note 1) As an example of laminar (or 'streamline') flow, consider a liquid flowing in a channel of uniform cross-section. If the fluid is viscous it flows as a series of parallel layers (laminae). The layers in contact with the walls will be at rest when that in the center of the channel will be fast-flowing, and therefore the velocity of each intermediate layer, inward from the walls will be greater the closer it is to the center. With respect to such laminar flow insulating fluids can generate large amounts of electrostatic charge simply by moving them through insulated containers (as with the case of petroleum storage and distribution - a lot of research is done on eliminating these large and potentially hazardous electric charges). Further on from the above example of layering is when there are suspensoids in the fluid, because in the presence of electric and magnetic fields the suspensoids will move at differing speeds relative to whether they are dielectrics, paraelectrics or ferroelectrics and these factors will subsequently effect electrostatic charging. Yet another series of factors is the differing magnetic susceptibilities of the suspensoids - and of the fluid. How the liquid is composed, what it is composed of, and how that composition reacts to electric fields greatly effects its electric-charging characteristics. Also see Patrick Flanagan's research into the surface tension of colloidal water, and extracting electric charge from water in a vortex in "Secrets of the Soil" by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird (1991) p105-9; and see "Sensitive Chaos" by Theodore Schwenk (1976); and "Experiments on the Sign of Electric Charge Assumed by a Metal Immersed in a Liquid" in "Physical Review" Vol 22 (1923) p134-6; and the Reynolds fluid research in "Elementary Fluid Mechanics" by Robert L. Street et al (1996) p231-5, and in "The Feynman Lectures on Physics" by Richard P. Feynman et al (1970) Vol 2 p41-6 to 41-10; and of course Schauberger's work on high voltage generation from water in "The Energy Evolution" by Callum Coats (2000) especially Schauberger's mention of producing 200 million volts from water on p43.

note 2) From "The Motion and Precipitation of Suspensoids in Divergent Electric Fields" by Herbert A Pohl in "Journal of Applied Physics" vol 22, p871,(1951). Also see 1980 "Annual Report Conf. Elec. Insul. & Dielectric Phenomena" (National Academy Press - Washington) pp82 (T.B.Jones).

note 3) Molecular alignment is in Corso's book "The Day After Roswell" p115 (p/back p125). In the same book Corso also says that one of the craft he worked with had an outer shell made from a thin alloy of pure silver and copper - and that this metal was "remarkable for its conductivity, as if the entire craft was an electrical circuit offering no resistance to the flow of current.", ibid p107 (p/back p117) (see a short summary of his references to ufo technology in the Corso Page). Presumably, as in the case of the Roswell samples, such extra ion content enhances the polarizability of the metal.

According to Danijel Djurek, a physicist at A.Volta Applied Ceramics in Zagreb, Croatia, a new 'magic formula' has been discovered for a superconducting ceramic that works reliably at room temperature. The Croatian scientists says that current will flow without resistance through the material, which is a mixture of lead, lead carbonate, and silver oxides, at up to about 30 °C (from "New Scientist" 31 March 2001). This follows their very recent discovery that the chemical magnesium diboride superconducts at temperatures almost twice those needed for previously-known metallic superconductors to work (from "New Scientist" 3 March, p 6).

An extraterrestrial artifact of a miniature ufo found in England had an alternate coupling of copper (non-magnetic) – polystyrene (insulator) – copper; where (according to the lab reports from the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge and the Department of Metallurgy at Manchester University) the copper had a non-crystalline structure and the polystyrene had an unusually high mass, and spread throughout the various layers was a fine magnetic powder. Was it some sort of hint as to how a real ufo is structured?
See "UFO Quest" (1994) [retitled "Unidentified Flying Objects" in 1999] by Alan Watts p47-8.

The arced-toroid, while it should be made of an insulating material or a laminate of metal-insulator-metal materials, some descriptions describe it as a glass-plastic material, or that some metals inside the craft become transparent with an applied electric field – but this transparency effect must be down to an alignment procedure of the metal on a molecular level and must be established upon its construction-materialization process. Actually, the transparency effect of metals has been mentioned by many independent witnesses and experiencers, such as Travis Walton, Daniel Fry, Betty Andreasson Luca, and Bob Lazar, et al, so its obviously prevalent.

And contrary to the misguided belief, by some scientists, that a ufo in order to travel through earth's atmosphere has to withstand tremendous amounts of heat, a ufo, has at its outer shell-casing a temperature completely unaffected by air-friction, because through the electrochemical reactions and boundary-layer effects of the electronic ionizing of the propulsion systems it uses it produces a 'soft' buffer to the air-medium it travels through, and even against the 'supersonic barrier effect' - and so a ufo does not have a 'hard edge' to produce air friction with. Apparently, American, British and Russian physicists have for a long while been working on this very same principle, to provide reduced air-drag, for commercial aircraft (see an article called "Plasma Magic" by Justin Mullins in "New Scientist" 28 Oct 2000), and I do believe the B2 bomber had a similar facility too (as seen in numerous photographs of B-2A bombers flying over Edwards air force base sporting electronic 'vapour' plumes, recently 'released' via a special edition of Airforces Monthly - Planes 2: The Next Generation" in October 2000 in the UK).

note 4) An interesting point here is that if the toroid were made of conducting material (and suitably sectioned and insulated at the edges) the liquid flow within it would be anti-clockwise for the same charge polarity distribution. Further, if the toroid were constructed from a semi-conducting composite and its conductivity could be controlled to switch between conducting and insulating, then for the same direction of rotation of liquid flow the charge polarity zones could be switched from positive to negative and vica versa.

note 5) On similar lines to this is what is known in electronics as an isotropic antenna (isotropic as derived from Greek meaning equal in all directions) only in the present application you don't want a propagation through 360º as the power dissipates or cancels itself out. A more appropriate outflow would be directional, as a directional antenna.

note 6) The toroid's outer curve edge charges up the shell, by streaming charges via the sharp edge at the outer perimeter. The dome-shell is curved and smooth-faced so as to accumulate the electric charge - but, as already mentioned in the main text, the actual dome-shell could hold an increased amount of charge if the shell material were laminated.

note 7) There may be involved here, in the arms, a "semiconductor’ type of switch that allows voltage pressure accumulated by the large lower spheres to build up voltage pressure – at increased density – in the smaller top spheres - or there may be just a permanent link.

note 8) I're also seen this mentioned by Tesla (in US patent 1,266,175 p2 :100-125). But its standard electrostatics tech.

note 9) Another interesting correlation to these visual energy exchanges is that electro-aerodynes have on occasion been seen to energize so brightly and suddenly that observers have described the visually stunning spectacle as "almost an explosion’ (See Explosion Almost page for a link to a recent and major scientific discovery).

note 10) When bismuth was first 'discovered' around the 1900s it was subjected to all sorts of weird and wonderful tests; it was found to create a 'bismuth EMF' displacement current* (or current lag) (see, for instance, an article by George C. Simpson in "Philosophical Magazine" (Sept 1901) vol2 pp300): Kapitza in the 1920s at Cambridge discovered that bismuth changed its dimensions (by magnetostriction) in a strong magnetic field. And bismuth in more recent times is used for its Hall effect properties in semiconductor devices activated by magnetic fields. [* But then, if bismuth has a current lag of 120° can it be assumed that it will phase-shift the electromagnetic field oscillating in the adjacent metal, and boost it.]

note 11) Copper or aluminium in a non-uniform magnetic field creates ‘magnetic drag’. See, for instance, "American Journal of Physics" Vol 50 (Dec 1991) pp1123.

note 12) The phenomenon of pressure ionization occurs when, in a highly volatile and compressed state electrons are squeezed out of their high energy levels (ie Fermi energy) breaking the outer shells and detaching from the atom. See "Plasma – The Fourth State of Matter" D.A. Frank-Kamenetskii (Trans. J. Norwood) 1972; also see "Francis Bitter - Selected papers on Electromagnetism" ed: T. Erber (1969) p518-522.

note 13) In astrophysics a similar structure is the axisymmetric spiral. See "Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics" E. Battaner (1996) pp163. Another example of such a spiral in space is when a star is formed, out of a rotating magnetic field which, when its windings can tighten no more, transmits angular momentum to the perimeter of that field – to then rotate the whole field, inner and outer, at the same speed. See "Magnetohydrodynamics" R.K.M. Landshoff (1957) p33.

note 14a) And with the sectors coiling round and cutting the magnetic field lines of the toroid, as they curve around the center, they create yet more currents (by magnetohydrodynamic generation) as well as drawing in air from outside to rejuvenate these currents. And when the magnetic field collapses, there will be an additional generation of voltage by the reverse-emf process to ensure that the currents oscillate. This happens every time the fields collapse and build up again.

note 14b) I've actually seen this for myself - the metal skin of the ship I was underneath gave the impression of depth, not as just a two-dimensional flat surface; I saw the metal as a three-dimensional shimmering - completely energized, as if it were a vibrational density rather than a dead metal skin, just as if its atoms were only loosely bonded.

note 15) Obviously, the most appropriate way of getting this power out is to "tune the circuit’ so that it's charge-discharge-recharge cycle corresponds to a resonant frequency. There would be such an array of charge backflows (or, reverse electromotive forces) from the capacitive couplings, and a collapsing magnetic field to work with, and a planar wave-guide that would function as a waveguide (for short wavelengths), to enable this circuit to work repetitively so as to oscillate, that, once the component parts of the craft's capacitance and inductance were controlled so could the output frequency be controlled, and so too could its kinetic propulsive power be controlled.
Indeed, A.H. Bahnson Jr, who carried forward some of the electrokinetic ideas of TT Brown, says in his "Electrical Thrust Producing Device" patent that his device worked much more efficiently when the frequency of the voltage applied to it was "in resonance with the internal amplitude of the molecules of the air or other gaseous medium in which the apparatus operates." (US patent 3,223,038 Dec 14 1965 p1:50) (see note 35 below for link to Bahnson page).

NOTE: If the liquid is polarized and its dipolar-molecules were aligned to the electric field, after discharge they would reverse-align themselves and, although the tendency would be for the reversal to "brake’ the flow of the fluid its inertia would bring the dipole-molecule alignment back to the original alignment. This would also have a bearing on the tuning of the circuit because it would act as an inductance in the circuit - unless this 'part' of the circuit was oscillated at resonance - in which case it would greatly increase the available electric charge. Also see "Magnetic Fluids - Engineering Applications" B.M.Berkovsky (1993) pp20 for water-based magnetic fluids.

note 16) A rotating electric field stores kinetic energy and electrical energy (with its force-field acting from its center to its outside region)( "Plasma - The Fourth State of Matter" D.A. Frank-Kamenetskii (Trans. J. Norwood) 1972 p86). The magnetoacoustic wave of the plasma's expansion is in the same direction (ie longitudinal "Plasma - Fourth State" p116) as its propagation. Of a plasma with its magnetic field frozen inside it its propagation speed is given (p114) as:


A plasma can also possess a shock wave and under certain conditions of energy dissipation such shock waves can be propagated in space, and indeed do occur in space as a result of sun spot activity - whereby Earth has received some pretty huge jolts of electricity when such activity has been at its 11-year peak (vis Quebec, Canada in March 1989)(And the current peak of 2000/1 is being closely monitored by the Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado via NASA's SOHO satellite for just such disturbances - and after that its "2012...") (For more details see "Wicked Weather" in "New Scientist" 5 Aug 2000 pp36; and even "Just A Normal Town" in "New Scientist" 1 July 2000 pp20).

Does this system work in space... In his laboratory at Electrokinetics, Inc. (during the late 1950's) TT Brown discovered that his electrokinetic effects worked better in a vacuum, and that less current would be used in a vacuum to produce the same amount of lift (see his documents on EHD at the link below in note 17).
Professor Hal Phuttof, one of the world's leading scientists in advanced propulsion systems, has said that by exciting atoms in a vacuum a spontaneous emission of energy can be stimulated - by a factor of 100 (from a report on the Advanced Propulsion Workshop of Jan 2001 at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University - see UFO Magazine March 2001 pp16). One small insight into the ET tech of manipulating electric energy out in space may come from observations that orbiting craft (ie the 'cigar' mother-ships) emit liquid vapour or 'steam' around their shells - whereby if it were as simple as water-vapour (perhaps this is a form of electrically induced thermionic emission) or perhaps this is another case of an ESR (electron spin resonance) thermoelectric reaction from the use of microwave radiation on something as basic as water - which is something the ETs seem to want to replenish their stocks of quite often... Then the movement of it could be used to generate electric charge for the craft while in space (see "Watchers Two" Raymond E. Fowler p86).

note 17) While American military scientists of the late 1950's were fumbling with their ufo investigations (and realizing - according to the accounts of Col. Philip Corso - they were hopelessly out of their depth...) Townsend Brown proved emphatically his ample understanding of electrokinetic propulsion by developing in his own laboratory machines that gave a return of 110% contra-gravity thrust.
For in Townsend Brown's own words:  "Laboratory devices weighing 100 grams (~3.5 ounces) less power source have produced a thrust of 110 grams, for an electrical power expenditure of 500 watts (250,000 volts @ 2.0 milliamperes). This experiment was performed in air (1 atmosphere). Supplementary research indicates much greater efficiency (same thrust for less power input) results when operated in a vacuum (10-4 mm. Hg. or better), when the current drops to about 2.0 microamperes.
This performance compares with the ion propulsion unit being operated at NASA's Lewis Research Center, which weighs several pounds (kilograms) and produces 28.35 grams of thrust for a power input of 1,200 watts (10,000 volts @ 120 milliamps). It produced these results in a 108 mm. Hg. vacuum." (For more information, on what Townsend Brown then called Hydrostatic Propulsion, see his original documents on Electrohydrodynamics (Supp. A) (circa 1960), from the T Townsend Brown family website).

note 18) See "Alien Contact" by Timothy Good (1993) p187; but also see Bob Lazar's video.

note 19) ibid. p179

note 20) ibid. p188

note 21) US patent 7,326,715 (7 April 1989)

note 22) See "Alien Contact" by Timothy Good (1993) p181; and see the Lazar Gravity Generators page.

note 23) See "The Andreasson Affair - Phase Two" p154. And for the encounter of a similar craft by a US Army Lieutenant see "Glimpses of Other Realities Vol 2" by Linda M. Howe p93. Interestingly, the latest sightings of spheres in large formations, obviously on some sort of reconnaissance, have been in Wales (between November 1999 and May 2000) ("Western Mail" Cardiff 16 May 2000) ("Ufo Magazine" (UK) July/August 2000 p43) ("Ufo Magazine" (UK) Nov/Dec 2000 p4).

note 24) It will be obvious, to those into electronics, that projecting a negative electric field into the air some distance from the craft is a lot easier than 'projecting' a positive field. But as TT Brown himself explains his effect works not exclusively toward a positive electrode - but that it works toward the area of least density of electric flux lines (see Brown's patent 3,187,206 fig. 8C). So in the case of the orb-sphere, it's body could be positively charged and the ambient it electrifies above it could be negative (as long as the ambient is dispersed over a wide area so as to shape the electric field).

note 25) From the way Lazar explains the propulsion system of the ufo he worked on it can't be an 'anti-gravity' wave, or even a 'gravity' wave, that that ufo rides on. For he says, in his video, that by using only one of the three gravity amplifiers it pushes out a pulsing wave which it 'floats' on. And while it is weightless the other two gravity amplifiers are used to create and project a 'disturbance' in the air-space ahead of it. This sounds like more electromagnetic 'seeding' of the distant air-space to me (see Jon Farhat's "Bob Lazar" website for sketches, pictures and text about UFOs and aliens)... anyway, Lazar then explains that it works just the opposite to aircraft thrust, in that as the disturbance is projected into the distance the craft reacts to it as if it were running downhill to it - and thats how it travels . We'll see...
In fact, the "hill" analogy used by Lazar seems to be straight out of Mason Rose's contemporary account of TT Brown's electrogravitational propulsion; and the concept of thermoelectric conversion from a 'nuclear reactor' directly to electrical power is almost straight out of a Brazilian naval intelligence report from the late 1950's ("Alien Contact" p181) – can we deduce from this that the military physicists Lazar worked with at Area 51 were still using analogies coined in the 1950's !?!
...As a matter of fact NASA (Franklin B. Mead's Research Laboratory) is stuck in tests on a principle similar in nature to Lazar's concept. They have a "Lightcraft" that focuses part of a lasar beam ahead of their craft as an "air spike", and then when ionized air-ambient is forced back past the craft (accelerating its slipstream) the craft is forced forward (see the article Highways of Light by Leik N. Myrabo in "Scientific American" Feb 1999 pp68).

note 26) Although Tesla at that time in his life only wanted to design destructive war machinery the principle of propulsive force is similar to what he called 'scalar wave interference' of when the two beams were pulsed, from different source points, and where they converged they'd produce another, interference wave, of increased power and velocity (a bit like the Star Wars weapon where two energy waves, angled slightly differently, are made to converge at a particular location in space (like meshing 'lower hybrid waves' of slightly differently angled propagation - each with a different angle of incidence) and the resulting vector wave energises the charged particles – in spectacular fashion to shoot off at speed into the distance. But for a propulsion system the waves have to be 'amalgamated' at a finite distance from the craft and to produce an electronic reaction with the atmospheric air at that location - so as to then push against that electronic reaction in the atmospheric air.
Perhaps M.K.Jessup knew a bit about this 'cold concourse' too, in his "The Case For The Ufo" (1955) pp33 when he wrote "Suppose that some intelligent entity was directing a concentration of potential which could make small volumes of rarefied air rigid, could set up a sort of island in the gravitational or magnetic field, moving the island about as the spot of a searchlight is moved on thin clouds." and, "In moving, this island would simply "freeze" on the advancing edge and "thaw" on the trailing edge. In this way it could have almost infinite velocity, and also acceleration..."
In a more simplified form Wilhelm Reich also used a system of ionizing-at-a-distance with his 'cloud-buster'. Also see "The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" (1993) p270. And "Nexus Magazine" April-May 1996 pp55. And see "Plasma - The Fourth State" p118.

note 27) I would like to see more UFO reports like this one by James McDonald; it is very informative, its writer had obviously done his homework and he didn't compromise with his own reality - especially when he was confronted by the 'misinformation bridage' who tried to hide this report behind mis-dating and mis-filing proceedures. Right Stuff ! His work lives on. See the PDF of "Air Force Observations of an Unidentified Object in the South-Central US".

note 28) Betty Andreasson Luca, over her many years of hypnotic regression, became extremely adept at recalling events during her abduction experiences. She was/is obviously a highly-evolved and highly experienced spirit for the ETs she met would freely converse with her about the most profound of spiritual tenets, or the most technical of details to do with the alien's machinery. In "The Watchers" (Raymond E. Fowler 1990) she has recalled details of alien electronic engineering that are both mystifying and inspirational to say the least. Obviously in those sort of circumstances a person is not going to recall all details word perfectly, but I'd like to include here some of the phrases to do with electric field transfer that she has heard the ET's mention;
"... And the being says they are PURGING and LINING the CYCLONETIC TROWEL." (p76), which is something to do with a fluid (of water or some other liquid) flowing counterclockwise around the smooth outside surface of one of the crafts. And, "... The being says: 'BALANCING the OSCILLATING TELEMETER WHEELS and LEVELING.' Ah, I just can't understand some of that." (p77), followed by "... ROTATING series of SEMI-FULL SWING BACK. LIQUID LINE ? MAGNETIC RINGS and the DEPOLARIZED RIM." (p77), whereupon Betty then describes seeing a series of glowing electric discharges crawl all over the crafts and into the surrounding air as if she were standing right in the middle of an electric storm (see Betty's illustration). But the most interesting phrase is one she recalls after seeing a pretty spectacular explosion. In that incident Betty has been watching a ufo craft in the middle-distance hovering over a lake drawing up water through hoses, all of a sudden there is a very loud "bang", sparks of electricity are flying all over the place, and obviously something has gone very wrong; Betty then continues, "...And they said, they had something, something about a TRANSVERSAL SHOCK from something." (p54).   Now, TRANSVERSAL SHOCK is not in your everyday electronics phrase book, and it certainly won't be on your average university physics course (what is) ... but I have come across a similar phrase in the similar context of an 'explosive' phenomenon, and I think it is worthy of further enquiry (see The Atom Transforming Machine).

note 29)
In the graphic above when the two waveforms on the left are compared the second one is simply phase-shifted by 180º from the top one and their amplitudes cancel eachother out; whereas the two top waveforms on the right are of the same phase (and of the same amplitude) and so they result in a boosted signal.

An affiliated technology to cancelling of the two amplitudes is "noise cancelling" whereby an electronic amplifier can be made to reproduce an exact copy of the sound coming from a localised area, give it a 180-degree phase-shift, direct it back to anyone 'listening' in that same localised area - and as if by magic - they will hear nothing but silence. Well, that's the theory, in practise it is very difficult to cancel completely all of the sound. Saab have had such a sound limiting system on their commercial aircraft for a while, but it doesn't produce complete silence. An interesting and poignant example of noise cancelling is associated with certain reported cases of cattle mutilation in America. Britain's Nick Cook, in a TV documentary "Billion $ Secret" on Channel 5(UK) (in 1999 and 2000) reporting on Black Budget enterprises in the US using pseudo-ufo technologies, interviewed John Harr, a cattle rancher in Colorado who described 'observing' a black craft hover around his ranch house one night that gave him the impression something sinister was going on. For although it made no sound whatsoever the incident made the rancher clearly believe that the 'craft' was not a ufo but a helicopter, because he could feel the revolving rotor-blade down-pressure as it hovered only a few meters above him before moving off silently into the darkness. In daylight the next day upon inspecting his herd, sure enough a number of cattle had been mutilated in copy-cat fashion to that done by the aliens. The military is trying to say, Oh yes we are doing all that - but no-one is being fooled that it isn't being done by extraterrestrial aliens elsewhere for their own particular needs...

note 30) See "Living Energies" by Callum Coats p287; but also see "The Energy Evolution" by Callum Coats p140 and "Living Water" (1st edition) by Olof Alexandersson p142 (of Callum Coat's postscript notes).

note 31) Schauberger, in the 1950's stated that his apparatus "functioned at the first attempt ... and rose upwards, trailing a blue-green, and then a silver-coloured glow." See "Living Water" p94.

note 32) See "Living Energies" p287. One of Schauberger's small prototypes of the 'Repulsine' was appropriated along with many more of his machines by the American forces at the end of the war (see "Living Energies" by Callum Coats p288; and "The Energy Evolution" by Callum Coats pp177 for the accompanying patent application text).

note 33) One small point, when a tornado gets fierce bolts of lightning can be seen to flash from the top to the bottom, which obviously, is where the separation of charge effect discharges the accumulations of opposite electricity – but the reason why the lightning flashes perpendicular to the ground and not around the curve of the twisting air is because in a vortex the heavier particles get forced out centrifugally and accumulate in the air surrounding the vortex. That the amount of electricity stored in the air, and indeed that can be taken from the air can be colossal is attested to by the experimental folly of the French physicist Gerard Renault and the successful discoveries made by Viktor Schauberger.

note 34) The essential ingredient proves to be the 'wide-brim' disc which shapes the electric field, and which creates the all-important differential in the electric field density between the upper area of the craft and the lower area. The Piatan ufo image is taken from "The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" (1993) p298/299.

Ironically, the T Townsend Brown endeavor to develop the ultimate electrokinetic ufo doesn't end with T Townsend Brown. For one of his co-researchers at that time, Agnew H. Bahnson Jr, must surely be given at least equal acknowledgement for his furtherance of Brown's work to quite a high level of success. He was granted four patents (US 2,958,790 (Nov 1 1960); US 3,223,038 (Dec 14 1965); US 3,227,901 (Jan 4 1966); US 3,263,102 (Jul 26 1966)), that basically follow on from Brown's arcuate 'umbrella' design (see fig 27 (v) and see his patent list). And while Bahnson's 3,263,102 patent offers the earliest method of applying DIRECTIONAL thrust to steer this type of design by, the electrogravitic designs of Bahnson's 2,958,790 patent includes an extensively developed flying disc version - that is remarkable not only for its ingenuity of construction but is also remarkable for its resemblance to one of George Adamski's ufos...(see Bahnson (Adamski) Ufo page) (and see the T Townsend Brown family website for more information).

note 35) And how about a teaser for US Astronautical Science, seeing as it has a penchant for StarTrekisms, how about them using a collimated polarizing beam from an electro-dynamic craft as a tracker-beam, or a presser-beam…same principles as outlined above. As an extreme example, take the case of Travis Walton, hit unconscious by a presser beam from a ufo, again, from a stream of polarized particles while he stood underneath the craft before it pulled his unconscious body up into the craft (which, as an aside, probably saved his life for if the craft 'powered up' to move away from him at speed the energy emission from it would have severely burned his body... I think the poor guy had quite enough to contend with when he was 'taken up' as it was, with at least an almighty engram to contend with that put a block on his memory) (for engram see below, note 36).

note 36) An engram is a mental block which contains mental image pictures, they happen when the person has gone unconscious and is in pain, the conscious mind has closed down but the subconscious mind is still recording the events taking place - in every detail. Travis WaltonWhen the person comes to he or she will not remember anything consciously - but the images are there locked in the subconscious mind - and they can be retrieved if you are helped past the pain. Dianetics counselling has a good handle on this technique, although a more precise knowledge of the abduction phenomenon (based on the thousands of experiencer's actual testimonies) can be found through Dr. John Mack's Peer-Mack organisation. To this end there is an 'interesting' mechanism used only by the ET abductors, where when they 'return' an abductee back to their normal environment they give him or her an 'overlap' (of an event just before the abduction takes place), which ensures continuity - so that the person doesn't remember what happened to them. The ETs also know each individual's 'full track' (of this and past lifetime experiences) - just like, seemingly, the Lipika Watchers which record upon the Akashic records that Theosophist H.P. Blavatsky commented on in "The Secret Doctrine" (1888), when she wrote "The Lipi-ka, from the word lipi, "writing", means literally the "Scribes" (these being the four "Immortals" which are mentioned in the 'Atharva Veda' as the "Watchers" or Guardians of the four quarters of the sky). Mystically, these Divine Beings are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they are the Recorders or Annalists who impress [to us and] on the invisible tablets of the Astral Light (the great picture-gallery of eternity) - a faithful record of every act, and every thought, of man and woman; of all that was, is, or ever will be, in the phenomenal Universe... ". (For an interesting correlation to the latter see "Glimpses of Other Realities Vol 2" pp310); and surprisingly, this learning from our full past-lifetime track of experiences is quite a main feature of the ETs 'Logos'. The ETs, by all accounts, are experts on how the human mind, and the spirit works - and in these fields they cannot be eclipsed.

How... Oh how, we have ignored the spirit on this planet... and fed the dogs of war their bones.

note 37) For the many people in this world who have experienced alien or ufo phenomena, who have approached military establishments (or even government officials and the like of NASA) to ask them "What was this...?", who are still waiting for a satisfactory explanation from these "experts" - my message to those people is; allow yourselves a new modus operandi - look for and find your answers elsewhere. For if the truth be told the military (regarding the subject of Aliens, UFOs, and ETs) are not in possession of an understanding of the whole truth and are in no shape to do the explaining. Dana Redfield in her book "Summoned" offers an interesting viewpoint.

note 38) Although the structure of ET language looks complex, and looks even 3-dimentional, the ET alphabet is surprisingly straight-forward. It's letters basically correspond to the structures of the English alphabet – with either one 90° bend missing or one semicircular curve missing from the letter's shape. For more information on recent discoveries in ET symbol language see "Glimpses of Other Realities - Vol 2" pp195.

note 39) There are several advantages to open-sided waveguides and their applications are numerous according to "Open Electromagnetic Waveguides" by T. Rozzi & M. Mongiardo (1997). Microwave 'lenses' of course, are also open-sided (see sources in note 40).

note 40) Oh yes they do... the idea of making artificial or metallic dielectrics was first announced in 1946, see "Metal-Lens Antennas" by W. E. Kock in Proc. IRE (Nov 1946) vol 34 p828-836; "Path-Length Microwave Lenses" by W. E. Kock in Proc. IRE (Aug 1949) vol 37 p852-855; and "Metallic Delay Lens" by W. E. Kock in Bell System Tech J. (Jan 1948) vol 27 p58-82. Also see "Antennas" by John D. Kraus (1988) ch.14 Lens Antennas p661-691.
With such a technology as this would it indeed be necessary to have any air gap at all at the craft's outer shell. Once the waves are conventionally generated between two conductors inside the craft they would then be propagated actually through the 'metal' skin of the ufo... I would postulate that by using an artificial e-plane dielectric lens you wouldn't need an air gap ! If so that would indeed answer a lot of questions about ufo construction.

note 41) Bob Lazar has indicated that his ufo had a honeycomb structure to it, and so did Betty Luca mention that the ETs used honeycomb structures (see "Andreasson Affiar" by Raymond E. Fowler p43). Also see "Antennas" by John D. Kraus p674. And for microwave technology in general see the excellent "Microwave & Wireless Communications Technology" by Joseph J. Carr (1997).

Speaking of waveguides, a long time ago when Bob Lazar announced to the world the UFO craft he worked on at Area 51, he mentioned that this particular craft had no discernible wiring system to connect together its electronic circuits. What it did have, he said, was a system of glass fibre conduits, and of course when he speculated that electronic signals could be transfered through glass everyone laughed. But now our telecommunication systems use just this very same technology to convey electronic data signals, indeed, the newest development (courtesy of the researchers Chris Schaffer and Eric Mazur of Harvard University) is that waveguides can be burned below the surface of glass, with suitably focused lasers, to form electronic channels and switching points (see the article "Guiding Light" by Ian Sample in "New Scientist" 21 Apr 2001 p21). Bob Lazar knows his stuff !!





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