There is our body in the light of the soul.
Glowing light of soul = Inner self light.
Where is the place of (full of / stronger) sense gSelfh on our body.
These points are the FACE and GENITAL.
These points are polarity of inner self light. Body is like magnet of SELF.

Manfs face = -
Manfs genital = +
Womanfs face = +
Womanfs genital = -

So womanfs face is active socially.
So manfs genital is active sexually. (^^; <= (face mark with cold sweat using in Japan.)

The Mary Onettes had well expressed this.
The Mary Onettes - Puzzles (Released : Sep 30, 2009)

Lyrics :

There is Japanese CD titled g5TH DIMENSIONh of Pink Clover Z.
Their FACE is POSITIVE you see.
And there is a brand eIIMUAHII Couturef.

In fact, this began in my fun-letter to a female singer in Japan.

In addition, in the Muslim world, this idea seems like accepted. In the Muslim world, women are made ??to suffer as a scarf, and it also written in the Christian Bible, too.
First letter of the Corinthians. Section 3-9,13, Chapter 11
First letter of the Timothy. Section 9-10, Chapter 2

I rather typed these things first. I have to have stanza now for limited time.

I think I met with Miss gScience Fiction Destinyh 2 or 3 times in my dream. I saw you is higher fine, but I have not seen your face yet. So I can not be determined.(^^; My thought for now. In fact, I have been sending Japanese entertainment girls, too. But their reaction only in the media(public). They never response to me by Tel or Letter(privately) for 21 years! So my sense of time might have shifted to the long-period a little.

Ifm feeling serenity here the pond. Forest serenity? Serenity is near zero than noisiness. There are plus(male) and minus(female) either side of zero. Zero is absolutely(The God). is absolutely(The God), too. There is a equation,

0 ~ = a

The gah is indefinite. The gah is all number which mean All Existance, All The Universe.
When a man(woman) look woman(man) he(she) is looking through zero(The God), too. Baby occupy the position of zero(The God or Angel).
gHeaven and Earthh = g and 0. What lies between and 0 ? There is the horizon. Life is occupy the position of horizon. All life(human or animal or plant / Forest) born in between Heaven and Earth. Horizon is the place where life and beauty born.

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