Last night Japan time(about 22 hours before), I was also experienced for someone to have concentrated to me(?) a sense such as anger or jealousy very powerful. I had wanted to get rid of such a situation that occurs often, and came up with a good idea that is an application of the way to protect from negative thoughts. It is an application of the method of gPAPIE TOSSYUh of ARION. However, ARION said gDo not tell anyone the way of PAPIE TOSSYUh.

But I can start up gthe way of PAPIE TOSSYUh using by Circle on my PC as server of Witchcraft. I set KEY WORD for use by link from other place.
KEY WORD is pronunciation gPA-PI-E TOSSYUh.
When setting by right hand and say only gPA-PI-E TOSSYUh. TOSSYU is similar English word "WASH". I intended to same pronunciation in second half. Is "TOSSH" more clearer ?
Next, say your key word set by left hand.
You can start it up to say gyour key wordh.
Then the protection of ARIONfs PAPIE TOSSYU on you.
This is effective I have tested.
I will continue to starting up the Circle as server of PAPIE TOSSYU which is a part of my Circles that always running(displaying).

They are believing destruction deeply. They never distrust destruction. There is a way to reflect any curse. The curse will be return to its source(person). So if you use ARIONfs PAPIE TOSSYU, the damage is theirs. Then they will believe(or know) the destructions on them deeply. So they will believe it and become unusable it.

I swear to God that I donft set monkey business to all kind of gCircles of Witchcrafth.

Lie does not exist in all my sentences of my home page except mistakes or memory differences(or other thinkable possibilities). I have always stated vow to God(at the page top of this next URL) of the contents lie does not exist in my homepage.

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