The Four Great Primary Forces Are; static magnetic field; electrostatic field; electro-magnetic wave; resonating electromagnetic field. Your scientists do not understand the last one mentioned.1

You are familiar enough with electrodynamics to know that a moving electron creates a magnetic field. The tremendous surge of electrons through the force-rings produces a very strong magnetic field. Since the direction and amplitude of flow can be controlled through either ring, and in several paths through a "single’ ring, we can produce a field which oscillates in a pattern of precisely controlled modes. In this way we can create magnetic resonance between the two rings, or between several segments of a single ring.

As you also know, any magnetic field which is changing in intensity will create an electric field which, at any given instant, is equal in amplitude, opposite in sign, and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated 2. The effect is similar to, and in effect identical with, a gravitational field.

If the center of the field coincides with the craft's center of gravity, its only effect will be to increase the inertia or mass of the craft. If the center of gravity does not coincide with the center of force, the craft will begin to accelerate towards that center.

Since the system which creates the field is part of the ship, it will of course move with the ship, and without interruption it will continue to generate a field whose center of attraction is just ahead of the ship's center of gravity, so the ship will continue to accelerate as long as the field is generated. Note that this system does not involve free energy or what your people refer to as perpetual motion.To slow or stop the craft, the controls are adjusted so that the field is generated just behind the center of gravity so that negative acceleration will result.3

Note 1 This quote is from "The Saucers Speak" and "Other Tongues – Other Flesh" (p48) by George Hunt Williamson.

Note 2 If you have TWO electromagnetic waves with their sources separated a short distance apart, they will create an electrical interference pattern with one another. They can also be made to resonate in and out of phase - resulting in a resonating of the amplitudes of those waves to effect the electric field around the craft. That's where there will be a reaction, or 'vector' force (see Radio Wave Controlled Electric Field Drive System page) between the electric field in the air and the craft.

Note 3 Quote is from "The White Sands Incident" by Daniel Fry . Also see Nexus Magazine Apr-May 97 p38.

The above description while differing slightly from Bob Lazar's stretched rubber concept (see "Alien Contact" (1993) Timothy Good p183) (also see the Lazar Gravity Generators page), is a more accurate explanation of the propulsion method used by the ufos filmed above Mexico city in the 1990's. The film clearly shows a path of energy being directed ahead of the ufo and the ufo snapping to the forward end of it at incredible speed.




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