The new concept of ONE ? I invite brothers and sisters also bring to this shore. I will create something tangible from this vast sea of undulating particles. ? I can make these specific parts of the ONE come alive. For this is for All. The palace of our dreams is already beginning to take shape in the form of a knowing.

If you define the word gpatienceh as gbeyond the selfh, the meanings of the two ways will occur. One is the meaning of conventional gbeyond the selfh in social relationships (as many/majority/integrated splintered). The other is spiritual meaning of gbeyond the selfh in Godfs power (as ONE).

Once I had written down an article. The content is gThere are many ego/selves/DNA in the world. Each self would have a territory. Especially in urban narrow office room, someone is a ruler. People will pay attention to him or her or you or me. However, we never pay attention to the true ruler (The God = Selfless = Previous Self). There is/are selfless among many selves. For example, even people who are in a wave of urban ego, they can feel the beauty of selfless in wave sound of coast. This is the scene of the secret meeting with eself and selflessf. Of course, there is/are eselflessf among many egos even in the urban narrow office rooms. h. (May.07, 1999) (though Japanese)

Of course, our SELF is made of Godfs power(= selfless = light = love). We are surrounded by love. We can use love. However, basically, we are ruled by love. (Mar.11, 2014)

Recently, my updating of a file( had stuck. Because Ifve been in pressure of gcomplimentsh of higher dimentional teachers. They praised my self. However, there is nothing to its destination. But Ifm just a human. I can just hearing/reading their words in patience. At that time, the message of ASANA MAHATARI occurred. (Jan.03, 2015)


This abnormal stimulation, in a sense, was lightly my patience. And I consider it and noticed that it is better to receive meanings as go toward the purpose of eincrease the light of this worldf than to read as compliments to myself. I have changed my understandings not to receiving their words as it is. I changed to receive their meaning as the purpose of increasing the light. If to receive in such a meaning, their words became flow into a huge area of the gpurposeh than a flow of dead end in my ego/self. Because Ifm happy that use myself in order to avail of someone or something in service. (The maximum number of life for as long as possible) So I also come alive.

And next, I noticed I am the light, too. (Jan.12, 2015) Self is made of the light, too. Which I can believe. You too, I can believe. And reached here, the distinction between gYouh, gIh, gGodh has disappeared. And I became to understand that when I read missive of higher dimentional teachers, there is only purpose of eincreasing the lightf. The purpose of The God/light is The God/light. Their purpose to praise me is increase the light, too. There is no distinction.

Then, a message of ASANA MAHATARI occurred. (Jan.13, 2015)
This issue of ASANA MAHATARI exactly represents my changed understandings of sense of purpose(6D) and existance of myself(7D). Interpretation by human beings is always ends almost to failure that looks from another direction, but Our Mother and ASANA MAHATARI and Archangel Michael and many other messages are viewing accurate angles. So I became to know beyond walls of ego/self. I became to know/understand ONE beyond trinity. According to Motherfs message, I prefer to use the word epalacef. When speaking of Palace, it is The Moon Palace of religion Oomoto in Japan.
Speaking of Omoto, it is a mechanism of God One Permil(= Circle of Witchcraft). And in honor of Onisaboroh Deguchi who is the guru of religion Oomoto (has been oppressed). I will reside the Palace!

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