Viktor Schauberger - (1885 to 1958)

Amongst the vast amount of research notes written by this man, of the many telling accounts of the huge amounts of power locked inside ordinary air and water, this account shows too the amount of respect he had for those impressive latent powers.

The Atom Transforming Machine - Viktor Schauberger
This note is taken from a special edition of "Mensch und Technik" vol 2 (1993) sec. 7.7.7 of notes from 15th July 1936 about Schauberger's work at the time:
   "Today we began to assemble the atom-transforming machine. Tomorrow or the day after it will run for the first time. Simple and true, that is the impression one gets when observing it. Unfortunately, in its present state we cannot make the upper part of the machine fully operational. The danger is too great. I cannot risk the lives of my co-workers. Fully operational, the machine must be remote-controlled, for either a violent thunderstorm or a cyclone will develop. If the organic H discharges itself downwards, then there is a short-circuit - a thunderstorm, whereas an upward discharge of H produces the celestial electromagnet, which is actuated at about 40,000 milli-amps, and with it the charging up of the celestial Plus + Minus, i.e. the cyclone. The physicist Renault 1 produced a short-circuit, which incinerated him and his colleague in a matter of seconds. Perish the thought that it should first ignite on the TRANSVERSE axis ! It entirely depends on where the H discharges. On the transverse or vertical axis ? This determines the stronger pole, for here too a bipolarity is involved."

1 The French physicist Gerard Renault [c.1926] had already occupied himself with the problem of obtaining electricity from the air. In his laboratory in Grenoble he worked night and day on his invention and even the scant information that emerged publicly created a sensation in scientific circles. One day a machine stood in his workshop which was held to be a wonder. Day after day its wheels turned without any observer being able to determine whence the driving force originated. Neither steam, nor combustion gases, nor electrical motive forces could be detected. The machine stood on its base, completely insulated from the ground, and ran independently like a perpetuum mobile. For a while Renault enjoyed the general wonderment, and then one day he said, "This machine is in fact driven by electricity, but with electricity from the air ! I have solved the problem. With its practical application, in a few years we shall achieve a paradise on Earth."

The French Academy requested Renault to come to Paris so that he could demonstrate his invention there. The inventor agreed, hastening to the capital with his assistant, setting up his machine in the experiment theatre. Just before the beginning of the demonstration, he wanted to explain how it worked. His assistant was present. Suddenly there was a tremendous explosion, flames shot out of the doors and windows, and once the fire brigade had succeeded in extinguishing the fire, the machine was a heap of wreckage. Renault and his assistant died in the explosion.
(Extracted from the periodical Der Weg (7/11/1946, 1st year, no 48, p12) (and reprinted in "The Energy Evolution" edited by Callum Coats (2000) p125).

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