What we hope you are going to contribute

From BNE

I don't know about you, but I've spent many many hours surfing 'free' and 'new' and 'alternate' energy sites, learning, learning, learning.

Some are excellent, some are good and some are... well... not so good.

What we hope to gather here is only the really really good stuff... and we hope you're going to help.

Our goal is to BUILD stuff... that is build real live new clean possibly OU machines, and then give the construction details out into the world FREE.

Writing style is vital. There is a lot of stuff that's plain impossible to understand. I suppose to be fair, it depends how much we know when we first read the site and what our background is. I suppose if one is a mathematics professor, complex maths will be easy to understand.

However, for me, complicated maths is going to totally bamboozle me. My experience suggests we don't really need complications to build these new machines... more, a different way of thinking.

So, please keep it friendly, clear, simple and with heaps and heaps of diagrams if possible.

If you've got any ideas that you think are real good or you have links or plans or contacts that you think could help in our BNE quest then tell us all!

Let's do it!