Radio Wave Controlled Electric Field Drive System
by Mike Competillo


    To understand the principle of my radio-wave controlled electric field drive system, lets first review the basic principles of waves and electric fields.

    An electric field has the ability to exist with only one pole. All magnetic material exists with two poles. In this way, an electric field is not like a magnetic field. The lines of force of a magnetic field go from north to south in a curved manner. Electric fields will do the same with opposite charges present. fig1 - electric lines of forceIn this case, the lines of electric force naturally travel in straight lines from the center of the point from which they originate, outward, no matter what the size (see fig.1 electric lines of force).

    Science tells us that if this point were instead a sphere, if you had say 5 Volts dc at the center, inside the sphere, you would still have 5 Volts dc on the surface of the sphere, no matter how large the sphere is. Therefore, voltage emanating from within a sphere is immediately moved to the surface, and does not change in value. This is the Faraday principle. Once the sphere becomes so heavily charged, it will begin to allow ions to run off. If the sphere is smooth enough, it will glow as ions leave the surface. This is called corona. If there is a point, a sharp edge or a protruding side of the sphere, ions will leak off more readily at this point. This is undesirable as it can arc and continually lose power.

fig2 - spherical repulsion    Now, when another sphere is placed near the original sphere with like charges, they repel one another (see fig.2 spherical repulsion). Conversely, if a different sphere were oppositely charged, these spheres would be attracted to one another.



    fig3 - radiowaveNow let's look at radio waves. They are similar to waves in water which are caused by a drip or contact with the water's surface (see fig.3 radiowave). They continue to grow.

Now two sources with the exact same frequency would look like this (fig.4 standing wave). fig4 - standing waveI added the slightly flattened circle so that we can begin to see what happens when an electric field is added to the surface of the sphere, when the radio waves are present. As we saw before, electric field lines naturally travel outward in all directions all the way around a sphere. By adding the radio waves that are strong enough, one can group these electric lines of force and steer them around. Remember the electric field lines represent the direction the ions from an electric field will go. There is no advantage to applying a standing wave as we see in this diagram because all sides are equal.



fig5 - craft with dual radio waves    Consider now what happens when one of the radio frequencies varies just a little bit (see fig.5 craft with dual radio waves).
All the electric lines still emanate outward from the sphere (shown in the figure as the dark circle), but now they are bent in one direction because of the shift in frequency of that second radio wave. Now instead of all things being equal, the electric field is forced to follow the paths created by the channels of the radio wave's constructive and destructive lines (see fig.6 ionic direction).

fig6 - ionic direction    Here, we see that if the sphere is say, negatively charged, the ions which emanate from it curve back against the very source from which they came - the sphere. These ions are forced to a close proximity of the surface of the sphere against nature, much like the two spheres of like charge we saw earlier. A natural repulsion will occur.

    Now in physics we know that an object which is less massive will be more easily susceptible to movement induced by a more massive object. If I hung a bowling ball from a string and a baseball next to it, from a string I could allow the bowling ball to swing and hit the baseball, and it will cause the baseball to move very easily. However, if I swing the baseball toward the bowling ball, it's not likely to move as much as the other way around. One would naturally conclude from this that the ions off the surface of the sphere are in the air and have very little mass, and so, they would be thrown off, away from the surface of the sphere. Yes, this is what would happen if the radio waves were suddenly not there.

    However, radio waves travel at the speed of light and that comes out to about 1000 miles every 1000th of a second! So, a pattern or grid of high tension voltage is created by the radio waves in all directions, having an overall diameter of 2000 miles every 1000th of a second. Think for a second about the old trick of breaking a ruler with a newspaper. You place a newspaper flat on a table and slide a wooden ruler under it all but a few inches. If you take your hand down in a quick karate chop fashion and strike the ruler, it breaks off the end because the newspaper has lots of surface tension or pressure against the air which inhibits its movement.

    Earlier I used the word tension and voltage in the same sentence. That's what voltage is; electrical tension or pressure. They all mean the same thing. Radio waves by themselves couldn't cause any movement to occur because there is not enough pressure present in and of themselves. Think of a hose with no fitting on the end and a beachball. Water comes out and squirts onto the ball. It's not very much pressure to move the ball. But stop up the end of the hose a bit with your thumb and, yes you've slowed down the amount of flow, but you've also increased the pressure. Now the beachball easily moves with the increased pressure.


dual wave electric field


    So if this field exists, and it is so huge (2000 miles per thousandth of a second), it is actually less prone to move than the sphere or craft within which one could ride. Since, in this high tension field, the number of cubic inches to 'push off' is enormous, and I would estimate up near a decatillion cubic inches, a fraction of a pound pressure per cubic inch is far more than enough to generate an opposing resistance to push against. This huge field then, or grid, has a great amount of pressure distributed over a large area just like the newspaper analogy - and it resists movement. But the radio wave puts the electric field close enough to the sphere to cause repulsion between the sphere and the grid - causing the sphere to move. After that each fraction of a second, as soon as the craft then moves the slightest bit, a new grid is created and more movement occurs, over and above the initial movement from the preceding one. Therefore, you have an acceleration occurring. Gravity is an acceleration, and so it mimics gravity. Movement occurs as long as you provide enough electric field and radio waves with just the right amount of power and frequency deviation.




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