The Law of 1.
(This is my perspective.)

The center of Human is LOVE.
Therefore, to guseh a love is not right in the long time period. It is possible to guseh love in the short time period. It is the best way that you 'were used by love'.
(Of course become familiar with love will be good. Have a lot of love in the culture it is that good. Or to learn love is good thing. I say overall.)

If youfre feeling gpower is not mine. I cannot give you anythingsh, you feel it's as a problem. People will be able to connect to the center of the universe (love). Collaboration creation will be start from here, the needs of yourself which even did not notice will be manifest and filled. (Japanese)

Heavenletters: Whose Love Shines in Your Heart?
"All love is Mine. I ask you to give love away in My Name." (201805032124)

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