There is a graphical ring on eCircle of Witchcraftf which guide ornerfs thought. Therefore, your thoughts will not flow somewhere. Repeating the same thought is the same action as Pray or Obsession. Human has his/her own ecircles of thoughts(=Pray or Obsession)f in his/her (sub)consciousness. The ecircles of thoughts(=Pray or Obsession)f affect others thoughts around the person. Various reactions will be returned to him/her by the character of each person around. A certain pattern is repeated always around him/her until he/she release the obsession in that way. This is the side of ROTATION of thoughts. Loop Thoughts of people will go flying somewhere usually. And meet other loop(s) that others might have created. When The Loops which circulate the same (counter)clockwise encounter makes Vesica Piscis which is the 3rd ring that was created from 2 rings of thought.

The Archangel Michaelfs Infinity Breath use an image of 8 which has one cross point. I noticed that Infinity Breath always create a DIVERGENCE result in the messages. Because there is a cross point center of 8. The shape 8 is not just loop. I have tested sometimes among job about 8 or Flower of Life as set a program to circulating thought. In the case of Flower of Life which has many cross point that creates the similar result as 8, I seem so. I felt like release, weakness, forgiveness, confession which is the DIVERGENCE created that is more necessary for mankind, I think. Because obsession(=ROTATION) is very strong. The necessity lead the messages of Archangel Michaelfs Infinity Breath, I think.

Perhaps ROTATION is in the realm of time = 4D. So released ROTATION becomes DIVERGENCE which is more basic and higher = 5D? When we use (3)lines of DIVERGENCE(of triangle) which result teleportation? Triangle Stargate?


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