Dear Ray.
This is my experience about consciousness. It is said in the world of philosophy that there is an aspect of the three consciousness.

1st is gIfm seeingh consciousness. Active consciousness which based on .(The infinitely distant)
2nd is gI am seenh consciousness. Passive consciousness which based on 0.(Here)
3rd is the consciousness that is aware of both.

I express this understanding using one figure . This meaning 0 and are looking at each other. This figure means Temple in Japan during perhaps a few millenniums. It have also found from the ruins of Troy excavated by Heinrich Schliemann.
I can say the current humanity, remains 2nd and 3rd consciousness. 1st consciousness degenerate yet. Until now we have been seen from Higher beings. Until now we canft see.
But I experienced the consciousness of gIfm seeingh at Oct.27, 2013. Perhaps it was the consciousness of Ashtar access to me. Then I have such a consciousness. In that situation of consciousness I have focused on a location then I was able to see the events including the psychological events. I have confirmed directly to that person. Psychological content also did the same. In other words, I gsawh.
This 1st consciousness is like gall 3D plotted on my brain which I can accessh.
When I read your sentence gIt seem as though Ifm being scan with this for some reason.h then I noticed it. Perhaps it might have to practice moving with the gsoundh in all space in the brain which connect to the real 3D somehow. Anyway near future, when we close our eyes we can focus real one place that consciousness based on . Until now our normal cosciousness is based on here(0).

Love & Peace.

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