MIB incident has occured on Mylow motor.

These are not complete set of videos. Important videos.

(05.Apr.2009 News : Mylow admits that his motor was a fake-->I say two additional remarks--> 1, 2)

(oriharu wrote : But fortunately, cause this event or stimulus, I discovered the way of 'magnetic line cross to other magnetic line' pattern. The discovery is in this issue. (200904180309))

I have not experimented. But it seemes like Howard Menger motor. The principle is clear. Then I would like to explain to you.
(ADDED @200905121858 to the article: I swear by The GOD that I am only hoping that free-energy research develops greatly. This issue is my challenge. Bacause I have no money, no time, and I'm busy to make money through everyday work. Thats all.)

(1) Conductor Change The Direction of Gyroscopic Particles (from the magnet):
(Input Mechanical Energy > Output Electrical Energy) JosephNewman Fig11-C1
According to Joseph Newman, magnetic line of force is consists of 2 lines of force. Electromagnetic induce mechanics became clear for mankind.
http://www.zpenergy.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3147 and ( download1(PDF) or download2(PDF) or download)
(Thanks 12/01/09 of keelynet.com) (200912012044)

Above experiment tells us that both magnetic lines and electric current are connected lines of gyroscopic particles.

Magnetic line is made of two lines of gyroscopic particles as combined with opposite proceeding directions and same spinning direction. In this case proceeding directions were canceled and spinning direction was doubled.

Electric current is made of two lines of gyroscopic particles as combined with same proceeding direction and opposite spinning directions. In this case proceeding direction was doubled and spinning directions were canceled.

(Please study the theory of Joseph Newman.)

If you untied magnetic line there remain one thread of gyroscopic particles which proceed one direction and rotate one direction.
And if you untied current (split the positive?) there remain one thread of gyroscopic particles which proceed one direction and rotate one direction.
These are the same. And it may tornado which can named Magnetic Tornado.

(2) U-Shaped Magnet Change The Direction of Gyroscopic Particles (from the rotor):
(Input Mechanical Energy < Output Mechanical Energy [All energy spent by friction.])
HOWARD MENGER'S MAGNET MOTORHOWARD MENGER'S MAGNET MOTORI think, Howard Johnson was referred to the motor of Howard Menger who was contactee in 1956. Experimenter Howard Menger says that 'This motor is not perpetual motor. But it rotate for long time unusual'. This motor need to rotate by your hand. I think this device is as a educational use to explain the secret of ADDITIONAL POWER CREATION. Howard Menger may took explanation about a motor which is educational model. Later, Howard Menger made a same principle model on The Earth.

If you understand the theory of Joseph Newman, you can understand Howard Menger motor. The rotor of Howard Menger motor was magnetized that circumference part is N(or S), central part or side part is S(or N), I think. Magnetic lines of force of the rotor can image mathematically or theoretically radiation-shaped from circumference part of rotor magnet. Then you set U-shaped magnet near the rotor as in the figure, next rotate the rotor magnet by your hand, then magnetic lines of force from rotor magnet changed 90 degree to its original direction because of the U-shaped magnet. Then THE FORCE HAS CREATED, which direction is the same of its rotate direction. This is the reason of the unusual long time rotation.

Image of stonehenge type motorWhen Howard Johnson imagined the image of The Stonehenge type motor in his mind, there was an image in his mind of Howard Menger motor, too?
(Probably his name is the same ?)
(News Add:Edward Leedskalnin apparently was a neighbor to Howard Johnson for a while(200904231520))

Howard Menger motor need first to rotate by hand. But if the rotor magnet was separated into segments, the rotor will self start to rotate by the power from stator magnet. When segmented rotor start to rotate, powered by stator magnet, THE ADDITIONAL FORCE HAS CREATED to it's rotate direction by pivotting gyroscopic particles. The created additional force will stronger when using permiability plates as one magnet. This is the principle how the rotor magnets can pass energy barrier. (200904102015)

(oriharu wrote : It had a difficulty the alignment of the stator magnet of Mylow motor. But it has possibility that if U-shaped magnet of the stator magnet of Mylow motor turns 90 degree (which rotational center line parallels to a fixed aluminum board of stator magnet). Then, this motor is closely like Howard Menger motor.(200904180317))

(3) Direct Crossing of Magnetic Lines Will Change The Direction of Gyroscopic Particles (of magnetic line) each other:
(Scattered gyroscopic particles from broked Magnetic Lines by its cross, may flows into the conductor become increase current. It seems like extremely big current was occurred.)

CADUCEUS WOUND COIL(a) Direct crossing of Magnetic Lines each other (electric current used)

There are some reference about magnetic line in the book "Behind The Flying Saucers"(by Frank Scully, New York: Henry Holt, 1950.) that magnetic lines are not cross in the natural condition. But once it crossed, burning or propulsion power will be created. (Is this the source of THE SUN's energy ?) Caduceus wound coil experiment mean that when magnetic lines were broken then electromagnetic lows were not concluded? To make cross magnetic lines, it will need high energy action of the Caduceus Coil, for example, rising frequencies. Strong point of Caduceus Coil is its dynamic conditions. If you can only use static condition, you must use only magnet like Betz Ball. Betz Ball may use very very strong conditions.

Concerning about Caduceus Coil's ability of jumping, the gyroscopic particle's direction changed then mechanical power (propulsion power) created. Is this the reason that Caduceus Coil off the ground? Or is there any gravitational principle?

Concerning about normal transformer, there is a phenomenon of suddenly big current happens called surge current. Is this phenomenon occured by broken magnetic lines which are scattered gyroscopic particles? Then the particles flow into conductor?
(ADDED 200905071908 : There is "90-Degree Rule".)

Battleship EldridgeIn the Philadelphia Experiment(YouTUBE) there is a big coil center of the ship. This coil use pulsation electric current(DC). And it creates Magnetic Tornado which became stronger and stronger until creates black hole in the (center of the) Magnetic Tornado I think. To control the aether tornado seemes very difficult because of its failure. Black hole was the tool of time trip because John Titor said. Time trip mean transcendence of the dimension. Is this the reason The Battleship Eldridge was teleported to distanced sea surface?

Basil Van Den Berg's anti-gravity motorDiode effect is the basis of the life. Entropy of non-life increases gradually. But life's entropy decreases gradually. For instance we life extract iron from rocks. This nature may be the proof that life rectify magnetic line? Basil Van Den Berg has succeeded in decoding Adamski's Hieroglyph(left one). He made the strange motor which was called anti-gravity motor. Inventor Basil Van Den Berg has replied to the comment of the reporter from Flying Saucer Review "I'm grad that you noticed this motor is living.".

Steve Mark's Generator(b) Direct crossing of Magnetic Lines each other? (electric current and two magnets used)
Or he made proceeding unbalance in Magnetic Lines using diode effect?

Steven Mark's Torroidal Power Unit (PDF1 PDF2)

Though this device is solid state, it apears gravitational resistance (like gyro) when you move it horizontally. I have one image of gravitational field personally which image is magnetic tornado (cone shaped) overlaps all surface of The Earth. Of course other planet, too. Our planet always have an electrostatic field which is about 100 volt per meter on perpendicular line. If its energy source is only polarization of air particles, it may cosumed in few minutes about all surface of The Earth. My personal image of gravitational field is overlapping enormous quantity of magnetic tornado. You can understand that it may seems like electrostatic field, too. General image of electrostatic field is linear. My image of electrostatic field of The Earth is spiral (tornado). Both is observed only as 'electrostatic field' on perpendicular line. Perhaps gravitational field observed only as 'magnetic line' on horizontal direction(terrestrial magnetism) which may composition vector of magnetic tornado and the rotation of The Earth. As The Earth rotate, each magnetic tornado (gyroscope) leans 90 degree to the direction of Earth's rotational momentum. Rotation is acceleration. It may looks like many flowers streams in the wind. The synthesized vector is for the north-south direction. Bacause of the various dynamics of our universe, the axis of terrestrial magnetic field is different from the rotational axis.
Incidentally, Dino Kraspedon said(Go to all contents) the self rotation and revolution (around The Sun) of The Earth is the result of light pressure from The Sun.

ˁyThe Group channeled by Steve, January 21st, 2018
"Understand that the head is electrical in nature and the heart is magnetic although both part of the same wave. It is magnetic if you measure in one direction, but electrical if measured in an orthogonal direction."z(201801290420)
YouTUBEiWednesday Campanella - Galaj (201801290427)

Near the top of the cone of magnetic tornado, the RPM of its rotation is larger. Is this a reason of body falling to the ground?

If the TPU absorbe gravitational field (magnetic tornado) too, atmospheric pressure of aether may decrease around TPU. And magnetic tornados likely to gyroscope of fluid, too. Is this the reason of gravitational resistance of TPU when you move it horizontally? (200905131608)

There is an interesting article (Vortex Tube) and YouTUBE (or download). (200905131847 ADDED)

There is an interesting YouTUBE or download
There is a rotating magnetic field which axis is near vertical. TPU may needs degaussing from Earth's magnetic field. Oregon Vortex phenomenon and form indicates there is an interaction among gravity and vortex and light and material(and space and time?). (200912011928 added)

Perhaps we can control gravity by using Circularly Polarized Electromagnetic Wave which can produce by undulator. About undulator, the space brother who contact with Dino Kraspedon said(Go to all contents) that gravitational field is electrical fluid which can produce by means of flow electromagnetic wave among many magnets. If gravity is magnetic tornado (which top is under), we can cancel it to make magnetic tornado (which top is over) bottom (or top) of our scout ship by using Circularly Polarized Electromagnetic Wave. Finally we can control height of our scout ship like screw. The screw hole is each magnetic tornado (spiral) of force on The Earth. The screw driver is our space ship's Circularly Polarized Electromagnetic Wave. It will need to resonant frequency of The Earth's magnetic tornado of force. (200905140058)

ESA Announces Gravity-Modification Breakthrough (201105061833)

Betz Ball(c) Direct crossing of Magnetic Lines each other? (magnets used)

There is a strange metal ball named 'Betz Ball (PDF)'. According to the news in JAPAN 1970's(perhaps), the magnet field surrounding Betz Ball was observed many triangle pattern. This is a long time un-elucidation. In 2003, Alexei A Abrikosov, Vitaly L Ginzburg and Anthony J Leggett awarded Nobel Prize for physics. They have discovered 'Abrikosov Effect' in relation to the super-conduction. Magnetic lines in the very strong magnetic field become Triangle Lattice Structure. Is just before crossing magnetic lines? Or just crossing magnitude? This crossing is the power source of Betz Ball? Betz Ball may under the state of super-conduction in room temperature to make crossing.

(Added 200904281824 : Do you know White Powder Gold has the ability of superconductivity in room temprature! It is known that diameter of particles of gold[Au] less than 3 nano meter, structure and character of gold changes greatly.)

04/15/10 - Step Closer to 'Magnetic Monopole'
(Thanks 04/15/10 of keelynet.com) (201004151822)

Hans Coler Circuit(d) Making a Difference among Opposite Proceeding Lines in a Magnetic Line? (magnets used)

This "Magnetstromapparat" was developed by Hans Coler and Von Unruh early in 1933. Like diode effect use to magnetic lines directly, too? It seems create proceeding difference of magnetic line anyway.

Felix Ehrenhaft Electrolysis(e) Making a Difference among Opposite Proceeding Lines in a Magnetic Line has made to occured? (magnets used)

Water electrolysis was achieved using magnet field as current in 1945. Is this make unbalance between two opposite proceeding lines in one magnetic line, too? (200904170409)

(4) Gain Mechanical Power By Change The Direction of Gyroscopic Particles
(Input mechanical power < Output mechanical power)

The Richard Clem EngineMinus resistance of fluid discovered and used by Viktor Schauberger. Richard Clem used minus resistance of fluid. He gain mechanical power by using mass of fluid as gyroscope, I think. First, make fluid rotate and run to the direction of its axis of rotation with maintain rotation. Next, changing the running direction by curve of the passage. Then gyroscopic mechanical power create to 90 degree of its original proceeding direction. Thus tornado can be self-sustaining? Bacause of the changing of ROTATION to DIVERGENCE? Or the cause of the inertia (free gyroscopic particles in circumference) may flow (or added) into proceeding direction?

The Clem Engine Reborn (by Jerry W. Decker - 11/08/09)

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