=== The Light of the Archangel Michael ===

Recently, the message of the Archangel Michael is no longer come out(Perhapsc). And I feel like has been urged to be to rise in more than one message.

ASANA MAHATARI : http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.jp/2014/05/rise-up-asana-mahatari.html
CCs : http://www12.plala.or.jp/gflservice/ManuscriptOf%20Survival416-140516.html
SaLuSa : http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/May%202014/salusa_16_may_2014_.htm
HILARION : http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2014.htm (May 18-25, 2014)

I think because I want to be a person who light up than those who conceal the light of the Archangel Michael, is going to talk about the armor that had already been given when I was born. Everything is true/fact. But I am glad if you read this series fun to read even in the Guinness Book of Records.

My armor is the logical integration of flow of three as follows.

1.ARION messages.(1986-1999) http://oriharu.net/LOG_FARION/

2.HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation) or HITSUKI SHINJI (SUN MOON Divine Revelation)
Hitsuki Shinji is the Divine Revelation that TENMEI(V) OKAMOTO({) (1897-1963), a painter and a Shintoist, claimed to have received from a holy spirit called eKunitokotachi no Kamif or eKunitokotachi no Mikotof by automatic writing(The first writing was Jun.10, 1944). Almost everything is written in numbers by automatic writing. Is that clever of God that do not know the meaning at all Okamoto Tenmei himself. The list of numbers(Original) translated into Japanese which call HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation) or HITSUKI SHINJI (SUN MOON Divine Revelation) usually.

The example of the Original
The list of numbers are read according to the pronunciation system of Japanese.

ARION said "I ARION intend to deal with many things concerning this aspect using 5 forces which is my original own. And integration of 5 forces = 6th (in other words), and fusion = 7th (in other words) as the form of 12th, there is Archangel Michael = The root energy of me." at Jan.07, 1993.
ARION said "I think I talked before, spiritual lineage of HITSUKI SHINJI and ARION12, including me are the same spirit lineage." at Sep.06, 1994.

3.Synchronicity of my personal circumstances.
My synchronicity has a will to count year by Japanese Era in a unified manner.

The first 3 set of synchronicity which is as follows.

Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
1I was born in Sep.25, Shohwa35(1960) that is 350925359. (Time)
2I live from 1984 at Tokorozawa, Saitama that postal code is 359. (Place)
(Postal code was increased to 7 digits from Feb.02, 1998)
3My house number of permanent address is 395. (395 is place. However, meaning is elucidated using the key of time.)
(Not 359? Why 395? There was a deep message.)

359 is read as Son Gokuh (Monkey King) come out to novel gJourney to the Westh of China.
(Son Gokuh is also the hero of the anime gDragon Ball Zh.)
359 is read as Suhgaku which mean mathematics.

19880406 (Wed)
When I watched TV program "Hit Studio of night Delux" I have a love and start to send love to the singer. (She was singing) Surprisingly, she began to cry. Because I am a person to focus on motivation than the result, it was not intended at all for such a result. The name of the singer is Seiko Matsuda. This event was wondering treated much in the entertainment industry.(as I believe)

19901217 (Tue)
I have confessed in the letter the truth about the incident of 19880406 (Wed).

Saint CalendarI bought a "Saint Calendar" professional Christian bookstore (Not now) in March. Actually, it is a terrifying synchronicity that it will enter in 1023 after the death of Empress St. Matilda after March 14, 1991. However, the date of purchase is unknown.

199103 or 199104
I discovered St. Matilda (Mathilde in German, Mathildis in Latin) in the "Saint Calendar" who was Saint of March 14.
St. Matilda = Seiko Matsuda.
And the date of St. Matilda is March 14 the birthday of Seiko Matsuda is March 10, 1962.

19910505 (Sun) 03:33
When I watching her picture in lyrics card of CD (Seiko Matsuda's "ETERNAL") I talk to her "Oh Mathilde Ich bin !". Then strong inspiration sweeping across my whole body. Her picture changed to Noble Lady.

19910506 (Mon) = Hehseh3 May 06 = The day of 356
Maybe, I was listening to music of her CD "ETERNAL". I was filled with love. Determination to protect her even if it risking my life was just growing. And I was over at last the wall of death coming, then the love from the heart was engraved in a moment the memory of past lives in my mind. I remembered 4 clear memories.
1) I was a priest of men for Noble Lady.
2) I live on top of the hill, I was drinking pure water. (My father was Water Department Employees of Tokyo.)
3) One day the noble Lady came to meet with me !
4) I was her brother. (In the incarnation of this time, her real brother is a teacher of Tohkai University that I graduated. The same University !)
(Until now, for impression was weak, it was the unclear treatment on this point, but since I noticed that the meaning is clear, it was decided to treat as certain memory.)

I think the desktop of Windows XP is a "hill" which is similar of my past life memory. What is the meaning of XP ? Pax Christy ?

Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
4I remembered 4 memories about her in the day of 356.

19910509 (Thu) = Hehseh3 May 09 = The day of 359
On this day, blessing of just full of pours to me, became a flame.
My family register name is Akio Sugaya = 510 358. Fire = Hi = 1 in Japanese.
Fire(1) is added to me(358), and I became Son Gokuh(359) in the day of 359.
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
5I upgraded to Fire Man (Super Saiya man) in the day of 359 (experience)
6Fire(1) is added to me(358) = 359 in the day of 359 (= SuhGaKu = mathematics)
7I became Son Gokuh(359) in the day of 359. (= Son GoKuh)


There is "ENCICLOPEDIA CATTOLICA" in Shakujii Branch of Sophia University Library. Located in the 397 page for the description of Mathilde. P397 is the same spread of P395.

Encyclopedia that I was able to find a record of Mathilda was seven in total. This is the Dth item I allocated in 1991.


There is "BUTLER'S LIVES OF THE SAINTS" in St. Miki Library of Japanese Province of Society of Jesus. The description of Mathilda is from 592 to 593 page.

Encyclopedia that I was able to find a record of Mathilda was seven in total. This is the Eth item I allocated in 1991.


There is "A Dictionary of SAINTS" in St. Miki Library of Japanese Province of Society of Jesus.

Encyclopedia that I was able to find a record of Mathilda was seven in total. This is the Fth item I allocated in 1991.

Wider The description of Mathilda is from *** to ***+1 page. *** is the real home address number of Seiko Matsuda completely.

By the way 369 pronounce Mi + Ro + Ku in Japanese pronunciation system. Miroku is a transliteration of Maitreya(Chinese text were read by Japanese as sound "Miroku"). Maitreya is represented as 567 well because of "Maitreya tripartite scriptures (Japanese)". So 567 and 369 pronounced Miroku both.
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
8The description of Mathilde is at P397 that is the same spread of P395. This is the Dth item I allocated in 1991.
9The description of Mathilde is from P592 to P593. This is the Eth item I allocated in 1991.
10The description of Mathilda is from *** to ***+1 page. *** is the real home address number of Seiko Matsuda completely. This is the Fth item I allocated in 1991.
11In 1991, the numbers of the documents that I assigned the numbers to were D, E, and F, and synchronicity was occurring.

And I want to feel the atmosphere of the site of the monastery of two remaining in the recording of St. Matilda had been established(One is Nordhausen monastery. The other is Quedlinburg nunnery), I planned to go Germany, including the day of 395.

By the way 23 as text would pronounce "Ni + San" in the pronunciation system of Japan. Nihsan(23) means older brother.
St. Matilda died in 968 AD. The brother came back to Germany after 1023 years(=1991). 1023 means "The brother stand on 1000 years.".

HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation) = HITSUKI SHINJI (SUN MOON Divine Revelation) [The same Divine Revelation]
Therefore 123 = SUN MOON
Hence 1(hi = [SUN]) = THE SUNA23 = THE MOON
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
12After the death of St. Matilda(968), the brother returned to Nordhausen monastery and Quedlinburg nunnery in German after 1023(="The brother stand on 1000 years.") years.
13The figure of 1023 implying 123 Divine Revelation.

"Boarding gate" and "Seat number" at the time of going to Germany was 23 And 53K(=539).
K can pronounce as 9 in Japanese pronunciation system.

"Boarding gate" and "Seat number" at the time of return from Germany was B46 And 55K.
This was the second flight. So I thought that it might derive 359 and 23 somehow.
B46 2 = B23
55K - 2 = 53K(539)

I went to the Nordhausen Monastery and Quedlinburg Nunnery by rent a car while staying at a hotel in front of Nordhausen station.
The plate number of the rent a car was "HAHE 693".

Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
14Passes through the boarding gate named "Older Brother (Brother + Nihsan = B23)", I went back to Germany to sit in the seat of the "Monkey King (Son Gokuh = 35K. [Only 9 treated separately])".
15I did not put follow ruins if I did not use a car. I was going to ride in the car by the name of Maitreya (369) to the ruins of two in Germany.
16Passes through the boarding gate named "Older Brother ~ Second flight(2) (Brother + Nihsan~2 = B46)", I went back to Germany to sit in the seat of the "Son Gokuh - Second flight(2) (Son Gokuh = 55K - 2 = 53K. [Only 9 treated separately])".

Japanese female singer Akina Nakamori has a strange fate that is located in opposite of Seiko Matsuda's will be the topic well in Japan. To tell the truth, Seiko Matsuda is the character of pleased interfere to the love and marriage of people willingly. Because there is a background of the power of Shintaroh Ishihara of Tokyo governor before, entertainers no other go against.
When Akina Nakamori had cohabited with Masahiko Kondo male singer. Seiko Matsuda calls to the hotel lounge of New York Masahiko Kondo, there has been a kiss was taken weekly pictorial magazine "FRIDAY" in a timely manner. The "FRIDAY" had been waiting. It may be said, for that matter, Seiko Matsuda was also summoned reporters "FRIDAY". Akina Nakamori has caused a suicide attempt after the kiss photo of this "FRIDAY" came out.

Rudolf Steiner says as a typical past life to know. "Imagine a person who has been active as a central theme that is no interest at all of you right now. It's believed to have been one of the figure of the past lives of you."(This is the translation of my Japanese sentence)

Next, Akina Nakamori and I are in the "relationship to see each other through Father God".
When Akina Nakamori see her father, there is the name "AKIO (j = Bright Male)" which is the same name of me "AKIO (v = Bright Husband)". When Akina Nakamori see Father God, there is me.
When I (In my case, interpret by number) see my father, there is the birthday Jul.13 which is the same birthday of Akina Nakamori (Jul.13). When I see Father God, there is Akina Nakamori.

My father(Birthday is Jul.13) and I had a lunch at restaurant CASA (now is other name restaurant). Table number was B3.
I was aware of the will of God. I was noticed during a meal. God had been ordered me to marry Akina Nakamori as follows.

I was in the BAMBERG (Saint of Jul.13 [St. Heinrich]) on the day of 395. (= Hehseh3 + Sep.+ 05) [Hehseh3 = 1991]

395 is my house number of permanent address. In Japan, may enter the same permanent address means marriage. I would like to write the experience to two(number way and text way) expressions.

number way : The person of Jul.13 is the person of 395.
text way : Akina Nakamori(Birthday is Jul.13) is the person of permanent address (395).

Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
17Today Nov.23 is the wedding anniversary of my parents.
18Akina Nakamori and I are in the "relationship to see each other through Father God(= 0 point)".
19Akina Nakamori(Birthday is Jul.13) is the person of permanent address (395).

The Existance of _ (_ = Kami Ichi Rin = God One Permil)

God is attached to NAO DEGUCHI (Jan.22, 1837`Nov.06, 1918) in 1892, Oomoto religion was originated. From the mouth of NAO DEGUCHI, God was speaking in a loud voice in any place and any time in the early stages. Where NAO DEGUCHI is asked, "Please take another way to does not out loud voice." to God. Since then, the message of God are going to be written by automatic writing. It became the book "Oomoto Shin'yu" as the scriptures of the Oomoto. Oomoto of this time was only a small private local religion.

On the other hand, young man of 27 years old, KISABUROH UEDA (Aug.27, 1871`Jan.19, 1948) received a revelation from God in the Shrine Obata. As was ordered from God, in Mt. Takakuma of winter, he made a ascetic practices of not eat not drink a week. Then he was wearing a capacity enough to explore the spirit world for that.

NAO DEGUCHI was taught from God that one young man from east who will play many important role in Oomoto. KISABUROH UEDA married to 5th daughter of NAO DEGUCHI by God's order, he was changed to a name as ONISABUROH DEGUCHI (Aug.27, 1871`Jan.19, 1948). Then, Oomoto was with the presence of a degree to be razed from the country(Japan) by the success of ONISABUROH DEGUCHI. By the way, the country(Japan) is to destroy the facility(Moon Palace:left picture) of Oomoto, they used over a period of 3 weeks 1,500 shots dynamite.

Later, ONISABUROH DEGUCHI is to complete a book very much of "Spirit World Story (Reikai Monogatari)" which was dictation in a semi-sleep state. "Oomoto Shin'yu(=left picture)" and "Spirit World Story (Reikai Monogatari)(=under picture)" are the root of the scripture of Oomoto.

First appeared : Oomoto Shin'yu
Second appeared : Spirit World Story
Third appeared : HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation) which spiritual lineage is the same as ARION.

What is "_ = Kami Ichi Rin = God One Permil"H

There are many descriptions of "God One Permil". In summary, it would appear similar to the following. "When we go as far as the world goes, and is expected to do no good anymore, then 'God One Permil' will be appear and the world will be save".

HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation) or HITSUKI SHINJI (SUN MOON Divine Revelation) is written in Japanese. Original is the list of numbers. The channeler TENMEI OKAMOTO (Dec.04, 1897`Apr.07, 1963) who was a member of Oomoto. HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation) is believed that it is a scripture that (deceased) ONISABUROH DEGUCHI sent to TENMEI OKAMOTO from the spirit world.
When translate the list of numbers(=Original) to Japanese(=HIHUMI SHINJI), the character " (Rin=permil)" is likely to have been adopted. It was a natural flow from the concept(permil). BUT there is other Japanese Kanji text " (Rin = ring)" instead of " (Rin = permil)" very first scripture(Oomoto Shin'yu). I have been convinced that it is only "God One Permil" until now. But I discovered the description/text in the very first scripture at Jul.03, 2014.

God One Permil = God One Ring

I did not know what the meaning of "ring" in ARION Psalter26 until now, but I know now.

(20140809)I noticed when I reading monthly magazine 'MU' of September 2014. There is a special character everywhere in HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation). This symbol is pronounce "Kami(=God)"[in HIHUMI SHINJI] or pronounce "Maru(=circle)-ni(=plus)-chon(=dot)"[in social] which consists of 'circle' and 'center point'. The center point figure means marked with a brush. The meaning is soul, spirit. Outer circle means body, flesh, social. This symbol has been associated with a variety of concepts at discussing the nature and form in contradistinction. This 'Kami' is the 'Circle_of_Witchcraft' itself completely. Bacause there is embedded program(spirit) at the figure of circle. So this circle is alive.(201408091954)
(201408172204)I must mention about origin of my FIRE at this time. Because now is the time that after mentioned about the FIRE and ARION said "Do not be trying grazing the work of me, Do not affect twice the same mistake" in the ARION Psalter13.
Trend similar came out also to the movement of the forum FARION and ARION Psalter2. For example, I became a flame on May 9, 1991. Next, I did a post for the first time in October 22, 1992 in FARION. Immediately, ARION was referred to the flame in the post to the person named COOL in November(next month) as "You, pay attention to flame that is in you. The flame does not stop one individual within, it should be the flame of love. Time has come to keep alive the flame, COOL.". Then I only just joined, I did not mention the flame. But ARION 'used' the existence of the flame. Then I realize that the origin of my flame is ARION.
There also has been described in words of ARION. Like ARION Psalter9 "I want to take full advantage of the energy of love to be sent from our original.".
Certainly, my aura is even flame, I just seen the results of the flame. Is ignorance about the source of the fire, it's the unknowable. If express correctly, I am not a source but once was a pathway or catalyst.
When entering Subud, new members swear "I do not worship anything other than God Almighty". Not that I feel so much the power of God, it came out as a variety of body movements as a purifying effect. Since the day of 359, "Attributes that can be felt as a flame" has been added to the power of God. Of course I worship only Almighty God. This is not deny of ARION. I think no choice but toward God simply for humans. In Japanese God is "Kami". Other meaning of "Kami" is UPPER/ABOVE. I/We can not recognize the existence of higher-order all only as "being in the top" so I think.
Other thing I learned in Subud was that senior members "do nothing" by the power of God. For the newcomer, only with the consent of surrender to The God in the free will of their own. I think relationships with human beings is shown clearly as "the presence of the above" is here. Is not a space to control by human. Once, if it is conducted, it becomes the direct effect of the power of God and newcomer then.
(I think this sentence is to link or add to calibrate the near future.) (201408200148)


There is a description about Miroku (Maitreya) in the HIHUMI SHINJI (Chapter 17th in the Winding section of AHOBA[Just pronounciation. Is there some meaning associated with Jehovah?]).

"When you are spurned from the people, you get to remove your karma. If you speak bad of people, you are creating a karma. The next destruction phase of rebuilding is so different from the thought of people. It is tough, you cannot anticipate. Not only God of The Sun can continue the world, nor only God of The Moon. Therefore, it must integrates The Moon God and The Sun God becomes "Miroku (Maitreya)". It is The God of Sun Moon. "Miroku" is the Greater God of Sun Moon. Greater God of Sun Moon is Greater God of "Miroku" that becomes the Greater God of the Greater Moon Sun who become integration of our ancestors of CHI(chi means Ground/The Earth/Blood/Thousand) in other words our ancestors of KU NI(kuni means Country/Ground. ku=9. ni=2.). Worship as the Greater God of the Greater Moon Sun from September 08 in lunar calendar(which is October 03 in solar calendar). August 05, 12."

They say now is the era of "back on the table, the table is in the back" that was expressed by the name of "God of Sun Moon" changed to "God of Moon Sun". The position of Miroku (Maitreya) was determined by HIHUMI SHINJI(123 Divine Revelation ).

Conventionally = "Sun leads Moon" situation.
From now on = Greater "Moon leads Sun" situation.(additional integrated with our ancestors)

In Japanese pronounce system, 36 and 369 both can read/pronounce as "Miroku". There are 2 interpretation mode about Miroku.

First mode corresponds to 3(mi)6(roku).
Second mode corresponds to 3(mi)6(ro)9(ku).

There are 2 ways to recognize my synchronicities. One is numeric way which is the case about me. The other is character way. And,
There are 2 names of the Divine Revelation. HIHUMI SHINJI(123 Divine Revelation ) and HITSUKI SHINJI(Sun Moon Divine Revelation ).
Hence, 123 = Sun Moon. Therefore, 1(hi) = Sun(hi), 23 = Moon.

3 (san) is the singer Seiko Matsuda(St. Mathilde).
* She began performing singer activities belong to the entertainment office "Sun Music" (now she is independent).
* She was a member of the performance group "Sundays" in the broadcaster NHK's one program "Let's Go Young".
* Her mother's name is "q(Kazuko : One + Child)". 1(hi) = Sun(hi). Hence, the stand point of Seiko Matsuda is Sun.
Position of SUN = Seiko Matsuda (by character recognition way)
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
203(san) is Seiko Matsuda.(Sun Music)
213(san) is Seiko Matsuda.(Sundays)
22Pronounciation of SUN is same as Japanese 3(san).(Pronounciation)
233(san) is Seiko Matsuda.(Mrs.qF=one(hi)=sun(hi))

9 (kyuh, ku) is the singer Akina Nakamori. Other Kanji Character Kyuh() means sphere(The Earth=Chikyuh). Ku() means suffering. The meaning of "Kyuh and Ku" both are included in the meaning of CHI. CHI means Ground/The Earth/Blood/Thousand.
* She has an image of "Blood(chi)" and "Suffering(ku)" for the difficult life.
* Her name is "(Akina)". Using a Kanji Text"(bright)" which is made of "(sun)" and "(moon)".
* Her mother's name is "bq(Chieko : Thousand + Blessing + Child)".
Position of EARTH = Akina Nakamori (by character recognition way)
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
249(kyuh=chi, ku) is Akina Nakamori.(Blood(chi), Suffering(ku))
25Akina Nakamori's name is using .(Bright = Sun + Moon)
269(kyuh=chi) is Akina Nakamori.(Mrs.bqF=thousand=chi=earth)

6 (Roku) In the case of me, numeric recognize.
* My birthday is Shohwa35(1960).09.25 3 + 5 + 0 + 9 + 2 + 5 = 24 2 + 4 = 6.
* My mother's life was converted at the time of the age of *6. For instance, when mother was 26 I was born.
* My name is "v(Akio : Bright + Husband)". Using a Kanji Text"(bright)" which is made of "(sun)" and "(moon)".
* My mother's birthday is Shohwa9(1934).02.22 9 + 0 + 2 + 2 + 2 15 1 + 5 = 6.
In the past life of Germany, St.Mathilde(Seiko Matsuda : SUN) was a Queen((hi)). So I(MOON) would have been a position to follow her would be SUN-MOON situation. Now this life would be MOON-SUN situation.
Position of MOON = me (by numeric recognition way)
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
276(Roku) is me.(My birthday)
286(Roku) is me.(Milestone of my mother's life)
29My name is using .(Bright = Sun + Moon)
306(Roku) is me.(Mrs.90222)

About the name of Divine Revelation "123 = Sun Moon".
* There is a singer HIHUMI(=123) in Japan whose birthday is the same as me.(Sep.25)
* Sea level of Quedlinburg(German : 1, 2, 3) that is assumed to be I was living in the past life related to St.Mathilde is 123m.
* When the mass of the Earth assumed to 10,000, the mass of the Moon becomes 123.
* The channeler's name of HIHUMI SHINJI(123 Divine Revelation) is "V(Tenmeh : Heaven + Bright)". (Bright) = (sun) + (moon).
* There is a story "Thousand and One Nights" in the Islamic cultural sphere. Curiously,
=One is equivalent to Seiko Matsuda.(Her mother is 1)
=Night is equivalent to me.(My mother's birthday 02/22 means 23[=MOON])
=Thousand is equivalent to Akina Nakamori.(Her mother is 1,000[=CHI]) (Only this part(*) was added in 201411170121)
* The shape of character means just before the closing circle/cycle(I think apparent).
The shape of means just after closing that means entering next circle/cycle(I think apparent, too).
My number 359 means . 359 + 1 = 360, of course, is a closed angle in one revolution. I(=359) became 360 degrees by opportunity of this encounter connection. In Japanese, connection/fate = (en), circle = ~(en). (Only this part(*) was added in 201411172327)
* My name is Akio Sugaya. Akio = + ki + . Ki means "Wood()/Basics()/Yellow()/One( : very rarely)/Energy(C)". One() is Hi(=sun, =fire, =light), too. Hence, Akio = + ki + = + hi(=light) + . My name can mean "The light warriors of the first and the last hours". (201411241321)
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
31The singer HIHUMI(=123)'s birthday is the same day with mine.(birthday)
32123 was me.(Sea level)
33123 is me.(mass of the Moon)
34The channeler's name is using .(Bright = Sun + Moon)
35"Thousand and One Nights" is equivalent to 369.
36The connection(=en) and circle(~=en) was closed=opened(to next turn). (360 degree)
37My name(Akio) = "The light warriors of the first and the last hours".


According to HIHUMI SHINJI(123 Divine Revelation)

36 (Miroku) = "Greater God of Sun Moon"(36)
= Seiko Matsuda(3) + Me(6)
369 (Miroku) = "Greater God of Sun Moon"(36) + "ancestors of CHI"(9)
= "Greater God of the Greater Moon Sun"(369)
= Seiko Matsuda(3) + Me(6) + Akina Nakamori(9)

There is one legend on monk/saint Myoh'e in Japan. The name MYOH'E can read as 38 in Japanese pronounciation system.(http://oriharu.net/eJapaneseNumber.htm) In this issue, next sequence number of synchronicity is 38. Multiple synchronicity took place.
There is the 2nd synchronicity about year. The God Kasuga Myohjin appeared at 1203. This is HIHUMI in Japanese pronounciation system, too. HIHUMI is the name of HIHUMI SHINJI(123 Divine Revelation).
There is the 3rd synchronicity about his name "b" is Kanji text using "".
Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
3838 can read as Myoh'e in Japanese.
39The Legend was originated in the year 1203 = HIHUMI. This Synchronicity is coupling with Synchronicity41 and Synchronicity13 as HIHUMI.
40The monk/saint Myoh'e's name is using .(Bright = Sun + Moon)

I cannot conclude whether there are memories of past lives about monk Myoh'e or not. But my life's pattern is similar to monk Myoh'e. Monk Myoh'e had met a God and tears shed. When I was 21, after experiencing a large inner suffering, and next, I joined into the Subud Japan Brotherhood in May.05,1982. At that time, the Subud founder (Pak Subuh [alias is Bapak] ) was invited and doing a "TALK"(He receives=speaks many messages from Almighty God. Subud members are hearing the messages.) in Ohsaka in Japan. I was in that place. There were very great energy in the room. It is a large difference in comparison with my past suffering. The next moment, my emotions are manifested(explosion of emotion = big cried with tears), and I was in a state of cannot control cry and tears. Other member took me away from Bapak. Now I am in flames as at the time of Bapak, so to speak.(My spiritual world experience is very scarce.)

Bapak said about "LATIHAN" that all you need is surrender to Almighty God. It is need to don't use your mind about spiritual things. For not to interfere your inner process by God's power, it is better to think about full of material world things in everyday life. Since then, I've been full in the head with things of this world(material, government, war, prophecies, environment, physics, free energy and other interestings). When Oct. 2013, I felt like was said to "Please stop" in multiple channeling messages.

Message to Ground Crew - Sirian Council of Light
"The transformation of collective consciousness has begun unfurling in your reality full force. The transmutation and deliberate invocation of innovative ideas and energetic upliftment is underway. Through the utilization of innovative concepts and comprehension of new technologies by the protegees stationed on GAIA. Through this set of new technologies encapsulated in the LOVE principles of BEing, you shall be able to maneuver through the tribulations swiftly moving through your planet."

the actions of one individual HILARION FEBRUARY 2017 (201703162327)

Jesusfs Christmas Message on the Winter Solstice 12-21-16
"You and I were never just an experiment, it wasnft eletfs try this and see how it worksf."
"I wanted them all to know love. And thatfs what youfre doing; youfre the fulfillment, in this year, not some distant time, you are the fulfillment of what I started so long ago. Thank you." (201705152301)

Lord Melchizedek via Victoria Cochrane, May 15th, 2017@Channeled by Victoria Cochrane
"However, those who work in the light also use sacred geometry to create higher dimensional realities and this practice is what is saving the Earth from extinction." (201705221828)

Synchronicity#Synchronicity Contents
41I discovered St. Matilda in the Saint Calendar in Mar, 1991. It is 1023(=HIHUMI) years after the death of St. Matilda(Mar. 14, 968). This Synchronicity is coupling with Synchronicity39 and Synchronicity13 as HIHUMI. (201809141340)

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Archangel Michael: Seeking Peace and Serenity from Within
"We have told you many times before, it is time to get off the fence of inertia and indecision, it is time to declare which side you will serve the Light or the shadow side. It is time to declare that you are an Emissary of the Light, a blazing Spark of the Divine, and a cocreator of love, joy, abundance and harmony."

"Remember, brave hearts, during these times of great change, you can make a difference. Shine your Love/Light for all to see."

There is The MIROKU Cross
Front Cross (3, 5, 6, 7, 9) is fixed.
Back Cross (1, 2, 4, 6, 8) is rotating.


T@ U @V



Four persons of Front Cross :
"3"=Mrs.Seiko Matsuda
"5"=Mrs(?).Sachiko Suzuki
"7"=Mrs.Shohko Aida
"9"=Mrs(?).Akina Nakamori

Four persons of Back Cross :
"1"=Mr. Shinji HaradaFShowa 34D1/2 (Birthday)@@3+4+1+2=10 1+0 = P.
"2"=Mrs.Kyoko KoizumiFShowa 41D2/4 (Birthday)@@4+1+2+4=11 1+1 = 2.
"S"=Mrs.Akiko MatsumotoFShowa 41D4/8 (Birthday)@@4+1+4+8=17 1+7 = 8.
"8"=Mrs.AnonymousFShowa ZZDZZ/ZZ (Birthday)@@= 8.

Everyone except 6 is a singer. Front Cross 9 went away from me (6). That is, there is no Front Cross 6-9 line.
There is a person who fall under 4, but it seems that she is jumping over position 4 (position 9) when rotating. If you calculate her birthday, it will be 8 as above, and there is no 4. The Miroku Cross has the same shape as the Chinese character "rice=". When I was thinking about that, I realized that if you take one of the eight lines from the center of the riceiāj, it becomes the lightij of the kanji. Looking at my diary, it seems that it was discovered at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

The MIROKU Cross@@

I think the seven rays that Ashtar shows with his right hand is the Miroku Cross. (202108240112)

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