USAF report of UFO Encounter One


The key factor that led to the realisation that the electric ufo uses a microwave-frequency propulsion was originally based around a USAF report from back in the 1970's which gives an unusually detailed account of a UFO's propulsion system, as observed by the crew of a fighter jet utilizing (as then) state-of-the-art electronic detection equipment. They were able to track the ufo for a significant period of time, to monitor its moves - and even try to attack it (at which instant it would evade the assault simply by 'disappearing').

That the airforce plane detected electromagnetic radio signals oscillating at 2995 Mhz to 3000 Mhz coming from the ufo craft was interesting enough, but the fact that they, as the report verifies, were detected within a 'beat' frequency of 600 Hz has possibly unlocked the most significant piece of information about a UFO's electronic field propulsion. For the meaning behind the beat frequency is that the 'beat' is a result of combining two currents of different frequencies together resulting in a variation in amplitude (causing it to beat). This means that the power signature of the ufo was not coming from one signal but from two... The full significance of this discovery will be gone into in depth through other pages of this website, while right here is a look at that UFO Encounter One report.

It took me a while to track down this 3000 MHz report but with the help of Eric Hartman (Vice President of MUFON - Orange County) we got there in the end, and what an interesting account it is too, but here below is the relevant passage that I am referring to: These details are taken from the original account of July 17 1957 when an RB-47 had flown out of Forbes Air Force Base (Topeka, Kansas) on a routine gunnery and monitoring exercise over the Texas-Gulf area. The plane was equipped with ECM (electronic countermeasure) monitoring equipment capable of detecting signals in the 1000 to 7500 MHz range. The following transcription comes from the summary report prepared by the Wing Intelligence Officer, COMSTRATRECONWG 55, Forbes Air Base:
   "ECM reconnaissance operator #2 of Lacy 17; RB-47H aircraft, intercepted at approximately Meridian, Mississippi, a signal with the following characteristics: frequency 2995 mc to 3000 mc; pulse width of 2.0 microseconds; pulse repetition frequency of 600 cps; sweep rate of 4 rpm; vertical polarity. Signal moved rapidly up the D/F scope indicating a rapidly moving signal source; i.e., an airbourne source. Signal was abandoned after observation."
(From the article "Air Force Observations of an Unidentified Object in the South-Central U.S., July 17, 1957" complied by James McDonald published in "Astronautics & Aeronautics" (AIAA) July 1971 p66-70) ... (click here to see a PDF of the full account of "UFO Encounter One").




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