Below are excerpts from the book "Witnessed" by Budd Hopkins (1996) regarding the abductions of Linda Cortile and others around FDR Drive (Brooklyn Bridge, New York) on November 30 1989.

"We don't know where it came from, it happened too fast. Its lights turned from a bright reddish orange to a whitish blue coming out of the bottom of it." [From Richard p39]

"I'll never forget the combination of a low humming-whistling sound we heard while sitting in the car and watching this thing. But as soon as the blue-white light beamed on, there wasn't a sound…

"When it flew over us, I could feel the hair on my head, arms, legs, etc., stand straight up, and it wasn't from fear. The static cling was incredible. The electricity was tremendous." [From Dan p45 who was possibly standing outside his car at that time]

"I do know that when this UFO passed over the bridge my clothing clung to me and my body hair stood up. The clinging sensation went away after the object went away, and my car started again." [From Janet Kimball p181, sitting in her car but possibly with the door or window open – see p190]

"First [the UFO] looked like an explosion almost . Because it was so red and white (see Explosion Almost page) that's what caught me, and then the red subdued and it got white…[Whispering] "What the heck is this ?’ And the light from underneath, it was, like, sharp, where the rays were coming down, but then it got like a haze as it went down." [From Janet Kimball p186]

"She says she had the "UFO’ in sight for almost the entire length of the bridge. It was bright fire-engine red and spinning like a top…[p403]

"She's pretty adamant about seeing this thing. She changed the description from spinning to "pulsating’. She said it was violently red almost like the sun…[From Frank Turner describing what his aunt Cathy saw p403]

"She describes the red object's odd but subtle bobbing movement as resembling "a ball on water, sort of like a light airball on water.’ She can see it clearly "cause this thing illuminated everything around it’." [From Cathy Turner p406]

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