When I read(17 or 18 Jan 2014) an Japanese article that crisis is imminent in Africa. (Japanese)
Therefore I set it.

Hilarion had explained gthe law of graceh in the article 2-9 Feb 2014. I think it is clear that one hold a thought(=pray) which will become to resonate to The Great Love, then large energy comes flow to the person from The Great Love.
gthe universe perfectly mirrors back what they put out through their thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes. Now by the laws of the universe, the good they have given out into the external world around them comes back unto them. At this point in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, the law of grace is in effect and humanity is being blessed by the neutralization of any repetitive thoughts that come unbidden from the very depths of their being.h

Therefore you can send incredible ep/shfower of love to all over the world! Of course the shower exceeded one person. Then I saw next figure of Mary that may have been opening to the public.
Our mother tell us 'The light came more !'
( )

They say the eCircle of Witchcraftf act by the inteligence of light. Its speed must be light speed.
The speed of light = 300,000 Km/s = 300,000,000 m/s.
If assume the content(thought) act once per 1 circulation. Its circumference less than 1 meter. Even though if one meter, the pray will be 300,000,000 rotate per second.

I appreciate to CCs said.
gFor they will continue to grow at a rapid pace, setting the course for a new sort of growth all over your planet. We thank you again for being who you are and for doing what you do, and we see that in choosing you, we could not have chosen any better. For you are the shining ones, the keepers of the flame, the makers of the dawn, and as such, we salute you all on behalf of All of creation.h

We informed that "the light is high dimentional light. It's speed is " as follows.

Arcturian Transmission to Earth Part 1 (Jan.04, 2014)
"NO time has elapsed because the photons travel beyond the limitation of time."

SaLuSa, 19 December 2014
"Naturally in the higher dimensions time does not exist as you now know it, and you will find everything is in the Now."

They say the quality of light itself has changed.
A message from Mother (Sep.24, 2014)
"this is also about the energetic shift that has taken place"

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