What is emeaningf? We call gunderstandingh is to know how the object of the concept/3D has moved/move over time(4D) mostly. Acknowledging of multiple object only exist is not call eunderstandf. Understanding will be born when adding higher dimention(Mostly 4D) to these 3D objects. They say eThe movement of thought is timef.
If you integrated with the flow of water/thought, the flow is equal to the non-existent anymore.

. What concept of God the space brothers have ? The captain of the saucer who contacted with DINO KRASPEDON was said.
(from his book eMy Contact with FLYING SAUCERSf

P34: gI would like to give you my views on God, giving you the simplest possible definition. God is an isotropic line parallel to itself and vibrating on itself at right angles. He is like a system of axis in which the point of intersection of the line is everywhere at the same time. Then He is many, because dimentions are contained within Him, when these are permutated?to use a terrestrial definition?enf equals infinity. Please remember that this is an attempt to explain, in human language, the unexplainable. On the basis of this premise we can now go further and see how matter and energy were created.h

Take a look at the coordinate axes. (You may not need to see)

The X-axis is right foot of us.
The Y-axis is left foot of us.
The Z-axis is body of us.
What is the center O of the coordinate axes ? O is moment of now. In our 3D, time line(s) is(are) invisible of course. Our human body have the same einvisible linef.
It is possible same applies to the upper body.
The X-axis is right arm of us.
The Y-axis is left arm of us.
The Z-axis is body of us.
Is there any einvisible linef on our human body ? It is the trachea. Trachea and Genital is line of 4D. If you integrated with the 4D line to do s*x or breathing, it will be as if there is no time.
FEDERATION OF LIGHT(through BLOSSOM GOODCHILD) said that gThen, may we suggest that one lets go of this hubbub by simply concentrating on the breath. For that is all that is required and for those who say it is not they are not concentrating on the breath.h.

Merlin and Archangel Michael said "Breath is Magic". (201708080557)


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