When I read mystery monthly magazine gMUh(P96-97, in Japan) there is a description about a stone which called gRoswell Rockh.
1996 August 02 =
I try to read the figure by
I have dreamt a dream that gBest friend(caucasian) and I became able to live in the same room. However, the problem (water faucet can not well be switched hot water and water) occurs, I had repairing the faucet.h
Outline once considered the meaning of the shapes from I awoke from a dream has came into view.
Two circles that are in contact = Two persons.
Largest circle background(with vesica piscis) = The space for life(vesica piscis = Overlap of the two circles = Shared space)
2 moon(s) both sides of the contact point of 2 circles = Dissatisfaction = Problem
2 circles in each person both far sides of the contact point of 2 circles = Satisfaction
Hence, the meaning of gRoswell Rockh is gTwo friends that are basically satisfied, lived in the same space( = It would be the emergency landing disk in Roswell ). However, a common problem occurs.h


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