Do you know about the phenomenon of supernova explosion? It is said that the light emitted by a star like the sun becomes intense and the volume of the body of the star is minimized, resulting in a dense mass of matter (white dwarf star). Recently, it is said that Betelgeuse's supernova explosion in Orion may be near. In fact, there is a vast space between the nucleus and the electron, leaving room for them to collapse and shrink in volume.

 As I mentioned earlier in FB, according to the channeling message, supernova explosion is a material process of Ascension.
●The Antarians via Galaxygirl, June 10, 2019
"For we have experienced much war and pain on our planet eons ago and have ascended above all of that nonsense, but truly it was an ascension of a much different kind. It was an ethereal ascension, and as most planets do, ours went supernova, such that the higher dimensional form could be experienced."

●Beacons of Light June 2019: Gravitational Waves
"This is what happens when a star goes supernova, it sends out a gravitational wave that changes the time-space of everything it touches."
 On Sunday, July 26th, I read an article called "The phenomenon of "rainbowization" of esoteric practitioners."(Japanese) I thought that the physical phenomenon written there was about "a phenomenon that emits light" like a supernova explosion, and "white dwarf phenomenon" that the body becomes smaller and becomes hard like steel. (similar article


Among many mysterious life phenomena, the existence of which can be surely seen is the "rainbowing" phenomenon, where when the practitioner finishes the cultivation, the body gradually emits light while shining light. It is a phenomenon that shrinks. It emits light that shines in the sky like a rainbow, and gradually shrinks as the body melts. If the degree of completion of cultivation is high, the body will completely melt and disappear. If the degree of completion of cultivation is low, a body shrunk to several tens of centimeters will remain. The remaining body has exactly the same figure as the person himself, but just becoming smaller, this body becomes hard like steel.

Also, another matter, when I read "A GLIMPSE BEYOND TOMORROW - LM July 2020", a few days after I read it, an understanding came to me. It is the understanding that "5D does not need 3D assistance". The simplest thing to say is that people are directly helped by light, and the need to be helped by others through the 3D world is diminishing. 5D seems to go beyond even the most extreme 3D experience. I've read various channeling messages up until now, but all are based on this point. From my point of view, I understood that the need to do something for others through the 3D world is fading. I think the important thing in this era is to move to 5D naturally without excessively worrying about others. (202007282029)

・Two days later, it seems a related video came out. ⇒Great opportunity to wake up now! We are protected! How to reach a rainbow body, a Tibetan secret that connects with the light of the soul? !! D, Wilcock and Danny talk PART2 (Japanese Video) (202007310121)
・Ashtar was issued the message "Rainbow" on July 20 ! ⇒『Commander Ashtar: The Rainbow Upgrade』(202008060829)
Source via Galaxygirl and Dragongirl9 | August 6, 2020
"In between the protons and neutrons is not only space, it is love."

 I don't think many people are aware of this, so I will mention it. I think it will surely help the ascension.

Attachment is a way of working for individual thoughts. For example, even when you pass someone on the road, you may be wary just by making a strange noise. What is happening at this time is that the number of revolutions in your thoughts is increasing. You can have the image that you stepped on the accelerator and emptied the engine of the car and exceeded 7,000 rpm. A strong attachment = rotation is born for that object.

The problem arises in people who do not notice the high-speed rotation. The problem is that when high-speed spinning of thought occurs, the perception is fixed in the negative direction, such as "stress" or "I am angry".

Even when a junior asks, "Senior, please make a cup of tea," the idea of spinning at high speed is born. The request of the junior is a statement that is not possible due to social norms. It means "I'm better!" However, spiritual = informational things always move in the opposite direction to material things. What is happening inside is extremely orthodox when such "new patterns" occur. High-speed rotation is occurring. At this moment, if you can recognize the high-speed rotation of your thoughts and become aware of it, you can remain yourself. If you are unconscious, it can be confusing and disturbing. Those who are aware of "high-speed rotation" and can be aware of it may have better ascension than those who are just confused. (202006132339)

What is happening in the collective consciousness of humanity and what is not happening in the physical world

●The Council via Ron Head, July 5th, 2019
"What we wish to point out to you is that you are sitting in an environment of vast change. This has never, in fact, happened on this scale where you are. It will be some time yet before the extent of what we are speaking of can be fully understood, but it is happening. It is happening now. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity."

●Breaking the Ceilings and Releasing a Divine Sealing
"I heard the Lord say “What I have been speaking over My people for years is now manifesting SUDDENLY!!!”
The word ‘CULMINATION’ surrounded me strongly that this is the divine moment of CULMINATION of things the Lord has been speaking and promising for years are NOW SUDDENLY all coming together at once."

●The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, July 22, 2019
"Now there are more than enough of you to be able to anchor the LIGHT FORCE that is required when the lid is blown. (Off.)"

●Saint Germain and OWS via James McConnell, July 7th, 2019
"You have been working toward this culmination of all things coming together at once. "

●Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, July 3d, 2019
"For never before has humanity been on the brink of such a tremendous turning point."

●The Arcturians: Perceptions of the Fifth Dimension
"The reason why the truth about Gaia has not been openly shared is, again, because the “power over others” humans only care about their own physical self."

 When I was lying on the morning of July 7 (Sun. 7) and poured my self-love on my own, my right hand, which had been held without force, opened gradually while convulsing. It is completely involuntary movement. At the same time I felt that something was released inside. In the afternoon I realized that "a specific mind situation" causes fear in my heart. "Specific mind situation" is the meaning of a logically strict mind. There may be a lot of people who are left in the subconscious without being aware of such a strict mind?

●Sanat Kumara: Inspiration ← This kind of "too much" is a situation where a strict mind produces.
●Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, July 5th, 2019
"We are speaking of allowing others to be without judgment."

Scientific Perspective

●Yeshua: What’s Happening In Your Now
"The spiritual perspective needs to be incorporated into the scientific perspective if it is to become a holistic perspective."

 About the scientific point of view I have kept it secret. (^^;【⇒●Commander Ashian; This is the Final Purge; You are but a Hair’s Breath Away "Less is nearly always better than more information."】 However, if Jesus says, I will say to some extent. Before, when I invented the "Circle of Witchcraft", I stated the topological view that the electron's spin is 1/2 so it is the Mobius ring. Then I thought that the Nobel Prize in Physics was announced from that point of view in the next year.

 My Quark's "image" has a Keely image. But I think that the hierarchy does not continue infinitely, but it is up to 352 hierarchies. The reason is the following message.

●Mahatma Logo via Natalie Glasson, April 27th, 2018
"Greetings and cosmic blessings extend through my being from all that is the Creator; I am Mahatma, the logos and overseer of the Cosmic Level. I am a consciousness and expression of the Creator which exists in 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe."

●The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, September 28th, 2018
"Greetings, we are the Celestial White Beings, labelled so because of our pure white celestial light. We reside withi

n the Multi- Universal and Cosmic Levels of the Creator which means that we receive the intentions of the Creator in their purest form before they are distributed through the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe."

●Lord Melchizedek: Accessing What You Need Now
"The Inner Planes are the spiritual planes of the Universe of the Creator, there are 352 levels of energy and existence which embodies all that is the Creator, allowing the full experience of the Creator."

 For example, in the case of proton, which is the basis of the 3D matter world, it is composed of three quarks, but in the quark world, it is no longer a matter world. Because we can not find the substance called quark. Perhaps the three quarks are "love", "wisdom" and "power." According to John the Baptist, this is also said to be 'love', 'wisdom', 'freedom'.

●Message from John the Baptist: How Can The World Be Saved?
"Because the truth has three siblings: wisdom, freedom and love."

 I also think that each quark is also composed of triple quarks, and in that way it will consist of 352 levels. In other words, it is an ascension. This solves the question, "Why can Flying Saucer be translucent?"
The next disc shot by Adamski shows the trees behind it through the flange.
・Or it helped the Earth by the UFO penetrating the huge meteorites that were about to fall to Russia a few years ago. This ability to "penetrate" would have been an impossible mission if it remained substance. However, if only the surrounding barriers interact with matter while leaving the entire spacecraft ascended, it would be possible to destroy the meteorites.

 The disc was ascended. I will tell from my memory when Adamski was taken to Saturn on a mother ship. Originally they could get to Saturn in an instant, but because Adamski was on the mother ship, it took 9 hours to match his frequency. In other words, it is the time needed to move the space with the substance as it is. It would be that Adamski could not return if the whole mother ship was dematerialized. The dead would be living with the next quark matter where they left the matter. So the Bible says, "The dead will come back from the grave." The "body that can not go to the atomic bomb" in the 123 Divine Revelation is probably the body of the next hierarchy. It seems that electromagnetism also works differently from that of the material world.

●Master Kuthumi: A Different Type of Kundalini
"I say that because it is the magnetics and the energetic components of that Earth Star that are more in resonance with the higher dimensional fields. Not only fifth dimension but sixth and seventh dimensions too."

←Up●←Up● Higher dimensions are likely to have higher dimensions of electromagnetism. In other words, it is not only the disk that floats in the air.

 What these pictures are a bit inaccurate is that they are not translucent. (201907112247)

■Nostradamus Prophecy 1-53
Las qu'on verra grand peuple tourmente,
Et la Loy Saincte en totale ruyne,
Par autres loix toute la Chrestiente,
Quand d'or, d'argent trouve nouvelle mine.

The Japanese translation of Tama Books "Nostradamus Great Prophecy Originals, "Many Centuries"" is as follows.
【I made it to English from the sentence of Japanese translation.】

Oh how many people will come to suffer,
And in all the ruins the holy law,
All Christianity will be disturbed by other law,
In the age when a new mine of gold and silver is discovered.

Now there is a boom in cryptocurrencies like gold and silver new mines. What do you think? (201907062214)

●The Angels via Ann Albers, June 29th, 2019
"In that space, forgiveness is no longer even an issue."

●Archangel Michael: The Memory Seed Atoms Within Your Soul
"You must have a deep sense of self-worth before you can truly love and respect others," (201907032147)

●Mary Magdalene: The Impossible Explored
"That which was deemed and perceived as impossible before is now being explored as a viable reality and construct."

●Vivamus via Kerstin Sisilla, June 24th, 2019
"It is you humans that have made this possible."
"Understand that the day and the moment is here now when Gaia’s freedom has arrived."

●Seth via Beatrice Madsen, June 23, 2019
"Of course, some of you can go on a side track and get inverted egos and use your feelings in an incorrect way, manipulative way, but in the end it will lead you to the right way."

●The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, June 26th, 2019
"It is a theory based on scientific experiments that says: once the hundredth monkey knows how to do something, they all do."

・Self-love is to accept yourself

●Yeshua: Lightworkers and Loneliness
"Second: not accepting that you are different

The second thing is that you are different, and because of this, you think this is somehow wrong. This is often what you have learned: “being different is wrong, therefore you have to fit in and become a good member of society” - so you try to be like everybody else. You try to become a member of phase two. You try to become lonely! And, sadly enough, many lightworkers succeed.

You don’t accept yourself as you are, and this is the real cause of the feeling of loneliness - not accepting yourself. This is the reason for the paradox that many lightworkers experience in their lives: they do not feel lonely when there are alone in nature, but do feel lonely when they are amongst other people - so they desperately try to connect with others and to behave like them. By trying to connect to other people, they take on the loneliness of others." (201906272117)

●Quan Yin: The Greatest Gift of All

●Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel, June 23d, 2019
"Loving yourself【True Self】 includes being able to see the tricks of ego【False Self】 and the aspects of your personality that could be improved. After you see clearly, bless these parts of yourself. This blessing energy will allow the love of God to flow through you. Your fears will drop away, and you will operate from a loving heart in every moment."

●The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, June 24th, 2019
"We see and feel more self-awareness within the average human than we have ever witnessed previously on Earth."

・Jesus showed off his self-love technique that sword and chalice.

●Yeshua: Being Stuck
"Imagine that you now see this male energy in yourself in the form of a sword you are holding in your right hand. And in your left hand you hold a magnificent cup or chalice that stands for the receptive and healing female energy. Both are instruments that you can use to be supportive to yourself. Sometimes it is necessary in a situation where patterns keep repeating themselves, and when no renewing flow is present, to wield the sword, to speak out clearly, and to not keep being carried along by patterns with which you no longer feel comfortable. At other times, when you have to deal with deep emotions of fear or sadness, it is necessary to be very supportive and nurturing to yourself, to be open and receptive to your emotions. You can see the chalice before you as if made from glass of a healing color, in which the emotions you are most struggling with can be placed and are welcome."(201906252138)

●The Angels via Ann Albers, June 22nd, 2019
"In truth, forgiveness has nothing to do with the individuals who hurt you."
"Remember this a thousand times a day if you must: You are worthy of love. Imprint it on your consciousness. Dive deep inside of yourself and tell all the wounded parts of self, “I love you. You are worthy of love.” Then, free yourself from the past, through the courageous act of forgiveness."

●Om Mani Padme Om via Angel Skog, June 22, 2019
"A great shift took place yesterday【It was 201906220549 of Japan time that registered this file.】 with the opening of the light portal."

●Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, June 20th, 2019
"There are many of you who think that you are waiting and waiting, but nobody is waiting when the energy is moving everywhere."【Reference

"It is towards this that you are en route. It is also there that y up, as it is so said and written. What God has decided nobody can change. The words of God are steady and still - an eternal law that is unchangeable and unshakeable."

 Huh? "unavoidably will end up"? ((((;゚Д゚)))) What a Sirius! Nothing but Sirius! I want to avoid as much as possible. Therefore, I decided to stop using the "image of death" two days after the release. I only keep it on "We are simply no longer in that reality even though we are physically here.".(201906232212)
【I mentioned strange things above, but I just wanted to try to cross Serious and Sirius. I apologize if there is a possibility of strange misunderstanding (how serious I). I am very grateful to the Sirius fleet. You can feel at ease by monitoring the weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc. of the earth in detail.(201906291844)】

 I have always studied what it takes to "overcome" the human mental state of "grudge". So I thought at first that this remark was also added to the file "About grudge", but I made a separate file (= this file), because there was an unforeseen expansion even with myself. The first opportunity was when Virgin Mary asked me to express. Without this, I could have been silent for several years. This file kept a detailed description in mind.

 The way to resolve the grudge was given in 1993 by ARION's 0930 prophecy, the answer being given. That is the phenomenon of "softening over time" (Principle 1).

I left NIFTY-SERVE's Forum FARION in 1998, though I thought it was gone. After that, while studying the message of Archangel Michael of Ronna Herman from 2002.09 to the present, my sister became a channeler of GOZU TENNOH (= COW HEAD EMPEROR) around 2009-2011, I also read the message. Until 2013, I only read two high dimensional existence messages. From 2013 I started reading channeling messages around the world.

Self LoveAs I read and study the Channeling Message, I gradually learned that people in higher dimensions don't do self-denialism like we do in 3D. On the contrary, what is lacking for the earthlings is that it is self-love. And I realized while practicing by myself. The body has an open sense organ towards 3D outside. On the other hand, calmness is felt as you are meditating. When you focus on the 3D world of sensory organs, you are forgetting yourself and it is a negative force (for yourself). The power of peace = Getting inward is becoming more and more self, and it is a positive power for yourself. In particular, the light from the sun Alcione at the center of the galaxy has recently begun to flow into the earth, so the quality of peace has changed. This became possible thanks to Ashtar's past, who built a pyramid to bring the light from Alcyone to the Earth.

●Goddess of Creation: Self Love is a Column of Light
"When you are in the flow of self-love you can release judgment, criticism, not being good enough, emptiness, sadness, depression and so many more emotions. The focus of Goddess Light is about bringing love into your life and that love is the foundation;"

・An example of self-love

 The people of the earth basically think and act like slaves. If you are not connected with the same idea and behavior as the external society, you will be uneasy. It is because the standard is out. However, the standard of self-love is the natural "feeling of pleasure" within.
Aren't you always blame yourself? That is a great pain. Because we are trying to match ourselves to something that is not ourselves. Let's stop it. Let's go towards yourself. First and foremost, let's put our love on ourselves, rather than on someone outside. Unconditional love is what you use for yourself. It is effective to just visualize the image "I concentrate the power of love on my own". If you do that, you will notice that "If you try to have self-love, the demands of others and society stand like a wall". Please disregard the various demands of that kind and just give priority to putting yourself in love. Did you ever blame yourself in all respects? However, from now on, please ignore all requests from surrounding people, reject them, and just give love to yourself with all your might. It is not a standard whether others can ask questions. Forget the opinions of others and love yourself.

Although I say self-love, I have no idea of mass producing egoists. What I wanted to say in relation is the wonder of the human body. Human nerves are reversed from the neck down and the neck up. The right hand is connected to the left brain, and the left hand is connected to the right brain. It seems as if this explains the current situation when trying to ascend from 3D. The 3D world corresponds from the neck down. The higher dimension corresponds to the head【⇒Godhead】. As we can not make the 3D world suddenly go away, the actions in the 3D world are as usual. However, if you are centered on self-love, there will be various discoveries. It is for myself to meet the needs of 3D from now on. It is good to compliment yourself every time you do something. There is no one other than myself who compliments my every single thing. It is assumed that when the work came to be fun, my boss told me "Don't say useless things while working". It is an opportunity to close the barrier of your subconscious and get closer to yourself. In other words, when there is a conflict between the direction of “love yourself and affirm” and the “do not talk about things not related to work”, think of “What can I do to love myself more?” You can For example, you can go buy to give yourself a can juice that you have never had before. Also, one of the dangerous characteristics of a company is "new rules emerge on the spot", so you have the opportunity to change your work "for yourself." Even when you leave the company, instead of talking about "food expenses for the family", you have the opportunity to speak with the idea of self-love, "I will quit because the work is not interesting for me." It is not the rules or pressures that lead the way of self-love. It is the tune with my harmony = pleasure = light. This is the figure of nature. There is no need for anyone to confirm or ask for rules. The fact that it is getting more and more fun leads people.

●Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, May 31st, 2019
"Allow that to be without concerns that your rewards limit the possibilities for others’ joy or that you have overreached your current station in life.
Ignore everyone and everything except that which gives you joy. One step at a time - ignoring social mores, the needs of others, and your fears of being TOO much."

 Whenever something goes wrong with your heart or mind, you can use it to deepen your love for yourself. For example, if you are guilty with just a few things, you may have been acting for something external [3D]. But that is not true. Focus on love so that you do not connect or feel responsible for external matters. The purpose is not an external thing, but oneself. Let's break the bond with 3D that causes guilt. In other words, let's separate and rest in order to free yourself. If something goes wrong, it's a chance to get out of 3D and get higher dimensional!

●Aphrodite, June, 2019
"There is no-one you should love more than yourself."

・It would be good to focus on "taste now" for yourself.

●Whole Brain Thinking
"Quality of life can be enhanced enormously with more right-brain attention."

 At first, this file was an article to be added to "jurami.htm". However, while I was typing, it became a very large expansion so I made it an independent file. People in higher dimensions have predicted this "big development" from a few days ago. I will highlight the point and introduce the message in the second half. I think it is the theme of the whole human being. If you can solve this, do you realize that it is very significant?

・ The principle of death (Principle 2)

Consciousness in the body as a 3D Earth person is attached to or influenced by the external world (3D) perceived by sense organs as described above, and an ego is formed. However, memories of very negative experiences remain as memories even after incarnation. There would be no big problems if anyone could simply and purely raise the frequency simply by entrusting himself to the power of God (light). However, 3D reality is not so, and it is always the case that you are constantly being pulled out of 3D by being harassed for decades. I'm not saying that it's bad to have a grudge. Having a grudge is a problem because it interferes with your own happiness. I think there are no people who do not have an ego. People live as their own 3D self (both negative and positive). As mentioned above, being pulled by the sense organs to the outside world (3D) leads to negative thoughts. However, for example, if it is temporarily released from attachment to 3D by meditation, it will be happy (positive).

●Lord Melchizedek via Natalie Glasson, June 7th, 2019
"While every aspect of your being is a manifestation of the Creator and is in truth pure and sacred, the ego at a physical Earth level has the tendency to take control in a negative way and this is simply because the mind and the soul are disconnected to some extent and are not working as one."

 People will always be destructive to people they hate. The mind wants to destroy the object experienced in the world (3D) perceived by sense organs for myself. If there is a good point, it would be that in the present age it is not a situation where you are killed if you do not kill your opponent. This direction is unlikely to be a direction towards happiness. It is because you will use "negative and destructive force" by all means. I use the "image of death" to not be pulled into 3D. It is natural for humans to die, but the work done until yesterday will stop completely there. Everything in 3D will stop on the way. In order not to use force in the negative direction, it is better to leave the outside world as if you were dead without going to the 3D world. You may have invested time and effort in denying 3D objects, but let's concentrate on self-love in the future. Even simply having the image that "God's love concentrates on me" comes differently. That way, going towards self-love will use power in a positive direction. This is first of all for yourself. It is OK even if you do not solve the negative problems (such as having a grudge) until now. For, as I said at the beginning, it is shown in principle 1 which ARION showed in the form of prophecy. It is because "it has melting (will have it) over time". Let's leave the problem of feeling regardless (= takeoff from negative) and discover and refine the technique of self-love (= start of positive).

・ Principle that people can only determine their own things

Then there is a range of information that we can conclude. You can make a definitive decision if it is yours. However, it is easy to estimate other people's things like rough trends and moods, but it is almost impossible to know the specific facts of each individual. Therefore, denying someone can sometimes be wrong. Therefore, in terms of certainty, it is better to concentrate on self-love. It's a chance when your thoughts go negative. Since you have noticed the negative habit, it is a chance to be positive with self-love.

I am convinced that I do not need to forgive for myself. Because good is good and evil is evil. What I really feel doubts and limitations about Christianity is that it forces me to forgive (?). I think that this Christian policy places a very large psychological burden on the side of the good. I do not want good to be evil, and vice versa. Therefore, a person like me is to image the aforementioned "principle of death" (because it is easy to image), "do not forgive or attack" and leave 3D to hone the self-love technique. As soon as you start negating again towards the 3D object, notice and head for yourself. It is clear that this is a high-dimensionalization, and it will lead to the ascension.

If you had "HATE" for someone, the problem is to use negative power. Negative power is not good for yourself. I think that the idea is a free will and there is no need to change anything. However, your head is occupied by that person. If you're a little off guard, you will soon find that you have some negative power. In fact, those who get angry towards you are angry that you are "above", comparing your noble judgments with himself. Or he is angry that he is "down".

●Goddess of Creation: Self Love is a Column of Light
"You begin to understand that people’s response to you and people’s reactions to you is less about you and more so about them."
"Therefore, if they are angry at you, acting out at you, or responding in a particular way it’s not about you and what you have done it’s that you are the light."

 What I should say here is "Do you forget the most important person in the world?" Aren't you forget yourself? The purpose of the HATE is to affirm yourself and your love. Now let's meet its first purpose right now. When you can't think of logic, it's OK to just imagine the image that your whole body is filled with love. Because there is a law of karma so much for "wish" in the negative direction, it is better to be entrusted to the law of karma. But such things can not be done by humans. I think the area that is impossible for humans is self-explanatory. An entity that can handle such areas is an angel. Angels make suggestions that allow us to do things in difficult areas for humans.

Example ⇒ ●The Angels via Ann Albers, June 15th, 2019

・Karma's law does not exist in 5D or more.

●Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, September 15th, 2017
"There is no 3D karma remaining for those of you of 5D and beyond. You new vital roles have nothing to do with past 3D lives."

・Good and evil do not exist in 5D or more.

●The Arcturians: You Are The Creator Of Your Perceptions
"You do not have this inner light because you are “good.” You have this inner light because you are an “alive.” The polarities of good and bad mean nothing in the fifth dimension, as they do not exist at that frequency."

 Let's concentrate on self love all the other time. I feel that it is easy to have the image that "the work to deny is over". I feel I can take off well from the world of denial.
The law provides the negative power, so you can be grateful and rest assured that you can concentrate on your love of yourself. The message of people of high dimension was "unconditional love" all the time, and there was a place that seems to be not fit to the reality of the earthling. However, because I am an earthling, I can say "I do not have to forgive". If you suddenly notice that you are overwhelmed by the bad guys, and if you completely forget yourself, return to self-love. To make sure you do not forget yourself, you can HATE the villain "for yourself." Next, realize that the best thing “for yourself” is self-love. There is no need to change 3D, and if you imagine yourself as if you were dead, it would be easier to separate it from 3D if you leave everything as it is. In order to separate unconscious 3D pressure on ideas such as social pressure and custom, Archangel Michael prepares a "blue sword". So it is basic to use it in an image to separate it. Because it is a difficult area for humans, they are preparing it.

●Sananda, Ashtar and OWS via James McConnell, June 9th, 2019
"That is where you, each and every one of you, come in as the Warriors of Light to carry Michael’s sword and together to help to sever all those ties and binds that still hold many to this three-dimensional illusion, to this three-dimensional matrix, if you will."
・Michael's sword is "blue". ⇒ ●One Who Serves via James McConnell, February 26th, 2017

Free Mind When self-love goes on and becomes free from society (3D), the 3D rules that have been tangled with fear so far change to a situation where they almost feel "meaningless". At that time, there are times when you can get the feeling "Why have I ever been afraid of such rules?" This is my first change.
On the other hand, if you can not concentrate on your self-love and you pay attention only to the fault of the hate person, I think it will be easier to leave by realistically depicting the meaninglessness of that person's fault. If you can create a moment you can leave, let's switch and concentrate on self-love.
While suffering in the matrix, we who have settled down still have a mental structure that they feel relieved by being passive. The “structure” is a mental structure that feels relieved by gaining approval from the position of the victim and society. If this kind of "structure" remains at the center, you will rest in your passiveness despite knowing that you always suffer from something. You are always happy to follow Guru, follow the rules and follow the Matrix. This means that, to put it the other way around, it is fear to go against gurus, go against the rules, and take actions outside the Matrix. It looks like we have been thoroughly educated to be passive. What we are following is a fantasy.
The universe is moving with energy (love) and nothing has been said other than energy, it has been said in various channeling messages. There is something to be given priority over these illusions (authority, pressure). That is you. So give priority to respecting yourself rather than guru. Love you more than living according to the law (in your head). Love yourself and act honestly rather than following various Matrix performances. That way, by giving priority to self-love, you will be from "a man playing with someone's control" to "a person who creates the environment you want."

●Sananda via John Smallman, June 17th, 2019
"Truly you are infinitely and divinely blessed in every moment of your eternal existence, and that is becoming increasingly apparent as your awakening process intensifies, and the dream that you have been living and experiencing for so long gently and inevitably fades away."

ARION Psalm10 (Channeled around 1985 in Japanese language)
"As our light fills up again on this planet
As the dreams of food, clothing and shelter tell the end
We will fight out"

・I want to avoid being attached to the "illusion" of rules without exceptions. It is believed that the universe will move for love.

●Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 17th, 2019
"Where you yourself judge, you are at this level - it is often a rule without exceptions."

・Space is what we use

 While reading various messages, you can see that the universe is something to experience and enjoy. It seems that human beings use their thoughts to expand their favorite external world and experience it. In order to enter such a world, it can not be realized if the decisions of things have been manipulated. When trying to give priority to self-love, there may be a moment of passive fear that you may violate the laws that you have believed so far. Recall the scientific truth that “at that time, energy (love) forms even matter”. The universe is waiting for you with love. The truth is the opposite: passive was the universe. The absolute order for you is Self-Love.

●The Creators via Daniel Scranton, May 8th, 2019
"And you can choose whatever you want, because it is all about experience, not about getting it right, not about being perfect. But having an experience of yourself in as many different ways as you possibly can."

●Goddess of Creation, Yeshua and Buddha: Wesak Love
"The people that seek to pull you down and feed off that negative energy will have nothing to feed upon when there is only love. This is our message."

●The Arcturian Group via Daniel Scranton, June 16, 2019
"Empowerment does not mean that you disregard all common sense or refuse to take the human footsteps that may be important in some particular circumstance but rather it means that you allow your intuition and inner “knowing” to lead the way rather than putting your trust in the concepts and beliefs of persons and the three dimensional collective."

●Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, May 4th, 2019
"As you move further into 5D, you will have difficulties remembering your 3D anger and fear. It might even seem as if you are losing your memory. Instead, you are shifting your memory. Those pieces that once produced outrage and anger will slip from your mind only to be replaced with memories of joy and laughter."

●Sananda via Adele Arini, 10 May 2019
"2) To understand and trust, that once you have begun this sacred journey of I AM integration, there is no turning back."

In other words, you may become "forgetting the subject of HATE before long". It's hard to imagine what acrobatic development comes into your mind, memories and emotions. In the hope of such a divine power, the HATE's subject is aside, there is no need to change memories, ideas, nor need to forgive. There is a high possibility of getting into such unimaginable changes. For example, it may lead to a situation where "the target of HATE has completely lost meaning".

●The Arcturian Group via Daniel Scranton, June 16, 2019
"You are in charge of you. In your quiet time state your intentions (In the presence of my Higher Self and my guides, I choose…) but never make intentions for a particular person or experience to be your concept of how it should be. Rather let your intentions be for the highest good of self and all involved."
"Human beings in and of themselves do not have love to give. Only in the degree that a person allows God’s love to flow through them can he/she love."
"In difficult situations where you are simply unable to love some person or persons who have deeply hurt you, don’t try. Don’t struggle and attempt to personally feel love in the belief (three dimensional concept) that in and of yourself you have love and forgiveness to give. Simply stand back from the situation, let go, and allow God to love through you."

・About release of this file

●The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, June 7, 2019【This message is Prophecy because it came out just before the idea of this file: 20190610055
"Yet it is the most astounding, most new-birth-oriented, and most miraculous one you knew of.
You have chosen this path, and it thanks you, as the Earth and all Her beings thank you.
You have come here with great purpose, and you shall not be held back from its completion."

 In the message from "The Collective of Guides" above, it was stated that "you have chosen this course". So, in order to make it easy to understand, I will describe the personal details that led to this discovery (described later). The following is not a universal truth, but it is a story of the transition of personal ideas. Also, in fact, three days after this message, I chose the way. In other words, my choice was predicted three days ago.
================Process of personal thinking===============
 If I had to bend the line that “good is good and evil is evil,” I chose to give up ascension. There is no doubt at all. But after deciding, I searched. Is there a way to ascend without forgiveness? When. I feel that the wave drops when I have anger or hate for a specific 3D object. However, when I thought, "I'm not doing what the bad guys do, I'm fundamentally different," the light became active. What was there was "the rejection of evil." I felt that I could go in the direction of Ascension as I thought, "Good is good, evil is evil". I am not "don't forgive anyone". Evil is evil and I think that I can not change its definition. I can not change it, so I can not forgive it. However, the problem for me is the act of denial itself. Therefore, if you stop negation and recall " the principle of death (because it is easy to image) " and leave evil to the karma's law, then concentrate on Self-Love. It turned out that it would be better to choose the direction of I read in advance in the message, so I thought, "My purpose is this!"
In this way, the good people move forward without twisting their minds, even if they do nothing to forgive the evil. You do not have to change “good is good, evil is evil”. On the other hand, for a villain, all you have to do is to admit your actions as "that was evil." It's so easy. The good people do not overdo it, the bad ones should do simple approval. Of course, some of the people classified as evil in 3D may have had the opportunity to steal food, even though it was "a situation where the family can not live alive". Such people are, of course, good people. And "I apologize for the thing that I stole," he would say. He has already acknowledged that it was evil. Some people start attacking here, but it is nothing more than malicious. People who are considered evil know everything about their actions, including the circumstances behind them. Therefore, it is very easy to admit it. However, some victims may be left without knowing exactly why they became victims. Because of its unclear meaning, it is very difficult to "forgive".
================Process of personal thinking===============

●The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, April 23d, 2017

"Real forgiveness is not possible for human beings living fully in third dimensional consciousness. When one has been hurt, punished unfairly, or made to suffer from the actions of others, the thoughts of revenge that rise within a sense of separation are a normal reactions. The energies necessary for real forgiveness simply are not there.
However as individuals gradually move beyond the false beliefs of duality and separation (evolution) and into a conscious realization of Oneness, the door to forgiveness begins to open allowing the already present energies of unconditional love and forgiveness to flow through, not from , because only God can love."

 The side of the mind is neglected Christianity bears the burden of bending the line of good and evil on the side of the good person. The matter can be ended by making a very light judgment that it is only necessary for a villain to accept that "evil is evil". I think this is the original form. However, it can be imagined that the problem of Christianity often "forces" the side of the good person to "make evil good". I think that Christianity is the opposite of the mind's argument. I realized that Islam might have happened because these points were left untouched. For the reason is that Islam tries to thoroughly execute the "good is good, evil is evil" mind in the 3D world. I thought that this might be behind the background of Islam. In other words, would not Islam have occurred unless the good person (victim) was forced to "forgive evil"?
I thought that "to demand" on the side of the good man was wrong in a sense. Good is good, evil is evil, and good men can ascend. The request should be directed to the villain. The work the villain does is just "simplifying approval". Nature is well done. This kind of approval is relatively easy.
Even if I could not ascend, I chose a way that would not bend the line of "good is good, evil is evil". And if I assumed various ways, I found a way that would not reduce the light without bending the good and evil. I was blessed with my character of "What, not Who". And this kind of understanding was obtained. I got a message when I decided this policy.

●A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, June 8th, 2019
"Out of love to all of you we have allowed you to do the frequency shift in the fashion that you yourself have wished, and you have for this reason periodically felt abandoned and alone in this shift. In our wildest imagination we could not believe that those of you who have chosen to go back one more time would have the courage and power to do so, but you have shown us that you certainly do not take journey as a given and chose the easiest way, but choose to go back and experience the contrast between the earlier darkness and the new light at yet one more level."

 If I look up on the Internet, it seems that the momentum of those who believe in Islam is greater than Christianity. It is said that the Islamic population is still smaller now, but in the future it is likely to line up the shoulders. "Forgiveness / Forgiveness" is a dimension of human relations, which is what Archangel Michael taught that there is no absolute need. When I headed to Ascension, I adopted the principle that "we have to forgive the opponent, there is no law. It will be melted someday that having a grudge" is because my character is And because the ratio of the two religions was also used as a reference. It seems that "it is overwhelmingly more people who do not forgive others". Also, I think it's very important not to give the victim the double blame, "You should forgive the perpetrators." I feel that ignoring the lines of good and evil is strange, considering my innate sensitivities. One thing I would like to mention is that Japanese people often “image” as if it were to someone specific individuals, but my character is “what and how” rather than “who” I understand that. In other words, in the long run, "what and how" and in the short run, "who" is considered.

The Christian extreme (forgive the villains = that Heart ignores 3D) and the Islamic extreme (religious minds go radically, regardless of society, finance or food = mind ignores 3D) are both unbalanced I think. It may be close to a kind of matrix.

●The Pleiadians via Michael Love, June 8th, 2019【This message is Prophecy because it came out just before the idea of this file: 20190610055

 After all, it is impossible for 3D human beings (physical human beings) to "forgive the bad guys with unconditional love". You pay attention only to the enemy, but you forget the most important person. Concentrate unconditional love at any time on yourself.

●Aphrodite, June, 2019
"One cannot stand in mastery if one has not mastered the art of unconditional love. I call it an ‘art’ because it is a way of thinking and being that is not congruent with human nature."

 If we think from the average of 3D humanity, it will be necessary to solve the unreasonableness of the Christian heart and the Islamic mind and make it kind to human nature. Then I think that it approaches all human beings.

●Atmar: Sun and Moon
"This is the lesson that is given to all human beings now that the forces of cold light make the final blow."

 People who feel that they are forced to carry out the unreasonableness of both religions in the 3D world are mental areas, so there may be a lot of sick people as a result of spending time without rest for a moment.

●Kuthumi: Bold In The New Time【This message is Prophecy because it came out just before the idea of this file: 20190610055
"Courageous in the new age is to want to heal everything that is still sick and to accept everything that appears.
It is of the utmost importance that you understand this need today and that you respond with determination.
The true revolution is you!"

●KaRa, KaEL and OWS via James McConnell, June 2nd, 2019【This message is Prophecy because it came out just before the idea of this file: 20190610055
"You are evolving. You are moving into a higher state of consciousness. A giant leap, you might say, of evolution is at hand. And those of you, the Lightworkers and, even more importantly now, the Warriors of Light, the ones who are ready to stand forth in their power and spread the light wherever they can, spread the love, share what they know to those who are ready to hear, to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. You are the emissaries here, just as we are the emissaries coming to you."

My character, “Good is good, evil is evil,” led to this discovery. However, I think human beings can not concentrate on negative things. So I think there is a karma law. However, I do not manage karma's law, so I concentrate on self-love. I just enter the affirmation path to be myself that does not resist the rising frequency of light. My "don't forgive" character was also shown in ARION's 1002 prophecy. The character of "do not forgive" comes from the recognition that good is good and evil is evil. The character of the messenger who came to the earth was "Good is good, evil is evil".

●Apollo: As The World Turns
"We are simply no longer in that reality even though we are physically here. Increasing numbers of humanity are awakening. The U.S. is pivotal in this rising tide of change."

・I thought that "NEX POST" of the next message is this file.

●Quan Yin and Gaia: The Upcoming Wave of Releasing【This message is Prophecy because it came out just before the idea of this file: 20190610055
"I have asked the Divine to make sure all of these light workers get to their location quickly. That is needed. Gaia needs the support from these light workers at their exact locations, and Gaia’s next move is coming. So, do what you can dear heart, and get to your next post. Know you are needed. Gaia needs you to be in the next post. Gaia’s next release is going to be intense."

●The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, June 13th, 2019
"We would say make sure you’re doing all of those things for the entire week after because we can feel how big the effects are going to be on all of you."

●Message from Ra of the Arcturian Council via Camilla Nilsson, June 17, 2019
"New exciting energy times are waiting. We rejoice and cheer you all on."

・While creating this file, on Sunday, June 16, 2019, I experienced a situation like clairvoyance. Images look one after another like sleeping and dreaming. Suddenly some animal images come out. Deployment changed when I turned to a specific target. I am making this file now and I am busy but I will finish it soon. It is achieved by understanding self-love by the mind and doing it to free yourself from circuitry in the brain.

●Lady Portia via Natalie Glasson, June 21st, 2019
"Realisation is the key to all aspects of spiritual development, it is something that beloved Saint Germain and I have discovered; it is akin to a magic wand that grants all your wishes."

●Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, August 31st, 2018
"For even though your recent or soon-to-be creations are perhaps wondrous, they are merely the first building blocks of your heaven on earth."

●Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, June 14th, 2019
"The difference is you are not creating one item, you are creating a new society."
"Yet, you are allowed to function with few, if any restrictions. Such is your indicator that you are rebuilding earth’s humanity - one self-loving action after another.
Allow yourself to know that you are different than most others.
Because you are different, you are reinventing earth one love bomb at a time. Those love bombs start with the self-love readily displayed to others. Giving all humans a view of the possibilities."

●Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, June 19th, 2019
"Soon we shall see your dear heads appearing up out of the mist, above the clouds of deception, and into freedom at last. It all begins with one simple step."

・If the strong brainwashing state by the matrix melts away, it will move away from the idea of fear. If all humanity does so, contacts will be realized.

●The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, June 14th, 2019
"So, when you have that desire for full and open contact, please know that it’s going to happen when everyone is ready for it, including those who live in abject fear of an attack from an e.t. race."

●KaRa and OWS via James McConnell, June 16th, 2019
"You have raised your vibrations enough so that we can safely meet with you, not only for our own vibration, but to not overwhelm yours.
You have to understand that higher vibrations coming into a vicinity of low vibration can short out the central nervous system. This is why we, those of us that have been watching over this planet for so long, this is why we have not yet made contact, full contact. Yes, with some here and there. But there are many things that are looked at, that are considered, before these contacts can occur.
This group, and many other groups across the planet, are being prepared in this way so that you will be able to have contact with us, so that your vibrations will be high enough to meet with our vibration."

 The timing when this file was released was Saturday, June 22, 2019, 52 days after the Japanese Imperial Year was changed from Heisei to Reiwa (from Wednesday, May 01, 2019). . The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled for July 24, 2020, so it is time not to open yet.(201906220541)

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