Explanation to antigravity effects:

Formation of nested cylindrical electromagnetic
fields around antigravity device

Connection between inertia and zero-point field has been an interesting theory among scientist. [1]

Zero-point field consists of electro-magnetic radiation, coming evenly from every direction of the universe. ZPF consists of infinite amount of freguencies and polarizationes. Because zero-point field is equal everywhere, it is difficult to observe. When there are no potential differencies, you can not measure ZPF.

If connection between mass and zero-point field can be somehow reduced, this can lead to reduced inertia for mass.

Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov was the first to propose that in certain sense gravitation is not a fundamental interaction at all, but rather an induced effect brought about by changes in the quantum fluctuation energy of the vacuum when matter is present. [4]

After studying different kind of antigravity devices, i found that there can be one common system that explains detected antigravity effects. There are many types of claimed antigravity devices, SEG-type, Bifilar coil type, Quartz trembling etc.

If we have a system, that collects particles evenly around the antigravity device, we can make an local pressure imbalance in zero-point field. [2]

System like this is a formation of the nested cylindrical electromagnetic fields around the antigravity device. The system is like a big penning trap [3], collecting particles from environment, and charging the device. This system generated can be seen as possible in most antigravity devices.

We can also think, that this kind of system is like a sink for charged particles. Connection between mass and inertia is reduced, because this system generates an shield effect, a local void in ZPF around antigravity device.

This special form of nested cylindrical electromagnetic fields can be created, when we use an system in antigravity device, that generates an standing wave charge so that number of waves on antigravity devices circumference is a prime number. This standing wave charge must also rotate around the antigravity device so that the charge is also accelerating. Only accelerating charge radiates to it's environment. This is important for the creation of the electromagnetic fields.

This rotating and accelerating charge can be made by unbalance rotation, or by slightly FM-modulation.

When thinking antigravity experiments, in light of this prime number system, it can be understood why positive results have been obtained only seldom. Dimensions and frequencies for antigravity device must be exactly in tune, so that there is a moving standing wave (charge) around device. Number of waves must be also a prime number. The system needed is quite simple, but must fill these requirements.

There is several ways to produce this kind of system: Microwave resonator, Bifilar coil, quartz trembling, SEG-type system etc.

Microwave resonator is one very promising device, because it is easy to do an circular microwave slot antenna resonator with a standing wave charge.

Bifilar coil system needs quite high frequencies for this kind of system, but when using a wire,that has high permittivity, for example mumetal wire (permittivity up to 350.000), frequencies can be lower and dimensions smaller for bifilar coil. Bifilar coil consists of two coils, wound on opposite way, coils are mirror picture of each other. When waves interferences in this coil structure, it creates an standing wave around circular form wound bifilar coil.

Quartz trembling is also one interesting material (see John Keelys experiments). With quartz crystal system, and when using audio frequencies, we can mechanically tremble quartz crystal to make pietzo-electric waves around quartz crystal.

When using prime numbers for wave numbers around the devices circumference, this generates sharp and high nested cylindrical electromagnetic fields, because primes are not divisible.

Because primes are not divisible,the system generates harmonics oscillations, that are 2xf1, 3xf1, 4xf1... when f1= transmitting oscillation. Oscillations 1/2xf1 or 1/4xf1 are not possible, and cylindrical electromagnetic fields formation between 2xf1, 3xf1, 4xf1... are not possible, because wavelength and number of waves does not fit to any other places.

When charged particle "falls" into this nested electro magnetic wall structure, it can move only into direction to middle of the system, through all the walls. That´s because every next inner wall is slightly closer, than nearest outer wall. When phase changes in the wall, electron / charge will move to nearest positive wall, wich is in this case next inner wall, so that the system `sucks` electrons / charges evenly from it`s environment, causing an local imbalance also in zero-point field.

If prime numbers are not used, electro magnetic fields are spreading or construction of electro magnetic fields is unstable, and the needed nested cylindrical electro magnetic field structure is not created. This nested electromagnetic field is a tool for tapping / compressing ZPE-field.

The origin of the ZPE

When the cosmos underwent rapid expansion of inflation at its origin, the process fed energy into the vacuum. This energy manifested as the smallest particles the cosmos is capable of producing, namely planck particle pairs. Each planck particle pairs has a negative and positive charge, and spinnig gives a magnetic field to planck particle pairs.

Compressing zero point energy

Randomly fluctuating and spinning planck particle pairs (zero point energy) are re-arranged and collected in between magnetic flux tubes. We can increase or compress zero point energy density indirectly by forming nested cylindrical electromagnetic fields.


Gravity can be thought as local imbalance in zero-point field density, when mass is present.

I think, that the word "gravity" is not the correct word. We should talk about reduced floating / under pressure of ZPF instead of gravity, and increased floating / over pressure of ZPF instead of "antigravity". Energy will always move to its lowest possible state.

That's because mass of earth absorbs / induces part of ZPF coming from the opposite side of earth, causing an reduced floating to this direction. We feel this as "gravity". This reduced floating can be compensated by device with nested cylindrical electro magnetic fields.

We live in the sea named Zero-point field.

Esa Maunu

Here is an Excel file,this program demonstrates frequencies and dimensions needed for antigravity devices,based on the use of prime numbers.
You can download this program from here:      

screenshot of the excel program.


[1] Alfonso Rueda, Bernard Haisch, Roh Tung (2001)

[2] Rueda, Berard Haisch, Daniel C. Cole (1995) Vacuum zero-point field pressure instability in astrophysical plasmas and the formation of cosmic voids, pp12-13

[3] V.V.Roschin, S.M.Godin: Experimental Research of the Magnetic-Gravity Effects, Full size SEG tests.

[4] A.D.Sakharov ”Vacuum quantum fluctuations in curved space and the theory of gravitation” ( 1968 )


Email adress: esa.maunu@kolumbus.fi

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