I think it is important to follow the hierarchy of life.

7 : God, Existance.
6 : Archangel
5 : Small Angel
4 : Human
3 : Animal
2 : Plants
1 : Material

We are usually, live in conscious mind(=mind) and feels(=heart) various energy or impressions and thought from others(higher and/or lower). Humans can use the special ability = gbelievingh. The direction of BELIEVING should be face to more higher energy. We should not believe lower energy or anger or evil intention. Modern people, actively assume(rather assertive) and BELIEVE malice to seize every opportunity.

Indeed, for the Material, it is common for human to gassume the worst-caseh. However, we want to avoid the gability believeh is dragged into it. It is important to not believe/assertive in malicious when we find gmalicious aggressivelyh in a little gesture of people, or, glong for the malicioush. Some people relieved to find a malicious in the person. This kind of Beliefs is a state that heart believe the mind(heart < mind). This state is reverse. Our heart should not believe mind(heart > mind). Just use it when the logic is useful. A malicious is not useful. This can be observed everywhere in society. For the spirit of health, is gbetter do not believe much people (malicious)h. Because people would immediately believe (malicious). Thak you. (201503211403)

Edgar Cayce Reading (262-40) : From what may ANYONE be saved? Only from themselves! That is, their individual hell; they dig it with their own desires!
(From one mail of Jan.04, 2016. )
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