For instance I myself, even during up to 32-year-old was in the relationship, and during up to now(there are almost no relationships without job) not even once the only thing that was intended to be trying to interfere with the love and marriage of others.
For instance gcurse the evilh too. It might be no one is out on the right side of him. Human draw a clear line between gdoes exist and does not existh using free will/mind. Human gbuild up the shape of the existence of their ownh in this way. Constructed gthe shape of existenceh will be (part of) his/her SELF. I think when a person stick around to something, there is the relevancy with this gSELF-CONSTRUCTIONh in the background. Of course it should be positive direction. I think if a gClear Delineation = SELF-CONSTRUCTIONh didnft do well(or When he/she headed in the direction of negative contrary to the nature of life), the meaning of the life of this turn becomes thinner. The person will be incarnate and start gthe same SELF-CONSTRUCTIONh. In this way, the shape is different in each person, no one exactly the same form. People will come to see their shape of their own and gradually in this way. They begin to exist. The human become 1 as existence. However, actually the person have a gSELF form that does not exist as one in the universe.h All persons SELF is different. This is the nature of the SELF.
The other hand, genital is one of SELF polarity of flesh. All are in the same shape. Therefore if you mention SELF as genital you become deny his/her true SELF. Bacause all SELF has almost different shapes.


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