Do you know THE LAW OF OCTAVE which brings by G.I.Gurdjieff from ancient knowledge.
They say our universe is evolving. The frequency(what frequency?) is rising. In modern times, it seems has reached just prior to the quantum leap.
In our everyday life there are many octaves. It is one octave until the end of meal from the start of meal. From starting the job to ending the job that is one octave. However, I think do not necessarily so in practice. there is a pattern if you actually observed the octave which is not closed when you leave the job, such as in the case of long period octave.
For example you had to wait with a 3 rookie at the reception when you joined company. After 5 years passed. You are a manager at the time of the presentation of the new car, you had to wait along with the managers of 3 other stores at the reception. At this time, you noticed gItfs the same as when I joined this companyh, and you know that one octave has been completed. But you are not leaving the company(for example). After 2 years later you had quit this company when there was no such a things. After 3 years your 4th child going came into being. You went to the hospital and waiting with your 3 children in fromt of the reception. This is 5 years after from presentation of the new car. Then you noticed gThis octave was not belong to the company. This octave has a five-year cycle of creation beyond the particular company. However, it began when I joined the company indeed.h
Though this is my thought story, but to be able to observe the various patterns in complex systems.

C to D(there is Black Key) : 1st time you threw a ball.
D to E(there is Black Key) : you threw a ball.
E to F(there is No Black Key) : you threw a ball which bounced in a strange direction. And it broke the glass.
F to G(there is Black Key) : you threw a ball.
G to A(there is Black Key) : you threw a ball.
A to B(there is Black Key) : you threw a ball.
B to C(there is No Black Key) : you threw a ball which would be caught between the branches of a tree.

There are 2 intervals of No Black Key which means there is difficulties to rise frequency. Perhaps you will be disturbing or the opposite situation will be come out until now. So you can know gSomething(octave) ends soon.h.

Hi Thank you for your question! Soul Feather Diamond!
You always create a new time line I feel.
Today I am reading About energy. Now is part 4.
I am surprised their explain. Ifv got a new point of view.

Following is my understanding of energy. There may be multiple way to understand. I have been opening the page which contain 4 ways. Law of 1, Law of 3, Law of 7, Law of 12.

This issue is on the way of the eLaw of 7.
gPerpendicular directionh means ga new dimension to be addedh.

0D = gLOCATION which has no size.h
1D = g0D moves to its perpendicular direction which drawings exceed eonly locationfis LINE.h
2D = g1D(line) moves to its perpendicular direction which drawings exceed eonly linef is PLANE or FACET.h
3D = g2D(PLANE or FACET) moves to its perpendicular direction which drawings exceed eonly facetf is SOLID or SPACE.h

About 4D.
Is there any direction perpendicular to eall spacef? Yes its TIME! Time is perpendicular to eAll Spacef.
Higher dimensions is analogously understantable.

About 5D.
Is there any direction perpendicular to eall timef? Yes its INTENTION! Time is been control by intention. I myself have synclonicity which exceed 30-fold! There is an intention apparently. The direction of tiime is under controllable. Perpendicular to eAll Timef is INTENTION. Of course, except malice intentions. 5D is near God, Love.
There is a horizon between heaven and earth. But it is impossible to make cross/contact heaven and earth. Therefore, various waves vibrates indefinitely between heaven and earth. Cannot contact/cross situations occur ETERNITY. of Time is the next dimension of time(4D) is 5D. You can have inspiration g5D is beautyh. And it is known golden ratio is hidden behind the beauty. If you feel beauty in music or picture or Forest and so on, you have feelt 5D. The intention is the intention of the type to follow everyone will be happy. Its BEAUTY.

With recent channeling messages, my understanding has advanced. God 's intention (5 - dimensional) is each soul. So it means that each person is "in five dimensions = being in me = now."(201708162017)

About 6D.
Is there any direction perpendicular to eall intentionf? Yes its PURPOSE(of GOD). All kind of beauty is leading all creatures. But just a lot of intention or will only exists in the bullshit? I think no. I convince ther are purposes(of God). 5D is under controll by 6D.

About 7D.
Is there any direction perpendicular to eall purposes(of God)f? Yes its THE GOD! The God him/her self has his/her purpose. All purposes in controllable from the perpendicular direction.

High dimension from 5D, you will find that all is inside of us. Britney Spears express this thing. The video is inked from a point on the bottom of the page above, too.

Britney Spears - Overprotected

The law of 7 (Tha law of octave) is appear as order of life, too.
1st is conciousness of Material.(C)
2nd is conciousness of Plant.(D)
3rd is conciousness of Animals.(E)
4th is conciousness of Human.(F)
5th is conciousness of Small Angel.(G)
6th is conciousness of Archangel.(A)
7th is conciousness of God.(B)

I learned it when in Subud that there are two order of life exist, Small Angel and Archangel among The God and Human.
Piano keyboard represents well this law. There is no black key among E and F. This means difficulties of progress.

The war would disappear when the quality of human become 3rd(Animal) to 4th(Human).


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