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NEW PAGE ... Viktor Schauberger's utilization of Implosion and its vortical supercharging of air - this design of craft has knocked science sideways. Strictly speaking this is NOT an unidentified flying object, it is merely an as yet un-acknowledged flying object. This type of craft changes the air density above it - to create a low-pressure zone which it simply 'rises' upwards into. It uses minimal fuel expediture creating its own drive forces from normal atmospheric air. Some of this density-differential technology has been used by the ebens.  ... NEW PAGE


The Brown-Bahnson (Adamski) Electric Ufo page looks at the electrogravitic researches of T Townsend Brown and also the patents of Agnew H. Bahnson which seem to have progressed a lot further than Brown's own patents. The most advanced (published) electrogravitics tech available.

A short bibliography of useful books on the subject of UFOs and abduction experiences.

Some excerpts from "The Day After Roswell" by Col. Philip J. Corso that mention ET technological advances, and how the alien ufo propulsion system works.

Within the technology of electrogravitics dielectrics are non-conducting materials which are a vital part of the electronic circuit of the ufo.

Hydrostatics is a system where aerodynamic pressure can be formed under a circular aerodyne (or UFO), it is essentially an Electrohydrodynamic phenomenon originally developed in the 1960's.

Dielectric materials, as used by T Townsend Brown, and by Patrick Flanagan in his Electron Field Generator, can be doped in such a way that when they are energised they can create what is known as an electron avalanche in the air surrounding them. This energizing of the air-ambient is then used by the ufo to create propulsion.

The full content, with many extra illustrations, of T Townsend Brown's US patent 3,187,206 Electrokinetic Apparatus (1965). Provides a good basis for understanding electrogravitic motion.

One of the main pages to this site the Electrokinetic Ufo page gives a brief history and technical explanation of the physics and electronics behind various types of ufos, including an alternative look at how Bob Lazar's ufo, and the TT Brown type ufos worked. Extensively punctuated by research notes, source notes, and technical diagrams.

One type of ufo uses an electrolytic flow (of liquid metallic conducting fluid) to generate electric charges used in the propulsion process, this page offers an insight into how the electric forces and magnetic forces interrelate with one another, in a magnetohydrodynamic flow.

As an additional page on the electron cascade effect which is used in the ufos to create polarized electric charge and how the ufo utilizes a converging non-uniform field to transport that charge into a central reaction chamber.

Basically, this is an extra patent of T Townsend Brown (#3,296,491 - 1967) to do with electrokinetic thrust derived from the use of charged particles in a converging non-uniform electric field - known also as electrophoretic thrust.

While ufos are in operation their electrical levels of power fluctuate between low and high levels of thrust, which allows them to hover motionless or to accelerate at many thousands of miles an hour. Because the thrust is a reaction to the electrification of the ufo's surrounding air-ambient the variation of thrust correspondingly creates a difference in the appearance of the ufo - or rather, the air around it, changing its colour. Some have noted that a ufo will look so bright it looks like an explosion almost about to happen.

The Grangemouth ufo photograph was taken by Phil Trevis back in 1991. It was taken at close range (only 200 feet or so above) whilst it travelled very slowly away and then dissappeared into the night sky. This page shows that this ufo may use a form of electrogravitics for its propulsion.

The Four Great Primary Forces explains that a resonating electromagnetic field can produce a vector force which counteracts the gravitational force of this planet.

Based on Viktor Schauberger's utilization of Implosion and its vortical supercharging of air this design of craft has knocked science sideways. Strictly speaking this is NOT an unidentified flying object, it is merely an as yet un-acknowledged flying object. This type of craft changes the air density above it - to create a low-pressure zone which it simply 'rises' upwards into. Some of this density-differential technology has been used by the ebens.

Ion Kinetics endeavours to explain the basis of T Townsend Brown's electrokinetic movement of the air-ambient around a metal object charged to a high voltage.

This is a very detailed USAF report by James McDonald from 1970 of an encounter made by the crew of a US Air Force RB-47 fighter-jet, of the detection and following of a ufo in the skies over Dallas, Texas and, most importantly, the monitoring of this UFO's dual 3000 MHz electronic signatures. This report was published in the "Astronautic & Aeronautics" (AIAA) journal of aviation.

Inside the ufo that Bob Lazar worked on at Area 51 there is a wave tube, similar in principle to a microwave waveguide. At the blunt end of the craft are three of Lazar's gravity generators ready to pulse another sort of energy in the opposite direction to that of the wave tube. The hull of the craft would seem to be made of a 'metallic dielectric' which enables EM waves to actually pass through its solid skin. Bob Lazar postulates that some ufos create a gravitational wave which is 'out of phase' with the one in existence on earth.

Following on from the USAF report that UFOs utilize a 3 GHz millimeter-wave frequency electric field is an explanation of how the Andreasson type ufo uses its waveguide structure to radiate this high frequency propulsion wave.

By a stroke of genius T Townsend Brown discovered a unique power-source which generated millions of volts so as to produce propulsive thrust - this is from his US patent 3,022,430 (1962).

The Andreasson ufo uses an electric field which is non-uniform and which behaves in a particular way to move electrically polarized particles towards its central chamber space, which then becomes so energized that a repulsion force is generated. This repulsive force is then transformed into a controlled propagation of electromagnetic waves. Non-uniform fields of high voltage potentials create powerful reactions.

Primarily this was to be a list of patents by T Townsend Brown but it has been extended to include the follow-on patents for electrogravitic thrust devices by A.H. Bahnson and J.F. King.

Reports on the work of T Townsend Brown were few and mostly date back to the early-to-mid 1950s, like this one (Philadelphia Experiment) from William Moore, which is a shame because most of Brown's really interesting discoveries occurred in the late 1950s to mid 1960s.

This new concept in electric ufo propulsion is called Radio Wave Controlled Electric Field Drive System, this new propulsion principle was devised by Mike Competillo and is based around the fact that a UFO's propulsion radiates a dual super high frequency set of electromagnetic waves to set up a directional high-tension electric field in the air.

The Rose report on T Townsend Brown's Flying Saucer was actually written for Rose by a nuclear physicist named Bradford Shank, formerly of Los Alamos National Laboratory - and it is a very knowledgeable one. Indeed, from Shank's descriptions of the electrogravitic effect he obviously knew what he was talking about (and even manages to explain it better than Brown ever has), and his diagrams are superb.

The stories that the engineers of this world had produced a flying craft very much akin to a ufo, may have stemmed from the research programs that furthered Viktor Schauberger's method of gravity manipulation. His discoveries provide valuable information to do with the immense power generation from normal atmospheric air.

Mainly to provide source details and additional notes for the Electrokinetic Ufo page and the UFO Propagation page the Ufo Notes Page is full of back-up information.

The French scientific community has for a long time been convinced of the existence of ufos, and they came forward, in the 1970s, with a link between magnetohydrodynamics and a circular magnetic field frozen inside an expanding plasma, which, when generated in a ufo plasma engine and propagated from a circular ufo provides propulsive thrust.

Ufo Propagation is one of the main pages of this site, with links to the graphic images, and covers much of the propulsion physics of ufos that use an electromagnetic wave propagation system. The beauty of which system is that it charges and discharges energy taken from the surrounding air around it - and thereby looses none of its own energy but constantly recharges its own power supplies.

The vortex is a very under-researched natural form of energy manipulation, it soon though will prove invaluable in the quest for Earth-saving power generation.

There are a tremendous amount of ufo reports, from around the globe, which relate the same observations, that ufos glow with various colours and that these colours are always different for when the ufo is hovering, when the ufo is moving fast, and when the ufo is moving ultra fast - in Witnessed are accounts taken from a Budd Hopkins (1996) book describing typical colours describing typical energy outputs of ufos.




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