When the United States and Russia have joined hands

The Prophecy of Vladimir Solovyov (Russia) says that asia coalition consisting of the Japanese army and Chinese troops would invade Europe.
The Prophecy of Wladyslaw Biernacki (Poland) says that Chinese troops would invade Russia.
The Prophecy of Alois Irlmaier (German) says that yellow dragon invade.

There is a Prophecy of Nostradamus (6-21)
Quand ceux de Pole Artique unis ensemble,
En Orient grand effrayeur & crainte,
Esleu nouveau soustenu le grand temple,
Rodes, Bisance, de sang Barbare taints.

To Japanese document.(201306050409)

Near future, the Anti-Christ(666) will appear in Italy

Rudolf Steiner said that Anti-Christ(666) was born in (around) 1998.
( http://www.monju32.webspace.virginmedia.com/OccSig1998.htm )

The Prophecy of Vladimir Solovyov is accurate.
He wrote a book of prophecy in 1900 is right about upheavals of the 20th century, too.
( http://members.valley.net/~transnat/solsoc.html )
( http://www.iep.utm.edu/solovyov/ )
He mentioned about Anti-Christ(666). I translated it from Japanese.( http://oriharu.net/j2031.htm#expelled_from_Italy )

"Catholic Holy Office in the Vatican, was expelled from Italy, it has been moved temporarily to St. Petersburg, Russia, name of the Pope is called 'Peter U'."

What is the reason about expulsion ?

There are readings of Paul Solomon.
His accuracy readings are comparable to Edgar Cayce.
He said about Anti-Christ(666) in reading number 1016.
I translated it from Japanese.( http://oriharu.net/jbook1.htm#666 )

"At the same time as John Penuel raise The Holy Grail, as a abominable leader whose sins greater than that era of Germany, will be come out in that country called Italy. The man rise The Spear, and take on the side of the church and the poor, great many people are attracted to him, it would be thought that he is the second coming of Christ. In addition, he will be advertised as such. This will occur in the future not far from now."

( http://www.paulsolomon.com/readings.html )

According to Vladimir Solovyov, The United States of Europe will appear. At that time, Israel's population is about 30 million people. The Anti-Christ(666) becomes the first president of The United States of Europe.

Many people will die, near future. Perhaps around 2031.

I beg you to please work something out. (201304150351)

Prophecy is offered to mankind as a door for changing the future.(201304152014)

In Italy, with the authority of substantial is the prime minister. Prime Minister is supposed to be appointed by the President. At that time, be appointed from civilian is also possible. I think there is a risk that Anti-Christ(666) will be appointed from the private sector. As possibility, The President will be acquired or threatened ? (201304252032)

The Third World War will break out at late July, 2012

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ボタンBrazilian prophet Jucelino Nobrega da Luz prophesy the collapse of dollar happens on June 15, 2010. I think this incident will becomes communist's excuse.

ボタンAnton Johansson, Sweden (1858-1909) prophesied the following details:

1) India will be occupied by china.

2) New diseases used as weapons will cause 25 million people to die.

3) Persia and Turkey will be conquered by what seem to be Russian troops.

4) Revolutionaries will instigate unrest and war in India and Egypt to facilitate the occupation of India and Europe.

5) The Russians will conquer the Balkans.

6) There will be great destruction in Italy.

7) The "red storm" will approach France through Hungary, Austria, northern Italy and Switzerland. France will be conquered from inside and outside.

8) American supply depots will fall into Russian hands.

9) Germany will be attacked from the east.

10) There will be a civil war, Germans will fight against Germans.

11) The Eastern Bloc will cause a civil war in England.

12) Russia will lead a mass attack against the United States, so U.S. forces will be prevented from reinforcing Europe.

13) New weapons will cause huge hurricanes and firestorms in the USA where the largest cities will be destroyed.

After June 15, communists may get 'reason'.

Anton Johansson said The Third World War would break out at "the end of July, beginning of August." Her further added: "I do not know the year."
A Sister of Queen Brigite Order, Rome (published in 1970)
"The Third World War will begin a few days after the murder of a leader in the sector of Yugoslavia-Hungary."
This happening will necessarily be late July, 2010, too. (201006211034)

ボタンA Canadian prophet Anthony Carr prophesied "Effel Tower of Paris falls sideways" as in this year(2010). Is this Russian armies attack ?
And he prophesied about June 12, 2010. He said "A certain dramatic happening will change many people's life". Is this the collapse of dollar ? -> (It must be this Emergency in Kyrgyz at June 12, 2010 (201006132151))

Anthony Carr prophesy that Canada and U.S.A. are forgotten economically and finally it will be as large as the recession of 1930's. It seems to happen natural disaster and The War like The World War I, The World War II to kill us. Is this means The World War III? It must be so.

Anthony Carr prophesy about 2010.07.04(Sun) that people cannot notice that begins in the day, and they cannot make preparations, either.(201006162150)

Is this the meaning that a communism political change happens in any European countries? (201006191723)
Josef Kugelbeer - The Seer of Vorarlberg (1922)
"Like a lightning from cheerful sky the revolution of Russia sweeps through first to Germany, then to France, Italy and England."
Does a communism revolution happen in these countries first? Is it the day 2010.07.04(Sun)? Because there are two similar expressions(Italic character and underline).(201006211029)

ボタンNow I want to introduce you the scene explained in detail about WW3 (P23 to P30) from a book "Prophecies"(by Wladyslaw Biernacki). (201006030117)

But no sufficient time remain for us.

「Prophecies」 by Wladyslaw Biernacki
Click this image.

Now I will describe the course of the Third World War.
It will be a hell on earth. And yet in its greatest fury it will last only three and a half months.
The Third World War will begin in Italy. There will be an appallingly bloody revolution there, which will start within the Vatican City itself. A Communist government will be set up, and the Communists will harass, torture and murder the clergy.
Amidst this disorder, and surrounded by the corpses of his faithful Cardinals, Pope John Paul II will flee from the Holy See to France, and then to Poland. He will remain in Poland - at Czestochowa, and elsewhere - until after the end of the war. During much of this period he will in some sense be 'invisible' - perhaps in hiding?
Altogether, Pope John Paul II will be in exile for three and a half years. During this time, the Communists will mock and lay waste to the Holy See. It will be a great punishment on the Church, to atone for the personal shortcomings of certain Popes in the past.
It is possible that around this time there will be a surprise Soviet military invasion of southern Europe. What is certain is that the revolution will be deliberately introduced from Italy into France and Spain, and Communist governments established in those two countries. However, these regimes will survive for only between forty and forty-six days, and will quite quickly collapse.
West Germany will feel desperately threatened by all these developments, but will also see an opportunity at hand to re-unite with East Germany, and to encircle the Red Army divisions stationed there. And so the southernmost division of the West German Army will suddenly move into Czechoslovakia. The invading troops will be welcomed by the local civilian population, and also by the Czech elements in the state army. However, the Slovak Military Units will try to oppose the German advance.
From Czechoslovakia, the West German forces will drive deep into Poland, penetrating as far as Walbrzyeh. Walbrzych, Klodzko, Zloty Stok and all the countryside round about those places will be utterly laid waste in the ensuing fighting.

On the opposite flank - that is to say, to the north - German forces will invade Poland both from sea, and by airborne landings at Kolobrzeg. I have seen that Kolobrzeg will be utterly devastated (particularly the resort area of the town), the destruction being as severe as that which it suffered in the Second World War. There will be a great number of casualties, but finally the Germans will take Kolobrzeg, and will hold it for eight days.
On the ninth day, however, the joint Polish-Russian Armies will surround and overwhelm the German positions at Kolobrzeg, and the survivors will be taken prisoner.
After this, the conflict in the north will escalate in intensity, and the area of heavy fighting will spread out right along the Baltic Sea, in a belt fifty kilometres wide and extending from Klajpeda to Szczecin. Individual towns and villages will be attacked from the direction of the shore, where a NATO operational Headquarters will have been established. In some places, the Red Army will for a while be forced back, and as they withdraw, they will demolish entire cities (like Gdansk, and Elblag) behind them.
In central Poland, meanwhile, there will have been no fighting at all. However, that isn't to say that there won't, in the near future, be any destruction there of any sort, since those central provinces (like everywhere else in the world) will be affected by the earthquakes, gales, thunderstorms, famine and other calamities which will rage across the globe.
Once Kolobrzeg has been recaptured and secured, the Warsaw Pact forces will formally wage war on, and invade West Germany.
In the first Russian counter-thrust, therefore, the German Division in the south of Poland will be driven back to Prague. There will be an enormous military build-up there; and fighting so fierce that the streets will be ankle-deep in the blood of both soldiers and civilians, and all the splendid buildings reduced to rubble. This dreadful catastrophe will befall the Czechs as a result of that nation's apostasy from Christ. Prague will never be rebuilt.
In the next thrust, the Red Army will strike across West Germany, right up as far as the French border, and at the limit of their advance will be occupying three-quarters of German territory. They will be assisted in their attack by the Czechoslovakian army (although the actual Czech units, as I've said, will have joined the Germans.)
This will be the end of the initial phase of the Third World War.

* * *

In the second phase of the war, the German Army will mount a counter-attack, and the Warsaw Pact forces will begin to fall back.
On the third day after the German counter-attack, the Chinese Army will unexpectedly attack the Soviet Union in the rear. And on the sixth day, there will take place an Anti-Communist Revolution in Russia.
The Chinese Army will drive victoriously into Russia, advancing at a rate of up to two hundred kilometres a day. Their infantry will behave in an utterly bestial fashion, far worse than was ever the case with Hitler's Nazis. There will be no prisoners taken, so that the Russian troops will be fleeing in panic before the Chinese. Some Soviet Generals will betray their own country in the prevailing confusion, and defect to the Chinese side. About this time also, East Germany will defect from the Warsaw Pact, and the Red Army will consequently be collapsing on all fronts.
Seeing all this taking place around them, the Soviet leaders will order all the Warsaw Pact units to withdraw out of Germany into Czechoslovakia; and as an act of revenge they will let loose on Germany a full-scale nuclear bombardment. This will occur at two o'clock in the morning.
As it happens, there are huge amounts of ammunition stored in all parts of Germany. In the searing heat of the nuclear blast, all of these stores will explode at the same time, and nearly all Germans will die. Those who do survive will be drowned. Only the part of Brandenburg directly adjacent to Szczecin will remain unaffected.
Twelve hours after the nuclear holocaust in Germany, the still-ruinous city of Gdansk will experience an earthquake; but there will not be any loss of life from it.

* * *

In the third phase of the Third World War, the fighting will once again be heaviest in central and eastern Europe.
With the bulk of the Warsaw Pact forces now deployed in Czechoslovakia, a revolution will unexpectedly break out in Poland. It will last for precisely five days, during which the erstwhile disciples of the Communists will turn on their former masters, with the utmost ferocity. The pleas for mercy will fall on deaf ears.
Two days later, a certain god-fearing man from Cracow, a lay brother in a religious order (I have actually met him at his monastery, and we've spoken together, at some length), will address the Polish nation, and will restore peace. Everyone will obey him, and he'll be hailed almost as a new-Messiah. He will be placed on the throne of Poland, and will be appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Polish forces.
Meanwhile, in Russia, there will be a state of unimaginable chaos and civil disorder. Sixty per cent of the population will be massacred by their own countrymen; and there will be slaughter there surpassing any other that may have taken place in Russia in the past. Father will fight son; and son, father.
Six weeks after the restoration of order in Poland, the once-great Soviet empire will be extinct.
Those forward divisions of the Red Army which at this stage of the war have become stranded in Czechoslovakia, will for a while terrorise the local populace there. They will then withdraw eastwards into Hungary, and on into the Ukraine.

All kinds of patriotic Ukranian factions will have been formed round about this time, all having an independent Ukraine as their common goal. These Ukranian nationalist groups will try to drive off the Russian armies. But tilings will turn out even worse for them than they did for the Czechs, as the Russians will adopt a 'scorched earth' policy. Anything and everybody they come across will be set on fire, or otherwise destroyed.
At this point the Ukranians, seeing themselves to be on the brink of extinction as a nation, will appeal for help to the new Polish ruler. This help will be granted them immediately, and the Polish army will march east at the greatest possible speed. Soon, the front line from Klajpeda down to the Mediterranean will have been made secure against the Russians.
The armies of certain other countries will now come into the fray, on the Polish side. These nations will be, to the north, Sweden, Norway and Finland; and to the south, Hungary and Romania. (These last-named countries will both have experienced their own anti-Communist risings, at round about the same time as those in Poland.)
France, too, will offer her economic and military help in the Polish cause; as also will a number of black African states.
The Russian troops will disperse in the face of the combined allied might, and will scatter widely. Near Kostopol, on the river Horyn, they will re-group, but will be routed in the ferocious battle which will follow, and which will last three days and nights. There will be so many casualties on each side that the Horyn will flow red with blood.
In the aftermath of this crushing defeat, all surviving Russian units will surrender. The Polish army will continue its advance until it reaches the river Dniepr - in former times, the eastern frontier of the Kingdom of Poland. The troops will halt there and rest, for a number of days.

* * *

And now the final, and most dramatic phase of the Third World War.
During all of the hostilities just described, the Chinese army to the East will have been advancing steadily across vast tracts of the now-defunct Soviet Union.
In order to prevent the Chinese from conquering the entire world (and in point of fact, the Chinese even now have got detailed plans drawn up, for achieving precisely this objective), the United States will at this stage enter the military scene. It will be followed by Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India, Indonesia, and some more of the African states.
The combined armies of the free world will move into South-East Asia, and will in quick succession take over Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and North Korea. The resistance put up by the Communist regimes in those countries will collapse virtually immediately.
The United States and its allies will then mount mass landings on Chinese soil. The Chinese are quite unprepared for a military invasion from the Pacific side of their country; so that in the space of just a few weeks, almost half of China will have been conquered by the Americans.
At just this time, however, there will be a sudden breakdown in law and order in the United States, due to widespread risings there, fomented by the Communists. The nation will be completely divided. Brother will fight brother, and the poor will murder the rich farmers and factory owners everywhere, looting and burning their property.
In consequence of all this, there will be great hardships and famine throughout North America, with plague and epidemics raging unchecked. Naturally, this will tend to greatly demoralise the American soldiers who at this time will be heavily engaged in China.
In Great Britain there will be grave civil disturbances identical to, and concurrent with, those occurring in the United States. The royal couple (Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip) will flee to Bermuda, seeking asylum. But instead they will be assassinated in mid-flight.
Communist uprisings will also be experienced around this same time by many other countries, including Canada and Australia. Prior to each individual revolution, there will of course be a great deal of internal agitation and subversion, on the part of the Communists locally: but I have not seen that there will be a full scale military invasion, as such, in any of the countries I have just mentioned.
Meanwhile, at the eastern extremity of Europe, the Polish army will still be encamped in the vicinity of the river Dniepr, blocking the advance of the Chinese.
The bulk of the Chinese forces, in spite of the surprise occupation of their own country by the Americans, will remain deep inside Russia. They will be approaching the Volga river, and will be only 1000 kilometres short of Moscow.
And now the Polish Commander-in-Chief will go forward to engage the Chinese army on the Volga. The ensuing battle will rage for four days, and in the course of the fighting some of the rear Polish units will be swung round to the north, to occupy Moscow.
During the battle on the Volga, the Poles will sustain heavy casualties, and accordingly will fall back again to the Dniepr. The Chinese forces will (unsuccessfully) mount a strike against the Polish northern flank, dug in around Moscow. But the Chinese will in fact be thoroughly demoralised by this stage of the hostilities, and will withdraw in disarray.
And now panic will set in amongst the Chinese troops, and they will scatter across Russia.
In an act of calculated revenge, the Chinese Generals, having retreated from the Volga to a distance of seventy kilometres, will order the use of an all-out nuclear bombardment against the Polish positions. However, the Polish Commander-in-Chief, by means of sophisticated electronic equipment, will cause the nuclear missiles to be deflected from their course, and to fall back upon the Chinese units themselves. This will happen at about 10.30 a.m.
And so it is that the Chinese will perish by their own devices. The simultaneous blast from the Chinese nuclear warheads will be accompanied by a tremendous flash of light that will last about forty seconds, and be seen throughout the world. The force of the explosion will be so unimaginably powerful that the earth will be hurled violently from its position in space, and will then wander in an aimless orbit for three days and nights.
Instantly, there will be earthquakes and thunderstorms throughout the world. Lightning will shoot across the sky continuously, and will actually pass right through the window panes of houses, causing the glass to melt or disintegrate. And so it will strike even into people's front rooms, sometimes killing one or two people there, and missing others. Those people who love God. and say the Rosary, will be spared.
It will be apparent, too, that the world will have lost its gravitational force of attraction, and men will be unable to stand upright, for fear of falling. It will only be possible to lie down, or to sit.
Within a few hours, the earth will be enveloped by ever-increasing darkness, to the point of total obscurity. Many people, overcome by horror at what is happening, will imagine it to be the end of the world, and will die from sheer fright, or from despair. But it won't be the end of the world just yet: simply an unprecedented worldwide calamity, the second great punishment from God, at around this time (the war being the first), which men will have brought upon themselves.
So this, then, will be the Three Days of Darkness, during which everybody should stay indoors, with the blinds firmly drawn, praying the Rosary and opening the door to no-one. The only light which will be emitted during this time will be that coming from blessed candles - one single consecrated candle burning for as long as three days.

* * *

After the Three Days of Darkness, the war will cease, and there will be a great calm, All evildoers will have perished, during those three days.
It will, however, be a considerable time before civilized government is re established. The whole of North America will be like a village. Florida will have disappeared. Washington and New York will have been utterly destroyed by earthquakes (these will happen at three o'clock in the morning, when most people are asleep). The great centres of population will now be just gigantic graveyards, with everything buried beneath the rubble from the skyscrapers. The cities of North America will never he rebuilt.
The individual American states will have split away from each other in the chaos, and will be more or less self-governing for two-and-a-half years (that is, until a centralized administration is once again introduced). The famine will persist for a few seasons, and people will find that their gold is worthless, and fit only to be trampled upon in the streets. Most of the States will - on the whole, independently of each other - conduct negotiations with Poland, to buy food from Central Europe.
In Western Europe, whole states (such as Denmark, Holland and Portugal) will have been lost. Some expanses of coastline will have sunk beneath the sea, and others risen up. Many cities will have been destroyed by tidal waves, and will remain overgrown with grass.
In France there will emerge a great and godly ruler, who will restore order there, and in other countries, too. Paris will have been completely devastated, but will be rebuilt. So also will Rome, and Madrid.
In Great Britain, there will be no administration at all, to speak of, for two years. But the French army will step in, and help to re-establish order, law and peace there. A new English government will thus be formed, with the help of the French.

* * *

In conclusion, I will say this.
Everything that I have just described is going to happen very soon, and exactly as it is set out here. If there is a sufficient degree of repentance (and God is particularly calling to priests to lead the people, in offering up prayers of atonement), then it is still possible that the severity of the punishment will be mitigated, in certain places. But the broad course of events will nevertheless be as above.
In these Last Days that we are living through, certain nations will be specially favoured by God. Hungary is one of these: apart from the anti-Communist revolution that will in due course take place there, it will actually not suffer very much in the upheavals to come. The Hungarians will be like the children of Israel in Old Testament times, a chosen people.
Other nations that will enjoy the special protection of Almighty God in these times are: the Polish, Slovak and Byelorussian peoples.
To people of all other nations, my urgent advice is that they as of now draw close to God, and to the Virgin Mary, and say the Rosary faithfully every day. If they do this, even as individuals (or as families), then they personally will have nothing to fear.
For during the chastisement that is shortly to come, all sinners will be removed from the earth, and only the good will remain. All people who live through the Three Days of Darkness (including all surviving Jews, and Moslems) will become Christians - either there and then, or in the very near future.
And all Christians will humbly submit to the authority of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.

(You may have to receive this part flexibly because Mr.Wladyslaw Biernacki is a Polish farmer. As for Pope John Paul II, it is connected with one meaning to his friend John Paul II for him. (201006071614) )

Time Table of World War III (Japanese Edition)

Time Supposition is my Time or Timing Supposition. (201006231256)
Before WW32012.07.04Time SuppositionCommunism Revolution will happen in Germany, France, Italy and England.
Time SuppositionThat will be a bloody revolution.
Late July, 2012A leader will be killed in the sector of Yugoslavia-Hungary.
a few days after
(Late July, 2012)
WW3 would break out.
First StageEarly August, 2012WW3 will begin.
Time SuppositionSoviet Military invasion to southern Europe.
Time SuppositionAugust-Mid SeptemberCommunist Governments will be established in Italy, France and Spain for 40-46 days.Time SuppositionSouthernmost Division of the West German Army will suddenly move into Czechoslovakia.
Time SuppositionSlovak Military Units will try to oppose the German advance.
Time SuppositionGermans will take Kolobrzeg(Poland) for 8 days.
Time SuppositionOn the 9th day, the joint Polish-Russian Armies will surround and overwhelm the German positions at Kolobrzeg.
Time Suppositionthe Red Army will for a while be forced back, and as they withdraw, they will demolish entire cities (like Gdansk, and Elblag) behind them.
Time Suppositionthe Warsaw Pact forces will formally wage war on, and invade West Germany.
Time SuppositionGerman Division will be driven back to Prague(Czech).[Czech will be the sea of the blood.]
Time SuppositionRed Army will be occupying three-quarters of German territory.
Second StageTime SuppositionMid SeptemberGerman Army will mount a counter-attack(Warsaw Pact forces begin to fall back).
3rd dayChinese Army will unexpectedly attack the Soviet Union in the rear.
6th dayAnti-Communist Revolution in Russia.
NextChinese army will drive victoriously into Russia(up to 200Km/day).
NextEast Germany will defect from the Warsaw Pact.
(at AM 02:00)
Soviet leaders will order revenge full-scale nuclear attack(AM 02:00) to Germany, and nearly all Germans will die.
Third Stage5 daysA revolution will unexpectedly break out in Poland, with the utmost ferocity.
2 days afterPeace is recovered.
NextIn Russia, 60% of the population will be massacred by their own countrymen.
6 weeks afterthe once-great Soviet empire will be extinct.
NextRed Army will for a while terrorise the local populace there. They will then withdraw eastwards into Hungary, and on into the Ukraine.
NextAll kinds of patriotic Ukranian factions(for independent Ukraine) will be killed by Red Army.
NextPolish army will save Ukraine from extinction. France will cooperate with Poland.
3 daysDispersed Russian troops will try to re-group near Kostopol, on the river Horyn where will flow red with blood..
NextAll surviving Russian units will surrender.
Last StageNextIn order to prevent the Chinese from conquering the entire world the United States will at this stage enter the military scene.
NextCanada, Great Britain, Australia, India, Indonesia, and some more of the African states will follow USA.
just a few weeksAlmost half of China will have been conquered by the Americans.
At just this timeCommunists in the USA will break down the law and the order.
At just this timeCommunists in the Great Britain will break down the law and the order.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will be assassinated in mid-flight.
At just this timeCommunist uprisings will also be experienced around this same time by many other countries, including Canada and Australia.
4 daysPolish Commander-in-Chief will go forward to engage the Chinese army on the Volga.
NextWhen the Chinese forces try to strike against the Polish northern flank, dug in around Moscow. They will in fact be thoroughly demoralised by this stage of the hostilities, and will withdraw in disarray.
NextIn the reason of panic amongst the Chinese troops, they will scatter across Russia.
(at AM 10:30)
The nuclear bomb which the Chinese Generals turned to Poland was all fired falls onto themselves at 10:30 A.M.
From a few hours later to 3 daysthe Three Days of Darkness will take place.
Mid November, 2012
(After the Three Days of Darkness)
WW3 will end.
After WW3NextIn Western Europe, whole states (such as Denmark, Holland and Portugal) will have been lost.
2 years
(After the Three Days of Darkness)
In Great Britain, there will be no administration for 2 years.

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