There were many contact staff of George Adamskii in the world.
Hachiro Kubota (deceased) lived in Japan.
Roy Russell (unknown) lived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
When George Adamski went to Brisbane for lecture, he taught an antigravity experiment.
Roy Russell send a letter (dated 14.Jan.1961,Sat) to Hachiro Kubota about this antigravity experiment (vortex tube experiment) that it was popular in Brisbane and New Zealand those days.

Experiment materials:

1. '24 inch long 0.5 inch diameter vacuum tube (perhaps its fluorescent light tube)' or 'the same inch long toroidal vacuum tube which has neon electrode both ends'.
2. Rod magnet
3. 6V battery.
4. Coil
5. Copper wire

Using these materials, if the experiment goes well, vacuum tube will be float.

There is a figure in Japanese text image. This figure mean three cone-shaped coil (vortex coil) at circumference and straight line tube at the center. Vortex coil was tap to the outside antenna. (This is not succeeded experiment. It's only an example figure.)

Adamski said that three rings under scout ship is act by tornade effect.(200904150536)

There is an similar experiment on YouTUBE.
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