the comparison of the ego and the true self.
Features of the Ego (Obsession, Solidifying and Death)Features of the True Self (Liberation, Soften and Life)
Heart cling to caught in the external (Direction of solidifying and pain ΰ direction of death)Freely spirit (in the direction of the freely-joy enjoy ΰ direction of life)
Trying to maintain to make "me" in the spirit of othersAwareness (to find myself in me = of course)
"Subject of our Believing ability (Heart ability)" Λ We would toward the external information of the ever-changing. And believing in particular easily a negative impression and information (= is never doubt)"Subject of our Believing ability (Heart ability)" Λ We headed naturally to the truth of forever universality. The truth is existence itself.

If you are walking down the street, it came from the opposing men saw as glares. So you think "I wish I may not glared like that ...". Heart and Mind was alert to the man, it is obsessed. Your heart and mind on an inner an instant becomes full by the men, and waiting for the next every move in the eyes and ears. ... In this way, the ego is deprived of the mind to the external target negative.

E"Obsessed with external object and negative". It becomes ego when not notice this thing.

So it becomes necessary the one of the pattern or formula or template of thoughts. At least 2 elements necessary in order to be used as template, "Don't forget me (existence)", and "Don't believe the negative".

œ The Template for living so that you are not caught in the ego

It is not so difficult. That said awakening consciousness, effect even just simply "not forget me" is greater. Therefore, as the thoughts formula such as the following by "use", is away from the inertia of the ego, it is possible to change your time line, it will not return to the ego orbit.

"I believe that I exist."

When you are repeating this template, suddenly the car horn sounds, you did "believe" as the driver aimed a malicious to you. At this moment, the focus of the ability to believe in your heart, has become distorted form of "My existence (internal) ƒ malicious of driver (external)". The next moment you will remember this template. "I believe that myself exists" = "There is no need to believe or soak in the malicious from the outside". "Ability to believe", I think that would be nice centralized one point so as to be directed to the awakening consciousness.

Until now, I have content that type inspired, who was uncertain when I was blown to the inspiration and understanding. However, recently, because the channeling messages from such presence is generated at the same time, the source is now understood to me.
Creating the Future of Ascension by the Celestial White Beings (Saturday, December 23, 2015)
"Aspects of the Creator as a divine plan are waiting to be downloaded through your soul into the consciousness and foundations of every human being. Each soul upon the Earth will accept an aspect of the Creatorfs new divine plan which will alter the Earthly experience for all forever more. Every day consciously for some and unconsciously for others this new divine plan will be delivered penetrating the energetic and physical structure of the Earth to form a new era upon the Earth; a time all have been waiting for." (201601050044)

It seems response message came out. (201602012341)
EA Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner February 5, 2015
"We are pleased to see how much awakening has occurred since we last spoke. The Light that is coming to you and the planet is making a difference. You are doing an excellent job of integrating and working with the Light. It is exceptional the shift that has occurred in the past month."(201602100242)

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